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  • 12 in. 1 x 4 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - Clear 12 in. 1 x 4 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - Clear

12 in. 1 x 4 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - Clear


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Quick Overview

This is a beautiful piece of glass art to have in your home! It is good size as 12” height and features a colored glass slitted 4-arm tree perc and ice catchers in the tube to deliver icy cool, smooth smoke! This bong comes complete with a 14/18mm slitted diffuser downstem and the colored ashcatcher bowl attached. The Ghost Glass logo is applied just below the colored mouthpiece.



- Height : 12"
- Quality Borosilicate Glass
- Color : Clear Body,Percolator and Mouthpiece
- Ash Catcher & 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
- Downstem : 5" / Bowl Joint 14mm / Neck Joint 18mm
- Thickness : 4 mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 12 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.75"
Colors Clear
Functions 4 tree arms Percolator, Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 5 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Ash catcher, Body, Downstem

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  1. review by Andreas on 2016-07-15

    great bong but the ash catcher is kinda shitty so i would recommend buying a another bowl

  2. review by Lea on 2016-07-04

    This bong is so amazing! It hits so smooth and cleans easy!

  3. review by Alex on 2015-02-21

    This awesome piece of glass is definitely worth the money. It has a nice thick mouthpiece with a solid sturdy base. The draw is incredibly smooth especially with the tree perc. The ash catcher does its job very well with a nice big bowl for lazy afternoons. With this piece you can take rips you never thought you could. Shipping was also fairly quick. I received it on the same day of the following week. This is a great sturdy piece for a great price. Will definitely consider buying more glass like this.

  4. review by John on 2014-10-16

    This little guy is great for if you need something smaller, it hits awesomely smooth and is nice and easy to clean

  5. review by Cathy on 2014-10-01

    Great piece even thou it has thin glass hits very smooth I love it!!!!!

  6. review by Bryan on 2014-09-03

    works great. ash catcher is a nice touch and helps keep it clean.

  7. review by Raymond on 2014-07-12

    First bong I have ever purchased and I'm glad I waited. I have hit many different types of water pipes and this one is one of the best. Every piece is well crafted, no defects on the glass. And the size is just right, its even a good size for taking out to a buddy's house and trips like that. I'm looking forward to buying more products like this.

  8. review by Andre on 2014-06-30

    Very nice bong for the price, ash catcher and bong are well made and hits pretty good, does come with downstem with ash catcher but glad I had bought another downstem 14mm In & 14mm out to add more accessories.

  9. review by Gregory on 2014-04-13

    This bong comes with a big ash catcher for its usual size. It rolls with a big mouthpiece at the top of the bong and comes with a smooth hit once lit. Overall, i was satisfied with the product I ordered.

  10. review by Danny on 2014-04-02

    This bad boy came to me super fast from CA to the US in a few days...don't let the price fool you this is a very nice glass piece! The glasswork is flawless on the bong it's self...not a scratch or mistake anywhere. The ash catcher on the other hand had a very small crack on the side of the bowl and a bit of molten glass splatter at the bottom but it still gets the job done. That being said this is one of the best hitting bongs I have ever owned...I can't see it getting much better. The size is perfect...small enough to hide away but will still choke a horse. Do yourself a favor and buy this bong right now you won't be sorry!

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