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  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST

10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - CLEAR / GHOST


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Quick Overview

A curvy silhouette make this percolator bong from Ghost a beautiful piece of glass art to have in your home! It features a clear slitted 3-arm tree perc for diffusion and is equipped with ice notches for smooth, cool smoke. This water pipe comes complete with an 14/18mm diffused downstem and bowl that keeps ash and debris out of your water


- Height : 10" (+/- 0.5")
- Color : CLEAR
- Glass Tube Diameter : 32mm
- Bowl & Ice Catcher
- 1 Percolator with 3 fingers
- Diffused Downstem : 5" / 18 mm(Neck Joint) / 14 mm(Bowl Joint)
- Thickness : 4 mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 10 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.5"
Colors Clear
Functions 3 tree arms Percolator, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Thick Bowl for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 4 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Body, Bowl, Downstem
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by Angelo on 2015-09-19

    Overall a nice piece. A bit smaller than I expected but for the price not bad. Now I'm not sure if it's because I live in Chicago or what but it took nearly 2 weeks to get here with little to no package tracking updates but, once again for the price I can't complain. Compact but packs a punch, hits are cool and smooth. Would definitely recommend

  2. review by Kimani on 2015-09-16

    This was honestly better than I expected for the price.
    Now I'm waiting on my cousin to use this piece.... Forget it nvm

  3. review by devon on 2015-01-08

    Great bong, hits nice and smooth. Ash catcher sucks tho

  4. review by Duncan on 2014-09-16

    This piece is beautiful. It arrived a day early which was a nice surprise! :) It rips quite nicely, too! Right out of the box it looks kind of small but once i messed around with it, it seemed to be perfect. Sadly, my friend broke the perc during our third use so don't let it fall over!!! (obviously)

  5. review by Andy on 2014-06-10

    Decent piece of glass, it's about the size you'd expect if you're thinking "just under a foot" It's clean and draws easy, glass is thicker than you'd expect if you're used to super-cheap stuff.

    Definitely quick shipping, practically next day and the freebies were an unexpected bonus - a pack of brass screens and a small glass pipe - one hitter? Bat?

    In any case i'll definitely be recommending this glass to friends, it's nice to be able to break out shisha mix without having to set up the hookah.

  6. review by Javier on 2014-04-14

    Just ordered this. It looks great and the customer service is beyond great. I will be coming back more often.

  7. review by Logan on 2014-04-09

    Great bong overall. Although the 3 perculater stems broke off from their base. It hadn't received any external damage, but when I took it out one day, they were all 3 broken. But it doesn't really affect the quality of the hit. You can still milk it. (;

  8. review by Gregory on 2014-04-05

    When I got the bong, I excitied was that the downstem reach in to the corner of the bong. The ash catcher is a good size that the water is able suck the residue of the tobacco easily. It gives smooth hits and I have no complainants.

  9. review by Ross on 2014-04-05

    Awesome product! Ordered last monday and came in 2 days later on the wednesday! Tracking is accurate and over all a great product! Definitely buying from here again!

  10. review by Kevin on 2014-03-28

    I ordered this 10 inch ghost water bong from California, U.S. Ordered it on March 21st and it was delivered today, the 28th! I considered this fairly quick regarding the fact that i live in the states. The bong is definitely smaller than what i assumed, but its perfect for good hits and stealth! Putting in ice may be a bit hard since ice cubes are bigger than the bongs ice catcher, but a quick breaking of the ice is a very small con to the great milky rips you can get with this little thing! Definitely coming back in the future!

  11. review by Fernando on 2014-03-26

    Just got mine after only 3 days and it works like a charm, thanks!

  12. review by bryan on 2014-03-17

    got it in today, beautiful piece for the price. The smaller size makes it a much smoother hit. the extra perc makes this piece that much sweeter

  13. review by Stone on 2013-08-16

    Amazing bong, shipped in 5 days with standard shipping! It's the perfect size the perculator rocks and hits like heaven. Very durable also. The ash catcher is a little hard to clean out, but everything else is insane! And a free handpipe for the price.... I love this website.

  14. review by Yuriy on 2013-08-12

    Really nice piece, compact and powerful, not too small true to size 10 inches from bottom to top it does look a bit bigger in the pic but not significantly. Couldn't fit more then 2 thin ice cubes, which is understandable in comparison to the size of the neck otherwise, the glass is nice and the bong hits well. it came with a free cool mini glass bowl which was cool. Great shipping. Overall Great experience!

  15. review by Frank on 2013-07-22

    AMAZING website to order bongs.Its for sure worth the money.I just got my package today I was excited I'm satisfy thank you even came with a free pipe and screens.I really like how my bong looks even though it looks a bit smaller than the image but overall,it was worth buying.

  16. review by Placid on 2013-07-15

    ordered this piece Saturday the 6th and received it Monday the 15th. i initially expected it to have thin glass but when i unwrapped it today i learned that it is a really nicely put together piece of glass. the ash catcher is perfect EXCEPT the only problem i have is if you pack a bowl of grinded when u pull it out to clear it smoke will be trapped in the ash catcher and usually will keep rolling so its hard to clear. other than that i LOVE IT. the diffused down stem is beautiful and does Work. and the perk is just an added bonus to this amazing piece of glass. definitely recommend this bong and site. for sure ordering more stuff from here and not to mention the free glass bowl and screens. thanks!

