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  • 12" 1 x 3 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - CL / GR 12" 1 x 3 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - CL / GR

12 in. 1 x 3 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - CL / GR


95 37 100 0


- Height : 12" - Color : Clear Body / Green Percolator & Ash Catcher - Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher - Downstem   5.5" / Neck Joint 18mm / Bowl Joint 14mm - Thickness : 5 mm - 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by Sabrina on 2014-05-14

    I love this bong, I like when you can tell it's time for a cleaning. You can see the smoke rise up. The hole for the mouth has a nice feel.

  2. review by William on 2014-02-20

    Picture does not do this piece justice. It may seem like a smaller "budget" bong, so to speak, but everything about my order, from the packaging, to the piece itself, is high quality. Package came quick, was discreet, no damage. Came with a free pipe and screens as well. Definitely coming back here.

  3. review by Ryan on 2014-02-18

    Alright so this was the first bong I've ever bought, figured I had to write a review whether it was good or bad.

    The website ( is legit. Had my reservations when I first arrived here but gave it a shot due to the cheap shipping and had zero problems at all. Arrived perfectly boxed with lots of protective packaging, on time, and even threw in a free bowl (thank you!). No complaints.

    The product is great. I originally wanted a splashguard and was worried that 12'' would be a little small but both work out perfectly. Even as the ice melts into the upper half I got no water build up at all. Perfect smooth hits. I'm primarily a pipe/wraps smoker & this felt nice and calm on my throat.

    The connecting piece on the downstem looks plastic in the pictures but I was pleased to see it was more of a sandblasted glass. Also the entire thing is thick as hell. Really thick. The only piece I'm worried about breaking is where the bowl/stem meet. This thing is a tank.

    The one and only negative I have is that the ash catcher soaks your weed even if there's a small amount. I'm close to just not filling it with water at all, as sometimes I prefer to get a little crazy on my hits and don't wanna be hitting this thing like an amateur all the time so my weed doesn't get wet. So go light on the water.

    Honestly an A+ purchase for anyone looking to get started or wants a smaller sturdy companion added to their collection. Will absolutely buy from these guys again!

  4. review by Joshua on 2014-02-18

    Yo finally came through and I love it thanks bongoutlet for all you do.

  5. review by ritchie on 2014-02-16

    Took a huge chance going through this site, and I was not disappointed at all, I love this new piece and all my friends are jealous. Hits so smooth its lovely and not as harsh on the lungs as a regular water pipe, normally my lungs will feel all compressed but not with this. And I ordered on a Thursday and it got here early Saturday. I will recommend for sure!

  6. review by Jonathan` on 2014-02-13

    This is a great piece, except the ash catcher gets your tabacco wet. Apart from that, it is a wonderful piece! I am very satisfied with this product! Shipping was quick. It feels sturdy and it rips very smoothly! I do want an an upgrade to the ash catcher that it came with because it shouldn't get anything in the bowl wet so I would not put much water in it...barley any. Otherwise, it splashes up into the bowl. Excellent price though! Quality product altogether.

  7. review by MELVIN on 2014-02-11


  8. review by Thierry on 2014-02-09

    This is my first bong that I have ever owned. Great price for this piece. The glass is very thick like others have mentioned. I got really blazed from just taking a really small amount of grass. Awesome bong, good quality and satisfied in overall.

  9. review by Ross on 2014-02-09

    This is the first bong I bought and I am satisfied to say the least. It hits smooth and hard, it's just a pain to clean a bunch of chambers. Excellent buy for the price, unbeatable.

  10. review by Dhah on 2014-02-08

    just placed an order for this and can't wait to recieve it!!!!!!!!!!

  11. review by Ian on 2014-02-06

    This bong is awesome, guys. It took a long time (approx. 19 days - with a lot of snow within that time) to get from Canada to East Tennessee, but boy, was it worth the wait. The piece is super thick and sturdy and has the perfect weight with water/ice in it. The water reservoir is freaking perfect, man. It's just the right size and fills up with an ideal volume of smoke per hit. You can put enough water in it to thoroughly cover the down stem, too. The water doesn't splash up into the top chamber as well, which is nice. The three-finger percolator does a helluva job along with the ice catcher. I would highly, highly recommend getting a waterfall downstem, though. I bought one just so that I could use the stock one in case I broke the waterfall downstem. It works FAR better than the stock one. It makes the hit so much smoother and on here it's only like $13 which is awesome. Definitely maximizes the experience on this particular piece. But yeah, this bong freaking rips, son. You’re gonna love it.

    In summation, this bong is way more than what I expected for the price. I'll tell y'all this, I bought this bong to replace a broken SYN (“scientific glass”) bong that was twice as expensive as this one. I honestly like this one better. I couldn't be happier with bongoutlet. This is a NO BRAINER if you're looking for a new bong at a decent price. Also, FWIW, bongoutlet answered all of my emails almost instantly. Killer customer service.

  12. review by JM on 2014-02-06

    hits like a champ, quality peice as promised. would recommend it to anybody...will def purchase another peice from you guys again

  13. review by Eunice on 2014-02-05

    Works great it feels so smoove in every hit. I would recommend it.

  14. review by mary on 2014-02-04

    Received it yesterday, hits like a champ, recommended to anyone, great piece for its price, love it!!!!!

  15. review by Jerome on 2014-01-30

    Even though it got lost in transit for a month, well worth tha wait. Short, thick, and sturdy.

  16. review by Tsz on 2014-01-22

    I dont know what to say... I really love this thing, I have been waiting it for a month, but still I haven't receive it. I BELIEVE MY PACKAGE IS LOST OR SOMETHING.

