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- Height : 8" - Changing Color glass - Color and Pattern may different depends on the stock!

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by jesus on 2014-04-21

    Hits wonderful..Does anyone know where i can get the slider downstem to this? mine broke :(

  2. review by Dakota on 2014-02-26

    Good bong hits nice has thick glass for its size worth the money.

  3. review by Noah on 2014-02-18

    Love this bong, amazing customer service from bongoutlet, fast, discreet shipping I am very satisfied

  4. review by Joey on 2014-01-22

    It's a great piece of glass it's kinda thin but expected for a mini zong. All around its great giant bowl piece. It's not glass on glass what was kinda sad but it's worth 26$ all day, hits really fat and I love it.

  5. review by Erick on 2014-01-18

    Nice seems to be good quality. Looks nothing like the design on the pic didnt expect there to be a lizard on it.

  6. review by Shelby on 2013-12-31

    great product! got my bf this for christmas & he loved it! :D

  7. review by Phil on 2013-12-05

    Great bong for a good price very fair and kicks butt 8/10!

  8. review by Christian on 2013-12-03

    Great "water pipe" rips great and shipping was pretty fast!

  9. review by clay on 2013-12-02

    Just purchased this, and i have heard it rips really good, excited to try it

  10. review by Christina on 2013-10-16

    Bought this for my boyfriend almost 2 months ago and he loves it! Says it "works f***in wonders" and is definitely worth the money. Hits very nicely. He's dropped it a few times but nothing has really happened to it besides the stem cracking a little. The design is different from the picture.. It's a blue gecko but he loves it :)

  11. review by Mario on 2013-10-09

    shipping was very fast, came in great condition and all in all for a small piece its an awsome piece if your looking for a first time bong that's good and cheap

  12. review by Johnny on 2013-10-09

    Awesome little zong, took just 6 days to get here, not bad.

  13. review by Philip on 2013-10-07

    Great Bong! Kinda small, but works great. Got here in 8 days(MO). Will be back!

  14. review by Travis on 2013-09-10

    This thing is small but rips face and is amazing looks cool and I love it and for 26.99 it's a steal my friends say its worth at-least 50

  15. review by Justin on 2013-08-19

    Hits pretty hard for its size. You really can't get a better bong for the price.

  16. review by Matthew on 2013-08-03

    Well mine just got here very impressed bout this piece um it came with a free screen and a lil hitter glass pipe so that was cool um one thing that first cot my eye was the design on the mouth part the one on the pic look awesome the design goes around the piece as I look at mine totally different but it's cool looks ok well ima go rip this piece rite now

  17. review by Dyanna on 2013-07-28

    GREAT PIECE! I was very impressed with the company overall. Fast delivery, good packaging, and beautiful pieces. The piece hit very well, and also came with a free screen! I ordered this piece, along with some other items, and had no problems at all!

  18. review by Joe on 2013-07-12

    A good little bong you can carry anywhere and gives you a big blast for its size i really like this bong

  19. review by Bruce on 2013-06-29

    Small but rips! The glass downstem seems like the weak link but the long bowl stem regardless would still make it work if it ever breaks. Great price tad thin but overall very happy!

  20. review by Sean on 2013-06-19

    Great little piece. Perfect for travelling with or hiding away. Helpful customer service and it took three days for my order to get here. Very pleased.

  21. review by Kimberleigh on 2013-06-08

    Excellent bong for the price, came with 2 bowls. It was sturdier than I thought it would be :)

  22. review by Leo on 2013-05-27

    I got this piece and it gives you nice rips ! but the only problem is that the slide bowl broke the first day i got it . but otherwise great little piece !

  23. review by Jordan on 2013-05-23

    Bought this piece for my girlfriend for her birthday and we love it! Hits very good!!! And is def a very good conversational piece!

  24. review by Josh on 2013-05-19

    What an awesome bong, hits good, quite sturdy for it's design. The bowl is very long and would break easy.

  25. review by madeline on 2013-04-09

    this piece is really nice because its small, i can put it almost anywhere without breaking, its made of some nice glass, and the price is super low which is amazing

  26. review by Marc on 2013-04-08

    Just ordered this little guy, seems fragile right at the kink but for the price that really doesn't matter too much! I requested red and blue colors with a red dragon across the top wrapping around the mouth piece. Hopefully they took that into consideration!

  27. review by malik on 2013-04-07

    Nice Zong looooove it, took a week to get her bit was worth it tbh

  28. review by Natasha on 2013-04-07

    The shipping was way faster than I thought it would be. 5 days from Canada to Virginia. Excellent customer service too, I asked to send one similar to the picture if possible and they did! This thing rips like a pro. My only complaint is ice can't fit inside the neck, but overall a very good buy and worth every penny!

  29. review by Lloyd on 2013-04-06

    Very Fast shipping living in MD received package in 3 days, bong is great and package was very discrete! Will be buying my bongs from here from now on!

  30. review by Kyle on 2013-04-06

    Light. And portable. Works well and had some cool color to it

  31. review by Nancy on 2013-03-25

    So I ordered this water pipe along with an 18-arm water pipe with beaker base, and the 12" 3-Arm water pipe with ashcatcher. My boyfriend, his little brother, and I tested it out. I actually gave it to his little brother as a VERY early birthday present. What he got was a really nice one with blue swirls on the base, and a lizard on his. The rubber stop on the bowl piece was a little small, so I replaced it with a slightly bigger one. It now sits flush in it. All in all, nothing is broken, and everything about it was just a wonderful experience. Note: I live in Alaska. Package came in 3 DAYS! I ordered Friday, March 22, 2013. Shipped same day. Arrived in the US, the next. Arrived today, Monday, March 25, 2013. EXCELLENT SERVICE! I will forever stay shopping with this company! It's officially my favorite place.