  17. review by ji on 2013-01-23

    wow! the package came really fast!
    this one it only took less than a week(only business days)
    this other bong i ordered from a different site, i received it in a month.

    tried it out as soon as i received it.
    everything was included that was in the description.
    awesome bong, good quality, and nice design!
    im very satisfied with this purchase of only $45!!!
    other ones are rip offs!

    sooo the bad part(not really)
    in the e-mail i received, it said it was going to send FREE glass pipe and a metal screen pack...i received the glass pipe,,but i didnt receive the metal screen pack. I searched through the whole box. took out all the soft foams and every wrapper and it wasnt there. so thats kind of a bad part for this store, because it couldnt keep its promise.

    Other than that, im very content with the purchase. no chipped, broken, cracked parts and a very safe packaging. Everything I ordered was in there + free glass pipe, except the metal screen pack :(. was hoping for that to come in too.

  18. review by Giovanni on 2013-01-11

    Just got this little guy in today. Super fast shipping, just 5 days from Canada to Cali. Very impressed with the quality considering the low price. The glass is thick and has no noticeable markings, air bubbles or dents. The color is also a very nice touch, as it is somewhat clear and you can see the smoke and water just fine when you use this little beast. The opening for your mouth is somewhat small, this means a nice seal when you toke but getting ice in there is kinda annoying, you have to sort of crush it if your ice cubes are a bit big as the hole is only about an inch. But not a big problem. Secondly the diffused down-stem and the 3 arm percolator definitely do their job well. Lots of bubbles and that nice "bubbly" noise we all love to hear when we use water pipes. And finally the bubble shaped ash-catcher is also a great addition to this piece. It holds a decent amount of water but you do run the risk of wetting your packed bowl if you put too much. The bowl though, is a nice depth and holds a good amount. The hole in it is small so you don't need a screen but I used a small 5 ball-point glass screen on it anyways and it works very well at keeping it clean. Overall this piece is great for the price. Delivers nice smooth/cool smoke just as it should. It's for sure a small piece, more of a bubbler than a full fledged "bong" but it does it's job damn well! Don't think twice about getting this piece if you want something inexpensive and of good quality, it packs-a-punch!

  19. review by Erich on 2013-01-08

    Ok... I wanted a new bong but did not want to spend over $100.00. I found this website and saw the prices and got very excited. When I picked out the one that i liked, I read the feedback on it. I didn't get a lot of info... A lot of it was ..."I just ordered cant wait"... OR "Just got my bong, let the fun times begin". But no constructive criticism about them. S0o0o0.... I'm going to give some. The package : Date Ordered: Wednesday 02 January, 2013 and Item Delivered on January 07, 2013 AWSOME When I opened the box, and inside it had a sheet of paper telling me that if something was broke then take a pic of it as is and contact them. AWSOME Every thing was ok and it looked just like the pic from website. AWSOME I filled it up and packed up some of the best "tobacco" in the state of PA. The 1st hit was bongtaske! HOWEVER when I pulled the slide out to clear it and put it back in my "Tobacco" got wet. :( So I thought Ooo maybe it has to much water. No.... It was a design flaw... The air persher going throw the bong is casing the water to go up the stem of the bole. It needs a "carb", "choke", "bink", "rush"... to release air pressure. I also got a free glass bowl and some metal screens in my pack.... I would have rather a glass screen but what ever... and I looked on the website for clips for the mail slide and cant find them... All In All not bad for the price but would like a "carb", "choke", "bink", "rush"... on the bowl.

  20. review by Georgia on 2013-01-07

    My new favorite piece c: thank you bong outlet!!!!

  21. review by Tamer on 2012-11-27

    super sweet bong. everything was nicely wrapped, it was pretty small but thats what i wanted. it took longer than i expected to get delivered but it hits like an animal and is super smooth and with the price for the quality its a steal.

  22. review by Victor on 2012-11-26

    Definitely smaller than I expected, but thats not a bad thing.
    Unfortunately, the perc broke after a month. Ive never even dropped the bong but somehow the perc randomly broke after I used it.

  23. review by Austin on 2012-11-06

    really greaat bong. clean, smooth hits, especially with ice. great price

  24. review by Anthony on 2012-11-05

    smooth hitter, good beginner bong , great price and thick glass. shoulda went for a 16 or 18 inch instead though. overall good buy!

  25. review by Triston on 2012-10-31

    Pros:Thick glass for the price, perc makes it super smooth
    cons: down stem likes to come out with bowl
    overall its a great piece and the free pipe and screens were nice thank you bongoutlet I know where im buying my next glass piece

  26. review by Michael on 2012-10-04

    Excellent bong, although it is a bit small. My fault, not the company's. I would suggest getting the 14.5 inch for those seeking a more impressive looking bong. I would also suggest investing the extra $1.50 and purchase glass screen. But as I previously mentioned, it was my fault, I read 10 inch, but I pictured it being bigger. EXCELLENT packaging! Lol the way it was packaged, you'd think it contained c4. Every item is individually bubble wrapped. Definitly going to be telling all my buddies about this site. Do not hesitate to purchase, this company is top notch...still in doubt? Just youtube'll be sold!

  27. review by nancy on 2012-09-07

    just ordered this hoe tuesday on expedited shipping cant wait to rip this shit. ITS GOIN DOIN!!

  28. review by rayquan on 2012-08-16

    very very good bong ...took about 5 or 6 days to arrive blast hit to the ice holder

  29. review by CR on 2012-06-19

    Great Color! Great Price! $15 to ship less than $50.

  30. review by ozell on 2012-05-23

    Ordered this last week Friday can't wait till it get here fun times a head

  31. review by James on 2012-05-23

    Just ordered this still waiting for it to come in. Will be a treat.

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