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  • 07" 1 X 6 Fingers Perculator Glass HAND Water pipe 07" 1 X 6 Fingers Perculator Glass HAND Water pipe

07 in. 1 X 6 Fingers Perculator Glass HAND Water pipe


97 29 100 0


- Size : 7" x 7" - Color : Clear - Bowl (18mm) - 6 Fingers Percolator - Thickness : 5.2 mm - 2 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by pablo on 2015-03-04

    so ive always been sketchy about buying a piece online because im one to really carefuly choose each piece i purchase but something made me do it ,and now that i have my wonderful bubbler here i must say im very pleased and will be purchasing more products from this site ..its a very sturdy pipe sturdier than i imagine and it hits like a dream couldnt be happier it even came on time like it said it would i reccomend this piece to anyone looking for big bang for there buck..much love to bongoutlets all da way from. los angeles ,ca

  2. review by Scott on 2015-03-03

    Bought this for a friend. And he loves it! The glass is flawless, and you can tell it is well crafted. I read the review on this item before purchasing it for my friend. Someone wrote that it was easy to draw from. That, and its size, made it just what I was looking for. My friend has some difficulty clearing larger pieces. And this piece is a cool smooth hitting beast, that seems to have done the trick for him. Thanks again! You Rock!!!!

  3. review by Mark on 2015-02-06

    Great piece, better than expected and very sturdy feeling glass, hits like a dream and fast shipping!! i will be back for more

  4. review by Eric on 2015-02-01

    Lasted 2 months before the bottom broke off. Having said that; I'm ordering another one. Size and smoothness of hits is waay out of proportion to the size.

  5. review by Ayla on 2015-01-13

    Smooooth af. I had to hit it lighter than I would a normal bong. Awesome piece :)

  6. review by William on 2014-12-24

    This is probably the best and coolest looking piece I bought, it hits smoother then some bongs and you can taste more in it. The bowl hole is small but just makes for a slow long inhale, it's size fits everywhere because its narrow and not overly big either. Honestly everyone whose used it and seen it comments hoe nice it hits and how sweet and different it looks.

  7. review by Winston on 2014-09-11

    Bongoutlet is great little company with superior customer service. My bubbler arrived this morning and it was only 3 days from purchase to delivery.

    The bubbler itself was very high quality and extremely well made. It's actually alot more stable than it looks. 5 stars and then some!!!

  8. review by Campoamor on 2014-08-17

    I usually never wright these stupid reviews but, damn this thing is amazing....I absolutely love this bubbler. Do yourself a favor, buy this thing....

  9. review by BDK on 2014-08-02

    Hits great. Bigger than I though it would be. Thick glass & came 3 days earlier than it said it was....

  10. review by Corey on 2014-03-09

    This thing rips, very smooth, clean hits everytime I have yet to hit it and get water in my mouth the percs are very nice and work well...I recommend this pipe to anyone...I also purchased the 12in large spoon which is also very smooth both great pipes the order came in 5 days and the packaging was awesome....I will be back to get the 20 inch 48 arm perc ng bong very soon!!!

  11. review by vincent on 2014-02-05

    ~60$ for this piece~ Realize all you need is the "Adapter 10$ (Inside) - 18mm to 14 mm" located on the "GLASS WATER BONGS ACCESSORIES"-Then Search then buy a Domeless nail for 30$ or more/less depending on style"just make sure its t2 and your fine" and the result is the sweetest Oil rig out there for just at 100$! and don't forget it comes with a bowl to pack your greens when oil is on way, what a great deal, trust me and the others on this list, shhh its a secret**

  12. review by bob on 2014-01-08

    great thickness, price, minimal drag which is always nice overall another great piece!

  13. review by blake on 2014-01-03

    dont order aroud the hollidays there the only time were shiping is fucked cant wait!!!!

  14. review by Adam on 2013-08-25

    This piece. Let me tell you. I love mine. Named it celebration! it's smooth and amazing. The shipping was great, well packed and taken care of. Got to me as soon as I'm sure it could. 5 days and it was in my hands. Toked up that night and this piece will get you. I suggest maybe getting a bigger bowl for it, but that is really only my preference. You can go through that bowl real fast. You've got me hooked. I'll be buying from here for a long while now. Cheers and happy toking :)

  15. review by Maria on 2013-06-14

    This is a beautiful pipe.
    Very well designed piece that hits very smooth. Good quality glass, thicker than I expected for this piece.
    Great pipe, awesome price, and great customer service from bongoutlet.
    I'm very happy with this purchase.