  17. review by Max on 2014-01-15

    Great bong i received it only 2 days after I placed my order and the package came in real nice everything was well wrapped and safe. This bad boy hits like a champ and is smooth as a sheep.

    Overall 5/5

    For the price this thing does wonders!

  18. review by nick on 2014-01-13

    This has got to be one of the best bongs i have ever ripped its nice and smooth and you can get some super milky hits I would recommend this bong to anyone

  19. review by Allison on 2014-01-11

    I love this bong. Having the ash catcher is so nice too.
    The only problem is the ash catcher can get clogged and you do have
    To clean it often. Other than that it hits great and always has me
    Coughing! Love this bong

  20. review by Andrew on 2014-01-11

    amazing!!! You will not beat this price! I did 2 weeks of research before buying this and its just phenomenal!!!

  21. review by hunter on 2014-01-08

    I havent gotten the peice yet but im stoked!!!!! Cant wait to see the green in person. The ash catcher is cool for a bowl too( never had one before) percs look sick once again cant wait! :)
    Only put four because i havent gotten it yet to test it but it will be here soon

  22. review by Savannah on 2014-01-06

    It's the shit and my favorite color. It's my fav. It hits wonder and smooth smoke.

  23. review by heather on 2014-01-05

    This is a very nice piece. Especially for the price. The glass is thick, so you don't have to worry about barely bumping it and it breaking. The only thing I didn't like is the ash catcher. I would recommend buying a separate bowl for it. Overall, it is worth the buy.

  24. review by Nick on 2013-12-31

    Great bong! I bought the 14" one early last year and it broke at the downstem connection however this bong is much sturdier given it isn't as big so it feels more solid than the bigger one. Hits very smooth, light weight, but perfect for a coffee table bong. Bought this for my sister for X mas and she hasn't shut up about it, will likely buy another one for myself because my other bong is too big. Good quality purchase, i love this website however everything I've bought so far has broke in one form or another... so far so good on this piece though.

  25. review by John on 2013-12-26

    Ordered this piece this last week and absolutely cant wait to get it!!

  26. review by Brian on 2013-12-26

    If your thinking on getting this water pipe, Just get it! Its FANTASTIC!!! Really beautiful looking piece and its thick, well protected. I love how you can get FAT rips out of it, yet its so smooth! Love it! Only downside is the ashcatcher; it gets your weed wet, but its what to expect from ashcatchers like that. They all do it. Besides that its an overall AMAZING water pipe ! Unbelibable price. Wont see anything better anywere else im very satisfied

  27. review by Aimee on 2013-12-24

    Omg, it's so THICK!
    That's what she said right? Lol I was on a budget this time around and got the cheapest costing bong and I was thinking Maaan I still have 2save up more to upgrade to a bigger bong cuz 12" won't cut it but when I seen this baby I said "WOW

    I underestemated it & it knocked me on my ass. I know It will surprise you!

  28. review by richard on 2013-12-10

    im very satisfied with this item.. it looks beautiful and the just the way i imagined it.. the size is just perfect and works great for me..
    also, i appreciate the free pipe and screens, this came in handy since i just broke my pipe a few days ago..
    another thing.. this came very well wrapped and protected that theres no way it couldve broken on the way..
    i will definitely continue to buy from here and let my friends know.

  29. review by Loretta on 2013-11-20

    Great bong!! thicker then I thought it would be which is good came in mint condition not a scratch on it only took 6 business days to get to me not bad at all considering I live on an island. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase it. Also thanks Bongoutlet for the free glass pipe and screens your very generous! always nice to get a free gift :)

  30. review by Thomas on 2013-11-15

    the only bad thing is the bowle gets stuck but I would recommend it to anybody it's one of the best pieces I've ever owned I would like to get more by this makerc

  31. review by Leo on 2013-11-14

    ordered this 4 days ago i hope it comes really soon , i will hopefully write another review as soon as it gets here !!

  32. review by JADE on 2013-11-03

    I ordered this 5 days ago from MI and received it quickly! Love this piece, second time buying though because the down stem got stuck and it broke. But otherwise, I love this website, I recommend to anyone in Canada or the USA. Especially this piece. Well worth the small amount of money. THANKS BONG OUTLET YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  33. review by calvin on 2013-10-22

    just got mines the other day and all i gotta say is "EFFIN NICE". nice everything. took 11 days to get to the BAY AREA but well worth the wait.

  34. review by Jesse on 2013-10-17

    Wow! This bong definitely exceeded my expectations!! It's HUGE!! Haven't quite gotten the hang of how much water to put in the ash catcher, yet (first time I've had one), so there's a bit of a learning curve if you're very inexperienced ... otherwise, with the packaging, there was no way this thing was gonna arrive broken! It even arrived a few days earlier than I'd anticipated!

    Added bonus: I was kicking myself for not ordering myself a small glass pipe ever since I originally placed the order ... lo-and-behold, sent me a free one with my order!

    GREAT quality, added bonuses, cheapest shipping I've seen, and speedy delivery ... I will be buying my pipes from from now on! :) Thanks!!!

    [Rating only goes up to "Good" but if I had my choice, it would be rated "KICKASS"!]

  35. review by James on 2013-10-16

    I ordered this with high expectations, and those expectations were most definitely met! It arrived a little bit slow, but that doesn't matter too much. The piece itself is pretty damn good, accept the upper perk bubbles up a little bit too high. Other than that, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  36. review by Bryan on 2013-09-17

    Ordered this seven days ago hoping its coming soon!

  37. review by Amber on 2013-09-14

    A ksnsbdnasnsndjsjdndnxdjsoapzmsnxnanxnsbzaizjsdjekenznazusganxodkxnzienshwuzbsxjj

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