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  • 11" INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR  Bubbler with bowl - BLUE 11" INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR  Bubbler with bowl - BLUE

11 in. INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR Bubbler with bowl - BLUE


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Regular Price: US$129.00

Special Price US$109.00


- Height : 11" - Bowl : 18mm - Thickness : 5 mm - 6 fingers x 2 Percolators & Inline percolator

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  1. review by James on 2012-12-13

    The inline perc isn't properly done so it doesn't actually work, in reality its just a down stem. It does have nice thick glass, and with an ash catching perc on it, it hits beautifully with no drag. It's a beautiful piece, but would be so much better if the inline actually worked.

  2. review by James on 2012-08-20

    This is an Amaizing piece but breaks very easy and for the money won't do it again

  3. review by Joshua on 2012-07-07

    I've wanted one of these for a long time now and im so glad that i finally ordered one. i cant wait to get it so i c an try it out and see if it is as good as everyone says whitch im sure it is

  4. review by Jing on 2012-07-07

    Really smooth, which makes it all the more incredible due to the amazingly low price.

  5. review by andres on 2012-07-03

    This is an awesome piece, specially with vape globe add on. really smooth and thick. it is also easy to clean. the only thing is i order the blue one and they send me a black on but fuck it, it look awesome in black.

  6. review by Steven on 2012-05-22

    I ordered this last Monday and received it the following Monday. It rocks... All in all five stars for this. It hits like nothing I have ever used. I love it. You can really taste the flavor of your "tobacco". This item is awesome. Fast shipping times....the only problem is that they sent a 14mm bowl. It is an 18mm unit. I am corresponding with them about this issue presently. I did purchase an 18mm ash catcher with this I can still use it...I just want the right bowl with it also. I do recommend an ash catcher with this will be glad you did. It draws effortlessly and smooth. It cools your draws substantially and it lets you savor the moment....:-]

  7. review by Darrell on 2012-01-30

    Came in the mail today great time allways is. Excelent pipe works good easy to handle party on.............

  8. review by Yaqoob on 2012-01-19

    This place has unbelievable service. I never expected it when I saw the site, I mean with these cheap prices you would expect delayed shipping and bad service. NO! THE service is awesome, they reply within MINUTES of your questions or concerns. Highly recommend this place! I mean its not the best thing you can get, but in terms of value there is nothing close to it. $300 vs. $130... choice seems pretty clear to me!

  9. review by Tamra on 2012-01-15

    Awesome, product!!! I recemond it to everyone thick glass made perfect buy it!

  10. review by David on 2011-12-08

    This is an awesome piece, really smooth and thick. it is also surprisingly easy to clean. When it arrived in the mail it was cracked though. Bong outlet had a replacement on the way within a couple days. Great Customer service!!!!

  11. review by peter on 2011-10-26


    Piece is the most elaborate functioning bubbler i have seen. Whenever i make a long term purchase i research my options extensively.

    This seach lead me to this website which is fantastic then the items they offer are superb and the prices are second to none.

    This is an obvious 5 star review. this item is worth double or triple what they are charging. Save money buying the rip off name brand glass. Shop here.

    You wont find a bubbler with this much filtration built in anywhere else.

    Thank you

  12. review by Chad on 2011-09-09

    Ordered at 4:20 PM (no shit) on thursday and it arrived by 2:00pm the next day...UNBELIVABLE SERVICE......LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING....The Bubbler is everything i expected it to be...I ordered the blue inline trash catcher to complete this amazing piece and keep it clean.....It hits like a champ and is made of quality glass as i have already dropped the ash catcher and did not break...The bong was packaged amazingly and they threw in a NICE glass hand pipe...Amazing Experience and Prices dealing with the Bongdepot....QUALITY GLASS FOR GOOD PRICES...Ill be back

  13. review by Cole on 2011-08-11

    Oh my god, this looks like the most beautiful thing to smoke out of EVER!!!! I need this!!!!

  14. review by Adam on 2011-08-09

    holy mother this is what i have bee looking for all my life!!!!! seriously other sites have less perked incline bubblers for like nothing under 300$ WOWOW nice im getting this dont hesitate!

  15. review by Mitch on 2011-06-30

    This is definately my next piece! 2 trees and an inline for a buck thirty? Excellent buy on a quality piece. 5 stars all day!!!

  16. review by debbie on 2011-06-29

    My friend has this bubbler and it's working really good

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