  16. review by Mel on 2013-06-12

    Amazing little pipe for everything. Makes it so smooth, and the smoke rolling through it looks so cool

  17. review by Orlando on 2013-05-06

    All I got to say WoW !!! This is the best solo Hand Water pipe around. When I took my first hit I didn't think i got any but it was so smooth.
    Got to give Bongoutlet thanks for a Great Glass Pipe And the shipping was Great got here in 5 days
    I will be dealing with these guys Best Prices !!!!

  18. review by Russell on 2013-04-15

    Incredible Bongoutlet! I ordered my pieces on the 10th and received them today, thats just five days all the way to the westcoast. Cant wait to try them out... especially this bubbler! What I love about this one in particular is the 18/18 female/male. I can use all my other bowls for it and trust me it looks sweet! bongoutlet you are #1 I will definately be buying from you guys again and soon. A+

  19. review by Joshua on 2012-06-19

    this is one of the best pieces ive ever had and i have had alot of different glass pieces

  20. review by Henry on 2012-05-07

    Saw this, caught my eye, and ended up buying it. I think it's safe to say that was one of my best impulses to date. Such smooth tokes, you won't get a sip if you fill it up just right, and oh my does it ever pack a punch while the hoots remain smooth. Never seen anything like it, very fun to smoke with also. Bong outlet for the win! AGAIN !

  21. review by Shayla on 2012-05-03

    smooth hits every time but in the first week I got it one of the perks broke off with the smallest tap fixed it my sealing the hole still not the same but well worth using just gentle !

  22. review by David on 2012-03-19

    Fast shipping as always bought Wednesday literally just took my first toke Monday!! Came with screens and a free pipe!! A bit bigger than I thought and heavier which was a good thing!! Just took my first toke and had to write this down b/c I'd forget!!! Smoother than I expected!! Use the screens to keep it clean!! Don't use too much water or you'll suck in some bong water. Best glass piece I've ever seen I see no flaws with this great piece

  23. review by Edward on 2012-03-16

    Very nice toy. Love the design. The only drawback is that it doesn't stand securely when set down. I made a stand for it to set in. I know that if it falls the perks will snap off inside. Otherwise it is a fine product. Excellent packing and shipping. BONGOUTLET Rocks!!!!!

  24. review by brit on 2012-03-15

    I LOVED the way this guy pulled, for about a week. Then due to its uneven base and hammerhead design, it tipped over ever so slightly on the table while standing and a perc broke off upon the slightest impact. The glass is now rendered useless and I have to say I'm devastated because it was such a smooth hit and I happen to be out 60 bucks...

  25. review by Anthony on 2012-03-08

    Heavy Duty Glass!
    Excellent pull/drag
    Fits nicely in your hand
    really fast shipping across Canada.
    great price
    my order came with an extra pipe (a little glass pocket sized pipe)

    a little prone to being knocked over on it's side
    slightly harder to clean than other pipes

  26. review by James on 2012-02-29

    Can't wait to get this bub I used to have one just like it and they work wonderfully. Thanks bongoutlet for once again fulfilling my percolation needs without draining my wallet

  27. review by marvin on 2012-02-26

    "I love this piece" Its smooth and very handy. well designed bubbler.

  28. review by Danny on 2012-02-16

    I just ordered this the other day and I can't wait! It truely is a master peice. Thickness is perfict. If you really want to maxxx out your experince add a few drops of green(or any color) eddible/non toxic food coloring to be the life of the party. I've been ordering from this site a few times now and it has deamed it self time and time again to be the best.

  29. review by chad on 2012-02-04

    This thing is F-in Awsome!!!!! Nice and thick too. Bowl is perfect for solo toking. Highly Rec the Skull bowl. I was so loaded I even decided to put my 11 tree perc ash catcher lol and wow. love ordering from never disapointed. Thanks

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