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  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST
  • 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST 10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST

10 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST


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Quick Overview

A curvy silhouette make this percolator bong from Ghost a beautiful piece of glass art to have in your home! It features a clear slitted 3-arm tree perc for diffusion and is equipped with ice notches for smooth, cool smoke. This water pipe comes complete with an 14/18mm diffused downstem and bowl that keeps ash and debris out of your water


- Height : 10" (+/- 0.5")
- Color : BLUE
- Glass Tube Diameter : 32mm
- Bowl & Ice Catcher
- 1 Percolator with 3 fingers
- Diffused Downstem : 5" / 18 mm(Neck Joint) / 14 mm(Bowl Joint)
- Thickness : 4 mm - 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 10 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.5"
Colors Blue
Functions 3 tree arms Percolator, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Thick Bowl for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 4 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Body, Bowl, Downstem
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by Temuulen on 2016-03-11

    Ordered on a Friday and got it on Tuesday, very fast shipping! The piece itself looks amazing and is great for the price. Also the included little items were very pleasant, couldn't be happier with the purchase. Only problem just like others have said is that if you want to put ice in it, they have to be very small pieces, as there is little room to put them in.

  2. review by Scott on 2016-02-29

    Received this piece in the mail, ordered it on Wednesday and it got to Chicago today, Monday.Im not gunna lie, between the quick shipping, the free glass spoon and free screens, this may be the best purchase I have ever made lol. $49 including shipping and the thing rips! The glass isn't thin, it's actually perfect thickness and the ice cube holder and ask tray are an added bonus. Small enough to take on snowboarding/camping trips and still packs a punch. Buy this bong! I give it a 10/10 based on everything that's included on top of quality.

  3. review by Morgan on 2015-10-11

    Got this a few days ago and I love it!! A little thin but stuff good quality. The hits a smooth. And love that it comes with a free pipe and screens.

  4. review by mathieu on 2015-01-23

    great bong, good glass. hits very smooth and is very compact.

  5. review by Thomas on 2014-12-27

    Just got the final pieces to the bong it
    hit's like a beast it took a while because
    of some missing parts but they were super
    cool about it and shipped the parts thanks

  6. review by Abraham on 2014-12-16

    This bong is amazing!!! It was a little smaller than expected, but over all good quality piece and i got a free pipe thanks guys

  7. review by guillaume on 2014-11-26

    Nice bong with the ash catcher, good quality! Very fast shipment with some extra in the package!!!!

  8. review by Cheyenne on 2014-11-03

    Totally worth the price plus with the ash catcher...awesome piece to have

  9. review by Darian on 2014-10-30

    Seriously this has to one of the sickest bongs ever!

  10. review by Brandon on 2014-10-28

    Best bong I have ever purchased. Not one scratch when arrived. I thought it was gonna be a little thin, but its actually pretty thick glass. Ash-catcher was a great bonus to this piece. Highly recommend this bong. Also the customer service was great and all products are amazing and affordable on this website.

  11. review by Kimberly on 2014-08-03

    first bong purchase and might I say, I am very, very happy with my purchase and definitely looking forward to making more purchases and new pieces!

  12. review by Max on 2014-07-30

    This is a nice piece of glass and will buy again but stilll very thin glass and breaks easy. good luck .

  13. review by marlon on 2014-07-23

    Alrite you all wana know if this piece of beauty hits good well let me tell you hit hard and poof your gone..its small but like the saying goes dont judge a book for its cover

  14. review by Dalton on 2014-07-17

    Came in exactly one week and was delivered by the mailman. This bong is not the best glass out there, but for the price it's awesome. Perfect drag and hits really nice. I would def recommend this for the price.

  15. review by Cassie on 2014-07-12

    Just got this bong, along with a free pipe, and would definitely recommend! 100% satisfaction! :)

  16. review by Andrew on 2014-06-24

    Just got this bad boy today pulls so well for a little piece so happy to ha e purchased it, bong outlet rules!!! Nad it showed up on time

  17. review by Scott on 2014-06-09

    Nice sized bong, Hits are smooth and also not much air is mixed with the smoke cause of the small size. The glass is sturdy and thick.

    Packing is also done with care, bowl(ash catcher) and stem is wrapped separately from Bong.

  18. review by Summer on 2014-06-08

    Hits very well. Has a very nice bowl size. Shipped quickly too. This was my first piece like this. Overall, I'd buy it again.

  19. review by Thierry on 2014-05-27

    The quality of the glass is very good. The bong looks really nice and sleek too. Satisfied in overall.

  20. review by Teddy on 2014-05-05

    Small and compact but gets the job done, don't put to much water in the Percs or this is going to be kissing you lol

  21. review by Kat on 2014-05-03

    love this bong! it's small but it rips. definitely worth it :)

  22. review by Matthew on 2014-04-28

    Great customer service, the bong arrived right on time and in great shape. I saw other reviews saying its was smaller than expected but 10 inches is 10 inches but it will be smaller than you think. Other than that its a great piece, I just got it today and it rips and its perfect to take on the go.

  23. review by Ryan on 2014-04-21

    Just bought this little ghost bong and it looks sweet. From the reviews I read this site is amazing and for their prices , they're even better! I just recieved the email that it was shipped and I can't wait to see this piece in action ! I will be back with anothe review once I recieved my package ! Thanks bongoutlet !

