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  • 14" 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Blue 14" 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Blue

14 in. 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Blue


95 33 100 0


- Height : 14" - Diameter : 14mm(Bowl and Downstem) - Thickness : 3mm - Color : Blue - 2 Layer Perculator - Ash Catcher - Ice Catcher - 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by Jordan on 2011-06-25

    overall a great bong that hits smooth allowing for some prety big tokes. love the dual perc and the defused downstem wile the ash catcher keeps the water fairly clean. But the slits in the perc arms clog up prety easily, needing to be cleaned ever 5 or so bowls. making it less suited for repeated use.

    a great deal none the less as you would pay at least 150$ for a bong like this in a store. shipping was fast and the free glass pipe was a nice suprise.

    will definately be recomending to friends.

  2. review by Chase on 2011-05-31

    this thing is gnarly, the blue is cool as well. Handy size, great for anyone!

  3. review by Jackson on 2011-05-17

    Yup, this bong is smooth! Works great! Fast shipping. Id recommend it to anyone.

  4. review by Manuel on 2011-05-16

    Definitely a nice piece of glass hits smooth ass hell, and for a nice price 5 outta 5 stars.

  5. review by Reece on 2011-05-12

    I bought this in green, but its very good. it hits extremely smooth and it looks good when it milks up. The ONLY downside is that you can never get the water out of both percs.

  6. review by George on 2011-04-27

    Got this and its Awsome ! Great customer service an Unbeatable prices.

  7. review by Aaron on 2011-04-17

    This is the first piece i've bought online and i was happily surprised with how fast the shipping came, i ordered it on a saturday, it shipped monday and arrived that friday.

    Ovarall this piece is damn sexy, rips smooth and clean and gives you the biggeest hits of you're flavored tobacco.

    The only down side is because the percolator slits in the arms are somewhat narrow they can get clogged from repeated use. But all percolator bong can have that happen so all you have to do i wash and let it soak in alcohol, this will eat away resin clogging the percs if ynou let it sit for half an hour then rinse thouroughly with water.

    I am very satisfied with this piece and would strongly reccomend it to anyone

  8. review by mike on 2011-04-12

    this is one best pieces ive had in awhile an best price. hits like its cool fresh air no drag just a wonderful piece. thank you guys for great work an its an awesome bday present

  9. review by Jeff on 2011-04-04

    about to order this awesome looking piece. A friend has same one and its is amazing only difference he paid 180 at our local shop. already bought from this site its awesome super fast shipping and i know this bong will be sick and rips super fat with no drag at all i cant wait!!!

  10. review by mike on 2011-03-25

    been searchin for nice piece for a couple weeks formy birthday. i wanted higher one than 14 inches but reviews seem aawesome for it plus super fast shippin i think im goin to stick with this. double perc ice catcher an ash catcher. whats better than that for that cheap

  11. review by Olivia on 2011-03-14

    I just received this bong in the mail today, it only took about 5 days to get to me, i was surprised at how fast it ships. Once i started opening the package i felt like a little kid on christmas day opening the ultimate present! This bong is a beauty! It hits so smooth there's no drag what so ever! My new favorite piece

  12. review by matt on 2011-03-08

    excellent perc best piece I've used in a while good craftsmanship fast shipping. Worth every penny. I am planning on getting a few more pieces for some family members. defiantly worth the money the blue pops i love how the light hits the glass while the water bubbles. can,t get over the excellent products and the added incentive was great thank you..

  13. review by Josh on 2011-03-03

    great piece, excellent quality, fast shipping. i highly recommend this to anyone, 10/10 for sure.

  14. review by David on 2011-01-18

    Best prices I've seen yet I highly recommend this site!

  15. review by alejandro on 2011-01-08

    i love this placed ive recomended it to everyone i know.

  16. review by alejandro on 2011-01-08

    this perculator. gets alot of complaments. i HIGHly recomend this it.

  17. review by alejandro on 2011-01-08

    love my perculator. great rips. worth every penny.

  18. review by alejandro on 2011-01-08

    love useing my perculator. great product. worth every penny.

  19. review by alejandro on 2011-01-08

    love useing my perculator. great product. worth every penny.

  20. review by alejandro on 2011-01-04

    great price. i thought tyhe base would have been a little bigger. , but hey it fits in my palm when im lounging. none the less grat bong and goooood rips. no regrets.

  21. review by Thomas on 2010-12-21

    if your looking for something nice yet cheap this is it. one of the cleanest things ive ever hit.

  22. review by My on 2010-12-08

    i was expecting a much larger bong. but i guess i never really look in DEPTH to the specs. but it still a great bong an rips.

  23. review by Brandon on 2010-12-06

    just went to local bong shop and costs hundreds more. this site is Ahmazing

  24. review by My on 2010-12-02

    its smaller than i though it would be, but it rips alright

  25. review by brian on 2010-12-01

    I have not recived my bong yet but how ever after shopeing for a bong for three weeks and decideing on this one i belive it is a badd ass price for a bad ass bong its little but has great qualitys perfect for a smoker who likes to have a nice piece to smoke with friends it will blow you away ( O ) ( o )

  26. review by Mark on 2010-11-25

    Bong is small but amazing, its really good find for anyone. only thing id say bad about it is the bowls to small

  27. review by Onie on 2010-11-08

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!! this bong is amazing!!!!!! best I have ever hit!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. review by Jaime on 2010-11-04

    Just ordered it Tuesday and got it Thursday talk about fast shipping super excited and happy haaaaaa bout to go hit that

  29. review by Ian on 2010-11-01

    Just purchased this product for myself! I am so pumped for the pipe to arrive, thank you bongoutlet for providing such a sick piece at such an affordable price!!!

  30. review by Philip on 2010-10-01

    Bro my bong comes in a couple of days I can not wait. I saw a bong like this with only one perk for double the cost at a head shop.

  31. review by Pam on 2010-09-14

    wish i had seen this site earlier. its a wicked bong for a wicked price. love it!

  32. review by joe on 2010-09-13

    gr8 bong wish i had found this site sooner thinking of ordering 2 just incase one gets broken heaven forbid

  33. review by Elizabeth on 2010-08-23

    a 4 perculation chambered bong like this off line would cost a fortune. online on the other hand, its a different story. only 65.00!

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