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  • 14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - Clear 14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - Clear

14 in. 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG - Clear


94 53 100 0


- Height : 14" - Downstems : 5" / Ash catcher Joints (14mm) / Neck Joints (18 mm) - Thickness : 5.1 mm - Color : Clear - 2 Layer Perculator - Ash Catcher - Ice Catcher - 3 Pieces

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Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
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  1. review by Greighson on 2013-02-06

    Wow! That is all I can say, it came down all the way to texas in 3 days! No cracks or anything. Very impressed.

  2. review by Dylan on 2013-02-05

    I asked specifically for this item to be packaged carefully and I'm sure that the package could have withstood nuclear fallout. A little disappointed with the time it took to ship to me, but other than that, this bong is excellent. The ash catcher is a nice luxury, different from the regular sliders and refreshingly so. This was my first purchase of glassware through the internet and I'm certainly satisfied with the product. Other potential buyers, please (like I did) ask for them to package it carefully and I'm sure it'll arrive in perfect condition. Also, for other buyers, the bottom of this bong is VERY thin so be extra careful when placing down or handling overall.

  3. review by Quintin on 2013-01-28

    Bought this bong and got it today came safe in the mail hits smooth and i love it will buy again from bogoutlet.

  4. review by Tom on 2013-01-19

    Nice piece, but not what i paid for. I wanted close ended percs, but they came exactly like the ghost piece offered on this site for the same price (these percs are open ended and cause bigger bubbles to filter through). Not real blaze glass just a cheap bong with a label on it. The glass on the bottom is SUPER thin and could be easily broken, but the rest of it including the joint is nice and thick. As described in other reviews one of my tree percs came bent over, but doesn't affect the function of it. If you're looking for real blaze glass or a quality brand piece go somewhere else, if you want cheap glass that does its job this is one of the cheapest i could find anywhere.

  5. review by Tyler on 2013-01-13

    I ordered this Tuesday morning and it got here today, and I couldn't be more pleased. The bong is the perfect size, big but not unwieldy, and the percs make for smooth pulls and the ashcatcher bowl keeps your water clean. On top of this I bought a clear inline perc attachment and a clear skull bowl, and the bong I have assembled is the best I've ever seen. Came with an awesome pipe too. Could not be happier.

  6. review by Thomas on 2013-01-10

    This is an amazing bong, amazing price, nice size (not too big not too small) and the tree percs don't have much drag, the only thing i can criticize is one of my tree perc arms had a crack in it where the slits were on the top percolator, this bong seems like a good bong and the price is great! ordered on thursday, shipped friday, got it wednesday, overall 4/5 would have been perfect if the arm wasnt cracked though

  7. review by Michael on 2012-08-17

    My bong took only 6days from canada, came with free little catchers are good none falls threw hold alot of ice, the top perc kinda floods and i got mine with a hairline fracture on 1 of the per arms but its probly cuz when i got my box it had been all smashed up by shipping somewer but it had plenty of foam and box in box all bubble wrapped. GOOD BONG THO!!!GOOD PRICE

  8. review by Alex on 2012-08-13

    Fast shipping but when I received it, it was broken.

  9. review by Jimbo on 2012-08-09

    Great piece for the price my firs bong with multiple percolators and this is the best price ive seen anywhere

  10. review by Brandon on 2012-08-08

    Wow! Delivery was CRAZY fast! Ordered on Sunday, shipped Tuesday and got it on Wednesday.... I'm DEFINITELY gonna order from here again! Can't wait to spark this thing up!

  11. review by Eli on 2012-08-06

    Being honest the piece is great and awesome for the value. If you would like to continue reading here is what I think:

    1. Ash-catcher: Water level comes up to the bowl and gets it wet. Don't let it sit there while the ice is melting on top, which causes the level of the water in the Ashcatcher to go up. I suggest trying a different set up or ashcatcher (haven't done it yet).

    2. The glass on the bottom is a little thin, just take care of your new baby.

    3. Downstem is great.

    4. Percolators work good. Get the right amount of water and they work like a champ! In my piece the percolator on the bottom is bent (I believe while fabrication), it is touching the side of the glass. That specific spot gets dirty drastically more than anything else. It bothers me a little, but it's ok.

    5. Ice-catchers perfectly design on mine!! The cilinder is wide and long enough to fit ice in it.

    6. I read on one of the reviews that it does not look as big as the picture. I kind of agree with that, but I think it is a really good size. This is my second piece (the other one was smaller about 9"), and it is definitely an upgrade. When comparing one to another WOW the difference is HUGE!! That thing looks big. There are bigger ones, but they don't come in handy when carrying them around.

    7. The packaging is super good!! Nice box, lots of white puffy cheetos or w/e you call 'em, bubble wrapping paper, etc.

    8. Now the gift is really sweet!! Free stuff is amazing!! The pipe is actually cute and the screens are great for your percolator. Thanks BongOutlet!!