  24. review by Tristan on 2014-04-04

    Still waiting on it to arrive, but the price for all the extra stuff included is insane. Best deal ive found on any website so far.

  25. review by Elias on 2014-02-25

    Pretty good bong . Kinda thin but it' still rips . Get a new bowl though it's garbage .

  26. review by Aaron on 2013-11-03

    This was my favorite piece. Dont let the size full you. Its a ripper.

  27. review by owen on 2013-10-20

    Is taking a long time to ship to Chicago, it's already been 11 business days. However, I am excited to see this piece in action!

  28. review by issac on 2013-10-16

    Just got toy to.get here man i more for.less before but i going to.get my bang for my.buck with this love this.outlet i missed up and.put the wrong zipcode and i.just sent them a email.not even 30 mins and one.back and.they fixed it for me with np.this is my new one stop shop and you get point for geting stuff like cash back love ut hell.yea

  29. review by Chris on 2013-10-04

    I just recently bought this piece and it is amazing, it will send you to a different world and the price is unbeatable for what you are getting. The only problem is the perk broke on mine. So out to buy a new one soon

  30. review by danell on 2013-10-04

    ordered mine like two weeks ago and still haven't gotten it. sucks I paid extra for the shipping but oh well sounds like it will be worth it.

  31. review by Tyler on 2013-10-02

    I've used this piece for over a year and it still chugging along. Best piece for the cost.

  32. review by Saori on 2013-09-25

    Got it for my boyfriend for his birthday; We both love it (: It's so portable and hits real nice. Also brought it camping. Great little bong.

  33. review by christopher on 2013-09-04

    I havent gotten it yet bit it said it would be here in 4 to 10 business days and its already bren 2 weeks so im pretty dissapointed with that
    But i will however be back with the results about how this bitch hits

  34. review by Travis on 2013-08-22

    this bong is nice and cheep it will rip your face off buy this or one of its big brothers

  35. review by Brandon on 2013-07-11

    Just got mine today. Just took my first hit off it awhile ago. Provides nice and smooth hits. I love this bong. This price is unbeatable. And not considering they send me a free pipe, and some screens.

  36. review by nick on 2013-07-03

    This bong provides nice big hits but is also compact in size, perfect for any camping trip or outing where tobacco can be used. Like most smaller bongs, the glass is thin in some spots and i dont care for the slide too much so i replaced it with a standard 14mm slide. Although you cant beat that price

  37. review by Zack on 2012-12-29

    I havent got this yet but i cant wait. it looks sick as F*** i also got a matching blue perc 4 arm ashcatcher and it shold arrive soon. just hope it hurries!

  38. review by niel on 2012-12-27

    Thumbs up! I was looking for a travel bong for a long time. It had to be glass on glass with a separate downstem. It had to be 10 to 11". It had to be well designed.
    This little baby fills the bill.
    Don't expect it to have the talents of a big bong. It does a good job for its size. I was afraid the perc would be too small to function well, but it does fine.

    Cons: The glass thickness is inconsistent and thin around the downstem fitting. The workmanship is adequate, but not great. Also, because of its small size, you have to draw gently and steadily. Nothing this small and effective will let you bang one though.
    Definitely a good buy.

  39. review by direct on 2012-12-24

    for such a little guy it packs a massive hit. i received it today as a xmas present and at first was kinda disappointed about the size. then after ripping i wasnt expecting such smoothness from such a small piece. im disappointed no more in fact im happy with my purchase. deff a good buy.

  40. review by Aaron on 2012-12-13

    Its a small bong but it packs a big ass hit i aint gonna lie its smaller than it looks nd kinda looks purple but its whatever i still like it thanks bong outlet!!

  41. review by Marco on 2012-11-30

    I just received my order today and all i have to say is WOW! I haven't even tested it out yet but just doing a couple drags from it with water let's me know how smooth my hits are gonna be. The order came fast, great quality and great price! I will MOST DEFINITLY come back here! You have gained a customer BongOutlet!!

  42. review by chase on 2012-11-20

    great bong rips really nice smoke some nigga.the perc is really awesome it makes it alot smoother when smokin.this bong is great for youron personal bong.

  43. review by Yunjae on 2012-11-14

    Great product. Its a small little guy but it packs a punch. For the price its a good buy

  44. review by Ryan on 2012-09-14

    AWESOME!!! hits like a champ im getting another one!!!

  45. review by Austin on 2012-08-20

    This is a nice little bong. If you use ice cubes just make sure they are small. Other than that it rips like a champ. One of my favorite small bongs

  46. review by Joseph on 2012-08-11

    Love this bong it hits great even tho it is sorta small and a tip, if you use ice make sure the cubes are really small lol arrived preety quick too ordered on a friday got here next saturday

  47. review by Alex on 2012-07-25

    I bought this bong for my dorm in college and i love it! It rips smooth and hard! this is a good buy...

  48. review by David on 2012-07-23

    Great bong, it gets you high. How much better can it get?

    Make sure you get some cleaning chemicals.

  49. review by Devin on 2012-07-05

    Exactly what you pay for. Great smoke for the size, easy to clean. If you are going to buy a bong though I would just wait until you can afford another, better bong from bongoutlet.

  50. review by matthew on 2012-05-18

    Ain't nothing wrong with it, it's a cool little piece. It is what it is.

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