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  • 11" INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR  Bubbler with bowl - GREEN 11" INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR  Bubbler with bowl - GREEN

11 in. INLINE & 2 x 6 FINGER PERCOLATOR Bubbler with bowl - GREEN


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- Height : 11" - Bowl : 18mm - Thickness : 5 mm - 6 fingers x 2 Percolators & Inline percolator

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  1. review by Melissa on 2012-12-18

    I ordered this last Thursday and received it today (following Tuesday), 5 days shipping from a different country during xmas for 10 bucks is awesome. It looks exactly like I expected and hits wonderful, couldn't be happier. Looking forward to ordering again.

    PS. Freebie pipe was beautiful!

  2. review by Allied on 2012-08-15

    This is all you need hits like a boss named mine Chernobyl because the tree percalors look like little nuclear generators and when you hit this beauty it will destroy you + you save green tobacco when you smoke out of the baby, but do invest on an ash catcher. Over all this piece is well worth the money. GET YOUR TODAY!!!

  3. review by kevin on 2012-08-03

    This piece is absolutely fantastic, hits are verysmooth and its a lot easier to clean than i originally thought it would be. The only down side of this pipe is the inline doesnt work as well as it should due to non forced-diffusion, but it doesnt effect the hits all that much still a very smooth piece.

  4. review by Tanner on 2012-07-31

    I just received this piece today, I recommend purchasing this peice 100% I ordered it Thursday night and got it Monday afternoon.

  5. review by Fabio on 2012-07-20

    This Thing is a lil badass I got mine in the mail this morning to find out that there was a hairline crack in my inline perc kind of dissapointed but it still hits like a champ

  6. review by Brian on 2012-07-02

    Overall, it's a great item for a good price, well worth the money.
    The three levels of percolation make the hit very smooth, smoother than anything else in my collection.

    The only complaint I have is that the bowl that came with it, while pretty big....didn't have a very big hole in it and really choked the piece out. I swapped to another bowl with a built in seven hole screen and suddenly I don't need any other glass.
    It's that good, really. So stop thinking about it and buy one.

  7. review by Tyler on 2012-06-08

    Absolutely love it! Great piece of glass, will be ordering another soon because of my love for it. Love the two tree percs and the stemless design.

  8. review by Jeff on 2012-05-14

    Oh man, its finally back! This went out of stock for a while and I was worried my new favorite piece was now irreplaceable. I cannot recommend this purchase enough. It's high quality and made with thick glass. Hit is smooth and there is no drag at all. Absolutely Perfect, you guys at bongoutlet are awesome. It's a little annoying to clean but any good cleaner will have it looking like new again.

  9. review by john on 2012-02-12

    Super fast shipping, ordered on the friday at 4:30 got my 5 items including this awesome bubbler on early monday. Definitely will come back for more great cheap prices and lightning fast shipping!!!!!

  10. review by Noah on 2012-02-12

    Unbelievable piece great size and very smooth and clean hits. I own alot of pieces and this is for sure one of my favourite I love this site I will be buying tons of cool pieces in the future of them!

  11. review by Christien on 2011-11-30

    This is my favorite Piece. Hits so smooth except it has a little drag even without an ash catcher.

  12. review by Vadim on 2011-11-29

    Great bubbler for the money.

    Here in NYC, in a Manhattan store, this would be worth $300 at least!

    Also, like others say, an ash catcher is necessary, but be careful not to leave it in there after you took a pull, it will probably tip over.

  13. review by cameron on 2011-11-22

    Overall Great bubbler. Love the design and color. Only down fall is that its a hassel to get chunks of ash out of the bottom and top two percolators.Definitely invest in ash catcher (wish i did..) other than that great piece. Worth the money!!

  14. review by Gregory on 2011-11-14

    First of all, this piece is quite hard to clean, be ready to invest in some 420 cleaner. Second, you need a small ashcatcher because it will tip over with anything heavier than 4 arms and you dont want ash in the inline. On the other hand, amazing filtration, 3/5

  15. review by Andy on 2011-08-27

    Wow! Once again lightning fast shipping and great service! This piece is amazing it has all the features of a double perc inline water pipe in a super compact size. The percs work nicely, making flowing bubble stacks. the inline feature makes for added percolation, smoother draw, and easy clearing. This piece is a must have!!! You will never find a water pipe of this design for this price. My one caution is this: never use this piece without an ashcatcher! you will play hell trying to get the little chunks through the network of micro tree percs. trust me.

  16. review by Andy on 2011-08-14

    This looks like a really funtional piece. i have 5 prong tree perc ashcatcher waiting for it because it seems like it would be difficult to even pour the little chunks of trash out of the water chamber because its on the inline perc. with an ashcatcher, this piece should be a champ! ill update when i recieve it...

  17. review by Cole on 2011-08-11

    This bubbler looks amazing!!! I cant wait to use this piece!

  18. review by Donna on 2011-07-12

    This is such a great piece! It is so smooth, looks cool, and was a great deal for the money! I love how it is a combination of a bubbler and a water bong. You will love this piece!

  19. review by David on 2011-07-02

    This piece is amazing!!! Works awesome for a silver surfer attachment!!!! Hits like a champ!!!! Bought piece for a friend and he LOVES it!!!! Nice and compact for easy use and huge hits!!!! Would suggest purchasing this piece for your collection:-) I will most likely will be adding this piece to my collection aswell:-)

  20. review by chan on 2011-06-23

    this looks like a champ for sure. ill update wen it arrives

  21. review by John on 2011-06-21

    this is sick i cant wait till pay day im so getting this i love the design all day

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