    9. Shipping was fast!! I ordered monday morning and received it the next monday. I mean it felt like FOREVER, but I came all the way down to Texas, so yeah..

    10. If you like it, you'll love it when you get it. It is SO WORTH IT for the price!!!

    Oh and apparently you get $1.00 worth of points for writing a review. I'm actually writing it because the reviews help me a lot choosing the piece.

    Hope it helped, enjoy!!


  12. review by Kyle on 2012-08-06

    Fire piece. Smaller in stature than the picture shows but still a solid investment. Smooth as hell

  13. review by Matt on 2012-08-06

    Back again here at the BongOutlet, and with another good review. Fast shipping, much care taken in that shipping to insure that your goods make it to you in there desired condition. As for the piece itself. This is a fantastic piece works well, only real negative is the drag this piece has. Due to the way the percolators are designed with a closed end at the end of each stem on the percolators there is a fair amount of drag when trying to clear out the chamber. This will take some getting used to however I think I along with others who get to use it will be able to adjust just fine and learn to work with the way this piece works.
    Thanks again B.O. You guys are the best Smoke Shop online!

  14. review by David on 2012-08-02

    Showed up in four days! Great shipping showed up in perfect condition. By far the smoothest thing I've ever used.

  15. review by Dylan on 2012-07-31

    This a great piece for the price. Ordered on a Tuesday arrived the next Monday, I was very impressed with the packaging tons of foam and bubble wrap. It fits about 3 ice cubes and along with the percolator this thing hits like a dream. The only thing I dislike about it is the ash catcher. It's tiny and I suggest getting a bowl or another ash catcher. I loved how they included a new pipe and screens that little pipe packs a punch. Overall it's a wonderful bong for the price I suggest it I any smoker.

  16. review by gerardo on 2012-07-26

    I ordered the bong on the 7/20/12 and it got here today 7/26/12 so stocked everything came in tacked nothing damaged very well wraped very thick glass super clean can't wait to rip this baby also got some free gifts a little pipe good size when your on the run to take with and that's pretty much it don't over think this tewice just do it I got and other ash cacher for mine cuz the one that komes with it isn't the best well anyways thanks for the gifts I'll be coming back for more stuff:)

  17. review by Matthew on 2012-07-26

    I ordered this piece on Wednesday and received it on Monday. I have to say my expectations for this bong were pretty high, but after I tried it I knew this bong exceeded those expectations. The hits were very smooth and the drag was almost no existent. I know for a fact that thiis bad boy will be used for a long time. Thank you Bongoutlet!

  18. review by Nathan on 2012-07-20

    Ordered it on Sunday, got it on Friday. Just like other people have said, the bowl/ashcatcher is not the best, but this thing does hit! Not to big ,not to small, just right. The percalators are awsome, put cold water and ice and this thing and its as smooth as a vape. Highly recommend!!

  19. review by Erika on 2012-07-05

    I received this water pipe the day after ordering! So you could imagine how good their shipping is. As soon as i took it out, i used it. it is a dream really, everything is perfect the smoke is cooled and tastes great! Thank you bong outlet for this wonderful water pipe!

  20. review by Tracy on 2012-06-16

    I recieved this bong within 4 days of ordering. The piece is wonderful, Even better after you understand the water levels that make it perfect, along with the ice. Unfortunatley, either the downstem that came with it was a bit large and cracked the joint or there was a weakspot in the glass. Very upset with this due to the fact I got to use my product for a week and was very happy with it.

  21. review by Raymond on 2012-06-07

    Okay I’m thinking I should wait and type this out at a better time but f... it, This thing is amazing. This is simple. I don’t care how many other bongs you have. If you don't have THIS bong. Those other bongs, will always be; those other bongs. Just got to me today. 5 day delivery and I ordered on a saturday. Amazing shipping, makes me want to be Canadian. Okay maybe not… I also ordered the glass filters and lost one before I even took my first …. I would recommend my last order for anyone who can keep this hidden, or even out like a trophy. Im thinking of putting this out like the winner it is

  22. review by Dylan on 2012-06-04

    Ordered this bong 10 day's ago and it still has not arrived. Better be worth it because the shipping is absolutely terrible.

  23. review by Justin on 2012-05-22

    Received in 3 days. Fastest shipping for any piece Ive ever gotten. The Percs are super smooth. Only complaint is the ash catcher. But overall A++++

  24. review by matthew on 2012-05-18

    Cool piece. Got here fast. My first "Blaze" piece, it's cool.

  25. review by Alexander on 2012-05-16

    Ordered it on 4/27 (Friday), got it the following Friday.

    Smooth hits, love the percs, great for the price.

    Going to get a new ash catcher for it, the one it came with isn't that great.

  26. review by Matt on 2012-05-08

    Honestly, this has to be the best deal i have ever received. Timely shipping with it perfectly packaged. The bong itself is extremely well made and rips like non you've ever tried. The spoon they threw in is of good quality too. Thanks bongoutlet!

