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  • 10 holes diffused downstem for 14 mm to 14 mm 10 holes diffused downstem for 14 mm to 14 mm
  • 10 holes diffused downstem for 14 mm to 14 mm 10 holes diffused downstem for 14 mm to 14 mm

10 holes diffused downstem for 14 mm to 14 mm


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- 10 holes diffused downstem - Length : 5 1/2" - Joint Diameter : 14mm(Outter) / 14mm (Inner)

Additional Information

Material Borosilicate Glass
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Downstem Type 10 holes
Length 5 1/2 inch(14cm)
Shelves F3
Section B

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  1. review by Derek on 2013-11-05

    Great price fast shipping and smooth as hell definitely a must have

  2. review by Alex on 2013-10-23

    AWESOME down stem! a must for any bong! Thanks Bong outlet!

  3. review by Eric on 2013-09-13

    5 fingers diffused, what more can I say really..........?

  4. review by Michael on 2013-09-06

    great downstem easy to clean with pipe cleaner just push straight through each finger would recommend 5 stars

  5. review by Jillianne on 2013-08-26

    I so excited to get this. I have a 4x4 bong. I also ordered a 11 finger perc. I love this website!

  6. review by Aristarkh on 2013-07-17

    Great downstem! Easy upgrade for your piece that improves overall smoothness of your hits and is cost effective. Highly recommended!

  7. review by jason on 2013-05-23

    Great downstem I am going to be careful with this because it looks delicate..

  8. review by jay on 2013-05-14

    This is a great downstem recommend it for anyone who buys a bong from this site also should buy a spare just incase since its only 15 bills

  9. review by Chris on 2013-05-13

    Great down stem, it's a great complement any set up.

  10. review by Tyler on 2013-05-03

    This is a great diffused downstem. It makes the hits so much smoother.

  11. review by Michael on 2013-02-13

    Overall amazing downstem for 15 dollars. Can't get any better than this!

  12. review by eric on 2013-02-06

    AWESOME DOWNSTEM make ur hits smooth and fast acting works best with a precooler

  13. review by Matt on 2013-02-06

    They need to make these for all bong sizes, best addition to my green 19.5" 4x4 percent bong an it reduced drag and hits smooth. With the money any day!

  14. review by Tyler on 2013-02-01

    Bought this with the 21" Bat Bong and it's great addition and helps pull a bit smoother through the massive piece. Great buy if you're looking to reduce drag a bit.

  15. review by Jon on 2013-01-06

    Works great really worth the money spent got here really quick

  16. review by Eric on 2013-01-01

    veryy gooood like a very well........

  17. review by Chad on 2012-12-13

    Nice downstem .... Worth the money. I would buy another. Super Fast Shipping once again. Thanks

  18. review by William on 2012-10-09

    Excellent craftsmenship, shipping took a little while cause it got messed up but I'll stay loyal even though they ignored my order comment....

  19. review by evan on 2012-09-24

    exleante quality of glass love the tips on the down stem

  20. review by Gabriel on 2012-09-06

    Great add on for my bong, makes the hits alot smoother

  21. review by jordanh on 2012-09-02

    Extremely satisfied , everything was flawless, shiping came quick and everything inside was intact and also they gaveme a gift small glass pipe as well, will be buying my product in this site for years to come.

  22. review by Daniel on 2012-08-28

    Best down stem ever!!! A great add on for any bong!!

  23. review by Patrick on 2012-08-07

    Great again and again, thanks bongoutlet this really helps you take the hit like a champ

  24. review by kris on 2012-08-01

    this downstem is awesome well worth the 15$ i spent on it

  25. review by Joseph on 2012-07-31

    I got this and have had no issues with it. It fit my 14" right from the start and it works great. Looks great in my piece also. Well worth the price, get one you will not be disappointed.

  26. review by Maria on 2012-07-28

    I decided to buy this downstem because of the way it looks but I was sceptical if there would be a noticeable improvement in my smoking experience on my already smooth hitting bong. And I am really pleased to say that this stem not only looks great but also provides a noticeably smoother hit.
    It is everything I hoped it would be.
    The quality is excellent, the price is amazing, and it's an impressive looking piece. I would expect to pay at least 3 times more for this product at my local headshop.
    It really adds style to your bong and also improves your smoking experience.
    I can't think of a better upgrade for your bong for only $15.

  27. review by jeremy on 2012-07-02

    i got this because i new it would for one look awsome and improve smothness

  28. review by Nicholas on 2012-06-27

    Slapped it in my home made liquor bong along with a coil perc and it's probably the smoothest hit I've ever taken. The additional 4 arms to a standard 1 makes the difference, especially with the diffusers on the ends.

  29. review by Miriam on 2012-06-09

    Bought this down-stem as a replacement because it looked pretty cool but after I received it I was really surprised at the improved smoothness. Worth the money.

  30. review by Steve on 2012-06-08

    Grabbed this for the wow factor mainly but after using it I found that was not the case.
    The resistance this provides is ideal on my 21" water pipe.

    Great quality. The prices here are incredible when comparing to local shops.

    Thank you bongoutlet!

  31. review by Nathan on 2012-05-28

    I ordered this as an upgrade on their 14" 2x6perc , and it fits! I'm renaming this item as the flavor-blast wonder stem! seriously brings the flavor out guys! I would pay over twice as much at a local headshop for stem like this. I wonder if anyone else has upgraded their stems, I'm surprised there's not more reviews on these. If I buy another water pipe here, I'm definitley getting another one of these. It's a nice upgrade for cheap.

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