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  • 14" 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Clear 14" 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Clear

14 in. 2 Layer Perc. Water BONG (R) - Clear


93 20 100 0


- Height : 14" - Diameter : 14mm(Bowl and Downstem) - Thickness : 3mm - Color : Clear - 2 Layer Perculator - Ash Catcher - Ice Catcher - 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by JEFF on 2011-09-21

    this bong is BEAUTIFUL!! it was exactly what i expected the perc. was an awesome effects to my bubbleness!! :)):)) the FILTRATION is beautiful!! the smoothest hits on the planet....but do add that i wish there was a diffused down steam..mine came with a just plane downsteam...!!!!

  2. review by trevor on 2011-08-23

    awsome piece instant hit at the house. great price hard to beat. glass is strong and sturdy. ships supper fast and descreat. better to buy online than go to local shop they cost way more there and there cheaper online even if you have to wait its well worth it

  3. review by Cole on 2011-08-18

    This bong is amazing, so killer, it hits like a champ and has the smoothest feel, best bong ever!

  4. review by aidan on 2011-08-10

    This is just an amazing piece i would buy this bong 100's of times. under 80 bucks and you get such a nice smooth hitting bong. just not as fancy as all the massive perc ones

  5. review by Tim on 2011-08-09

    Bought this bong in blue a while back when i got i was happy with it. Then I noticed when i sat it down it would rock back in forth with no water in it cause the bottom was so uneven.
    a few weeks later it was siting on my counter top after cleaning it and from the other room i heard glass shatter the damn thing tipped over by itself cause there was no water in it. Overall this bong is shit the perc gets clogged easy the glass is poorly blown and very thin. this website sells all cheap as shit from china waste of money

  6. review by Randy on 2011-07-29

    I bought this Bong a year ago and I found out that the percolators get clogged up real easy. During the summer it does not get clogged that much but during winter it takes only 2 hoots for it to be un smokable.

    I have tried using warm water during the hoot which helps prevent clogging but makes the hoot uncomfortably hot.

    Anyways I would recommend not buying this bong instead look for a single perc or an external removable perc.

  7. review by Robbie on 2011-07-21

    ordering this bong really soon... cant wait to get. thanks everyone for the reviews they really helped me choose the right bong

  8. review by Matt on 2011-05-16

    $75 total including shipping. Can't go wrong for that price. The only problem is the arms on the percs are right up against the tube, so therefore you will have to clean it daily. I smoked 3 bowls back to back and had some difficulty clearing it half way through the third bowl. Like I said, you can't go wrong for the price. Buy it now, you won't regret it.

  9. review by Brandon on 2011-05-13

    Great piece for the price would sell for over $150 in Phoenix AZ with out the nice bowl.I don't have one bad thing I could say about it Best buy in my life. I wasnt sue about ordering a glass bong internationally but I ordered on 4/10/2011 OMG it came Thursday morning around 11am just as I got up ...right in time....also there was a free pipe to great service ..

  10. review by Morgan on 2011-05-03

    I ordered this bong and expected it to be so so. For the price, I mean it comes with ash catcher, a cool down stem and 2 percs.

    But I was pleasantly surprised!

    This bong is smooth and has little to almost no drag. It provides the cleanest hits from a bong I can remember. It is so smooth I would compare it to a vaporizer. The smoke sees water 4 times, so that you get a cool toke, well mixed with water vapor and the uptake of active ingredients is perhaps faster, or at least it seams more pleasant and I would say, it seems like it hits faster.

  11. review by rhys on 2011-04-26

    great device! solid bong for the price, ash catcher is a bit shallow, and stem is fragile, overall great purchase, next time i may look at the one with a flat bottom to prevent knocking over.

  12. review by gina on 2011-02-18

    Wow...a double perk with defuser and ash catcher fo 65 bucks best deal ever now I know where I'm buying my products from

  13. review by Jacob on 2011-02-16

    Dude!!!! This is the best water pipe I have ever owned. I ordered this on Monday and it was at my house in Tennessee on Wednesday!!! BONGOUTLET.CA you rock!

  14. review by Brandon on 2011-02-07

    If your reading this review. Don't bother going to Grasscity for you buying needs. Let me tell you of a true horror story. Short and sweet. I bought the "Blaze Percolator Bong" for 49.99 (one perc no defuser this one puts it to shame) on January 5th (this year) and it shipped the 7th. I'M STILL WAITING FOR IT...F YOU GRASS CITY (Giving middle finger).

    Last week Friday 2/4/11 i said to myself, "F IT!" and went on here and purchased this bong. IT IS HERE ALREADY. 3 days it took to get from me.

    Packaging - there was barely a dent in the box alone. it was as if it was taken care of like a new born it should lol. as I surgically removed the tape all i could see was "OMG" amounts of that peanut Styrofoam starting at the bottom was nicely filled prior to putting pieces in. Each pieces was wrapped thoroughly with bubble wrap and tapped for extra durability during its travels. Then the box was filled with even more "OMG" amounts of Styrofoam. AND IT INCLUDED A PIPE...HELL YEAH!!!!

    Bong Review - Best bong i ever owned. it is a double perc with 3 slots each. 18 slots without the defuser then you have the defuser which is a beautiful touch.

    First hit - It was so smooth I wasn't sure if i hit it right. I've been smoking for over 15 years and hit plenty of bongs. I was just overly surprised by the smoothness.

    Only problem. I know there not all going to end up like this, but the top perc on mine was welded in on a slight slant. the slant is at a degree that 3 slots are touching the side of the bong directly so, I'm afraid if it gets to much vibration that its going to break that individual perc arm..

    My personal added future - I also bought the 6 arm octopus precooler 14.5 mm that i put on the defuser then add the ash catcher to the octo (there was also an 8 arm perc but i couldn't get that one at the time) there is a slight drag but the hits you can take will surprise ya. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

    Best site best bong. Thanks

    Satisfied Customer.

  15. review by Shawn on 2011-02-01

    Amazing piece. Perfect price. Outstanding customer support. This was my first time buying from Bong Outlet, and most certainly not my last. Shipping was so fast, it was at my door in 1.5 days from ordering, and packaged perfectly. Thank you.

  16. review by Kyle on 2011-01-20

    Great piece. Great Price. hits like a champ. only took 4 days to get to santa barbara. couldn't be happier. buy it

  17. review by Jason on 2011-01-11

    i enjoyed this pipe very much. it was well worth the price. had a little trouble shipping was late but they stood true to the promise and i was reimbursed for the shipping :) amazing product and store

  18. review by Justin on 2010-11-09

    Excellent glass on glass bong. Only complaint would be how quickly it gets grimy, but that's true of any bong this much filtration. If I were to buy this in a head shop around here, it would cost between $200-$300 EASILY. This is an outrageously great deal. Awesome service and the FASTEST shipping I have ever received from an online smoke shop. Forget bolenat who takes 3 weeks, I got this in 3 DAYS. Shipping might be $30, but you would be paying way more than that if you bought this elsewhere. I've told all my friends and we're happy to FINALLY have a good online smoke shop. Thanks!

  19. review by Matthew on 2010-10-13

    Amazing, maybe small but will put you on your ass and a for an unbeatable price and only took 3 days to get here. Best damn buy of my life

  20. review by Stephanie on 2010-10-07

    this bong is BEAUTIFUL!! it was exactly what i expected the perc. was an awesome effects to my bubbleness!! :)):)) the FILTRATION is beautiful!! the smoothest hits on the planet....but do add that i wish there was a diffused down steam..mine came with a just plane downsteam...!!!!

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