  32. review by Reed on 2013-03-13

    Is supper light, portable, easy to hide and looks really cool

  33. review by Bobby on 2013-01-26

    Really worth the money! looks absolutely beautiful and I like the little glass bug at the top of mine :) you can pull really hard and no water gets in your mouth because the water isn't going straight up (don't overfill the bong still). All in all a very good buy!

  34. review by Rocco on 2013-01-24

    First purchase from this website and I have to say that I am extremely pleased. Shipping was fast and everything was received undamaged. The gift bowl they included was a nice surprise. Not even a question I will return to this site for future purchases.

  35. review by Daniel on 2013-01-22

    Absolutely love this water bong but think you should leave the tiny free spoon pipe out. I mean the screens will not even fit in it so its kind of useless to me. Thanks for a great product and great price!!

  36. review by Dillon on 2013-01-15

    fast delivery and hits like a champ love this one definately suggest this one to bong lovers

  37. review by Mike on 2013-01-09

    Awesome bong for the price, rips like a champ. Really impressed with the shipping speed. Ordered on a Friday afternoon, it arrived Tuesday morning. 5/5 will buy again!

  38. review by Matthew on 2013-01-06

    Sweet bong, Rips soo nice and really smooth, The smoke like spins as it goes throught the zong, Very happy, everyone loves it

  39. review by Travis on 2012-12-28

    Just got this and a dugout from here bong rips so fucking hard, the dugout is easy to carry around and its an easy one hitter!!

  40. review by Saul on 2012-11-18

    Can't wait to take some fat rips out of this bitch!

  41. review by sean on 2012-11-14

    Just bought it and it shipped today. Looks bad ass. Can't wait to try it out.

  42. review by Jonevan on 2012-11-11

    Just orderd this little guy for my buddy. one of my other buddy had the exact same one rips shit. the way the color changes badass. ya pre much a good peice for killer price.


  43. review by james on 2012-10-14

    Very nice piece and it looked just like the picture. Hits really good. Great addition to my collection. Also, shipping was way faster than i thought.

  44. review by Miguel on 2012-09-26

    got one like that years ago and broke it... found that one after many research can't wait to have it.. and shippin seem very fast even for canada!

  45. review by James on 2012-08-26

    Design I recieved was extremely cheap looking. Nothing close to the picture. I knew in advanced it ma be different and I assumed it would look as cool ust maybe with another design but I was wrong. Just looks cheap and there is a weird deformaty in the "Z" part of the bong making the whole piece look weird. Over all not happy.

  46. review by Donna on 2012-08-24

    I can't wait to get my zong going to rip it hardcore my buddy had one like this just bigger and it was amazing

  47. review by Brett on 2012-07-29

    Just ordered this bong, I can't wait to rip on it, customer service and shipping speed is ridiculously good!

  48. review by Aaron on 2012-07-25

    Just Received it in the mail today, looks awesome and can't wait to try it!

  49. review by Alex on 2012-07-25

    Great cheap bong.
    Won't find any for the price.
    Female piece is a little loose, but
    Jb weld fixed;)

  50. review by Jason on 2012-07-14

    Ordered this today and can't wait to get it. Looks like a great piece and definitely gonna rip it fat when it comes!

  51. review by Jack on 2012-06-29

    Does what it's made to do, and small enough to carry around.

  52. review by Monica on 2012-06-27

    When I got this bong it was clear but now it full of color. I didnt think this was supposed to be color changing glass but I'm definately not complaining. For it being so small it hits really well. This is my new favorite piece!

  53. review by Brianna on 2012-06-11

    Just ordered this bad boy! I can't believe it was only $27! Such a good price considering it would probably be way more at a local headshop around where I live

  54. review by martine on 2012-04-18

    i love this bong! its easy to hide and u get nice hits off it, i use it all the time.

  55. review by Aaron on 2012-04-11

    this is a great little bong. the designs are different than on the site but its still sick looking. brews great tokes too and its pretty cheap. I definitely got my moneys worth and then sum

  56. review by Gayle on 2012-03-20

    Rips like a beast. The colors aren't the same as the picture but it's still nifty. Totally worth the price. Bought on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday.

  57. review by tyler on 2012-03-09

    I got a chicken bong... It works great and all I mean your not gonna find a cheaper bong that's Better. Thin glass as Well so if you live in a cement basement don't buy this bong lol.

  58. review by Dominic on 2012-02-29

    just ordered this little guy, perfect size for my dorm room. Havent gotten it yet, looks very clean and im sure it rips!

  59. review by Jordan on 2011-12-13

    Just ordered this guy, cant wait to get it. Was sent a complementary Pipe as well, Great price for any piece like this

  60. review by ozzo on 2011-09-10

    Its even better than what it looks on the picture, it was worth it.

  61. review by Josh on 2011-08-21

    Soooooo friggen tight! omg i'mma get this one next paycheck! the colors are soo flowwy and pretty! i hope i get this one _3bongoutlet_3

  62. review by Josh on 2011-08-21

    Soooooo friggen tight! omg i'mma get this one next paycheck! the colors are soo flowwy and pretty! i hope i get this one _3bongoutlet_3

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