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  • 14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - CL / GR 14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - CL / GR

14 in. 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - CL / GR


97 26 100 0


- Height : 14" - Downstems : 5" / Ash catcher Joints (14mm) / Neck Joints (18 mm) - Thickness : 5.1 mm - Color : GREEN PERCOLATOR / CLEAR BODY - 2 Layer Perculator - Ash Catcher - Ice Catcher - 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. review by Justin on 2012-12-22

    I purchased a $39.99 percolator ash catcher with this bong, so I have no complaints. It works very good and goes nice with the aschatcher and bowl I ordered. Stock ashcatcher / bowl would be the only complaint, but since it's been replaced I have a spare part. Very good bong especially for the price.

  2. review by Ryan on 2012-08-01

    The bong arrived quite quickly and came in excellent condition! All of the filtering mechanisms built into the bong make it the smoothest smoking experience I've had, and I plan to order another down stem to make it even more smooth. It almost feels like you're inhaling nothing, it's great. The bong isn't too big nor too small, great for travel and use at home. You can't beat the price, the speed of shipping and the low shipping costs, this bong is the best deal out there in my opinion. Will be toking with it for years to come, thanks Bong Outlet!

  3. review by Maria on 2012-07-28

    I was a bit sceptical when ordering this product. I thought it couldn't possibly be as nice as it looks for such a low price. But I figured for only $69 it was worth the gamble so I placed my order and I'm so glad I did! It really exceeded my expatiations.
    The glass is nice and thick, feels solid in my hand. It looks amazing, it's really a beautiful piece. The percs work great and really provide a smooth comfortable smoking experience. The size is perfect, not too big, not too small, a very comfortable size to hold and use. The only flaw I found with this piece is the hole in the ash catcher is a little big for my liking but I just stuck a glass screen in there and it's perfect.
    After playing around adjusting the water levels a bit I quickly found the perfect water levels and all I can say is WOW! This is probably the smoothest piece I have used. The smooth, filtered, cooled smoke feels great and is a real throat saver.
    I am so pleased with my entire experience with Great quality and an amazing value. I still can't believe I paid so little for such a great bong.
    This is now my daily smoking bong and I really love it.
    I placed my order on Thursday afternoon and received it Monday morning all the way down in Florida. Super fast shipping, very well packaged, in a nice plain discreet box.
    This is now my favorite piece. Thanks!!

  4. review by Nathan on 2012-07-28

    What a great peice, not to big, not to small. Hits really smooth. Although, not very impresed with ashcatcher bowl. Works way better with a regular bowl. Plan on buying an inline ashcatcher for better filtration and even smoother pulls. Highly recommend this piece.

  5. review by William on 2012-07-27

    Super fast shipping, excellent quality. I don't put water in the ash catcher cause it gets the tobacco wet... other than that its fantastic.

  6. review by Tyler on 2012-07-25

    Very nice, smooth hits, clears easy, makes my friends jealous, a quality bong made out of thick glass. If you've been searching for awhile look no further this is the best for the price. Bongoutlet hit the ball out of the park on this one..

  7. review by Lilly on 2012-07-25

    Looks great, just ordered it. And I was wondering what the free spoon pipe looked like? Can't wait to get it!

  8. review by Randall on 2012-07-23

    Excellent service ordered tue got it fri nice and smooth has my vote

  9. review by Jay on 2012-07-13

    Just got it today, five days after ordering. Great bong already super happy. Rips like a champ.

  10. review by jeremy on 2012-07-07

    i got one in blue now i have agreen one to go with it awsome peace

  11. review by ISAAC on 2012-07-05

    good stuff i have to buy another one this time a blue one is cool stuff

  12. review by debra on 2012-07-04

    Ordered it on Tuesday waiting for it, Bought 11 arm perc attachment and im so stoked to rip it! Please come soon

  13. review by Shelley on 2012-07-03

    a little smaller than i expected.. still a great piece tho! hits smooth and love the percs. when clearing if you inhale to hard you'll prob get some water on your lips. i also like the little free pipe that came with it.

  14. review by Seth on 2012-06-28

    AWESOME!!!!! I love this bong, it's soooo smooth.. Pure quality for my money, I am more than happy with this baby.

    Thank you so much for such quality, and good pricing..

    peace out

  15. review by RyAN on 2012-06-16

    Ordered it on Monday and just arrived in the mail this morning(Saturday). It looks great and hits smoothly. Very happy with this piece, especially for the price.

  16. review by Bobby on 2012-06-10

    got this a while ago and i love this thing. i do not advise putting water in the ashcatcher cus i have had it wet down so many bowl packs. other than that i have no complaints. it hits smooth and is amazing with ice. shipped fast and came with a few extra goodies.

  17. review by Daniel on 2012-05-27

    awesome lookin piece... just ordered mine, can't wait to get it

  18. review by Becky on 2012-03-09

    Just got it today awesome piece fast shipping only took 6 days to get to Cali.

  19. review by Jbell on 2012-03-08

    Excellent piece, and incredibly fast shipping! Well made, thick, looks great, hits better. Very happy with my purchase, loving BongOutlet you guys are awesome. [5]

  20. review by Spirit on 2012-03-07

    CRAZY!! whats an insane price for super fast shipping and good quality. thank you

  21. review by Shannon on 2012-03-07

    Best bong ever purchased, ordered it friday got it tuesday late afternoon. Hits so smooth. THANK YOU

  22. review by Jacqueline on 2012-02-29

    This Bong is amazing! Nice smooth hits, no drag. I wish it came with some glass screens or just reduce the bowl hole size, but other than that I love it, and I really like the free pipe spoon they sent also, Thanks Bongoutlet.

  23. review by DREW on 2012-02-27

    man..that's fast shipping!!..the product...freakin awesome!!!way way better quality place of glass than i expected!!!..thanks guys!!!

  24. review by Lorena on 2012-02-17

    This peace looks badass, its the perfect size and I got it in only four days! You really can't go wrong with the price, this website really exited my expectations. Thanks B.O!

  25. review by Julian on 2012-01-18

    Great rips, it shipped so fast too I'm very happy with it and you can't go wrong with the price

  26. review by michael on 2012-01-10

    just ordered
    waiting to get it

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