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  • 07"  6-finger Blue percolator bubbler with bowl N 07"  6-finger Blue percolator bubbler with bowl N

07 in. 6-finger Blue percolator bubbler with bowl N


98 8 100 0


- Height : 07" - Bowl : 18mm - Thickness : 5.5 mm - Color : BLUE

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  1. review by Wesley on 2012-12-09

    Great piece, and great shipping. Package arrived in about 10 days, and although it was damaged(looked like something punctured the box), product inside was packaged so well it didn't matter. Piece has thick glass and fairly stable base. It's been knocked it off the table onto carpet a few times already because of clumsiness, but no problems other than a few drops of spilled water! Stylish, hand held, and with those really is an exceptional and practical piece. Did I say it's smooth? The bowl it comes with is a beauty, but is best used with pipe screens(hole is about quarter inch in diameter.) Even with shipping costs, nowhere I've found can match the price and quality of this bubbler. Will be ordering again from this site the moment it breaks. Cheers!

  2. review by Adam on 2012-12-06

    Just ordered this piece, it looks sweet and for less than 50$ its a great deal for a bubbler. Cant wait to hit this thing

  3. review by matt on 2012-12-05

    This is PERFECT!!! I dont know what it is the size the structure but they did something unreal. MY FAVORITE PIECE!!!

  4. review by Darryl on 2012-11-16

    Thing ripped , second piece i broke off this site and they always have a sweet spot. this time the perc smashed to pieces when i dropped it but the rest of the glass was so thick it stayed in tact!

  5. review by James on 2012-11-15

    thick glass can't wait to get this baby. overall worth the price for the piece. would recommend to a friend

  6. review by Wesley on 2012-11-04

    Just received this piece, haven't used it yet but it's an awesome size to bring around, nice and stable on your table and decently thick! Worth the money without a doubt!

  7. review by Gabriel on 2012-10-31

    received this little bad boy 2 days ago , very happy with it. The glass is thick on all the piece and hit like a champ the only thing i can see is on the perc there is 1 arm that is a little above the other arms like 1mm. Its a very nice bubbler I like the bell shape.

  8. review by Nicholas on 2012-10-13

    just ordered this thing, cant wait to get it, looks dope !

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