  27. review by melissa on 2012-04-27

    cool piece for wut u pay for...the slits in the percs are too small tho makin the icecatch useles cuz the cold makes it clog up...other then that it hitss lika a whirlwind n will have ur rook frieds chokin on their first toke...its a awesome piece for smokiin hash out of i use it exclusively for that...this site needs to get some vapor curves angle converters and some nail n they'll b killin the game...still this is the BEST site ive found for bongs..

  28. review by Olivia on 2012-04-20

    So, on 4/15/12 I ordered a 1 x14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water Bong... hoping it'd be here on 4/20. I went to work today, and when I came home my bong was on my bed waiting to be opened. This was the start of a great 4/20. This BLAZE bong hits like a champ. I feel the size of it is the perfect length, and the thickness of the glass makes it complete. It rips quite well if I do say so myself. Although the ash catcher does not clear quickly its still cool because I be taking dabs most of the time anyways, haha. It also came with a cute little pipe that hits nice too. Fairly easy to clean. I quite enjoy it!! I'm a fan of Bongoutlet and I am definitely coming back to buy more :D

  29. review by Stephen on 2012-04-18

    Very smooth and it arrived less than a week after I ordered it. Well worth the money. Only downside is the hole in the bowl seems a little big and some of it will fall into the ashcatcher.

  30. review by Donn on 2012-04-17

    This is the best online headshop in the world, honestly, search no more, this bong is triumphant and at a price like this, a must buy, good as a portable bong for carrying around in a backpack without it poking out the top, my friends believe when i tell them its from grasscity for a hundred, then i tell them about this website, show it to them, and they shit brix. Amazing once again keep on keepin on! do not stop doing what you are doing because its working, im so glad my friend showed me this site.

  31. review by Jessica on 2012-04-04

    Amazing! recieved shipment with in 3 4 days. Bong is super smooth! def recommend

  32. review by Jesse on 2012-04-01

    Great piece, the only problem is the ash catcher as some people have said before. All the smoke doesn't clear out of the ash catcher which is annoying so I just bought a normal bowl for it, and I'm about to buy an ash catcher with a joint for a bowl and this piece will be amazing. No doubt worth the 70 bucks, clears like a champ, most of my friends believe when I tell them I paid 150+ for it until I tell them the truth and they are amazed.

  33. review by Brendan on 2012-04-01

    Great bong, definitely worth $70. Only problem is the ash catcher, it doesn't clear out the smoke. I'd rather have a normal bowl for it.

  34. review by Robert on 2012-03-26

    This piece does the trick all those huge bongs can do, very impressed yet the ash catcher should be able to sit and should have a diffused end...regardless hits like a champ and is a good small size...

  35. review by kevin on 2012-03-17

    This bong is a great value. Blaze makes high quality glass at affordable prices. This one is not too big, not too small, just right. very satisfied. Thanks.

  36. review by Sameer on 2012-03-16

    This is a very good bong. It hits great, and I would highly recommend this product.

  37. review by Shayne on 2012-03-16

    Got this bong in 6 days. It hits very smooth.

    Only bad thing about it is the ash cacher. You arnt able to clear all the smoke from it

  38. review by larry on 2012-03-14

    nice quality water pipe for 70 bucks with percs and an ashcatcher, i couldnt ask for more. definitely coming back! from canada to tx in about 4 days! crazy

  39. review by Duo on 2012-02-24

    I bought this bong, and they delivered it in 20 mins in Toronto. Very pleased with the service. And the bong hit's great, smooth.
    The only thing isn't that perfect is the ash cater, which is not well designed.
    I will buy from bongoutlet again. Good product, good service.

  40. review by Matthew on 2012-02-24

    Epic bong! Works like a charm ;) Fast delivery and everything arrived unharmed. Everyone should have one of these, don't even question it!

  41. review by Matthew on 2012-02-22

    I ordered this bong last sunday. I got it friday afternoon. 5 days from canada to texas!? Crazy fast delivery. Ive had places in the U.S. take longer to ship to me. This place is awesome. This piece was sooo worth the money. I got something very similar to what some of my friends have paid upwards of $300 for. Also, the packaging was great. There was so much bubble wrap and packing peanuts, that you could have thrown the box out of the delivery truck and it would have been just fine. They also included a free pipe which just like made my day. Im totally gonna order more from here. I was hesitant about this website at first, but not anymore. Anybody out there having second thoughts? Don't think. JUST DO IT.

  42. review by Francis on 2012-02-14

    I recently purchased this bong, and I just got it today. It only took about 6 days from Canada to NY. I am very pleased. It is the smoothest hitting bong I've ever used. Best price I could find, too. I will definitely be doing business with them again.

  43. review by young on 2012-02-14

    This is a sick bong, bought this 4 days ago and its here!!!!!! Looking to do more business in the near future.

  44. review by Fabian on 2012-02-09

    Bought one before and getting a new one, the downstem snapped inside the bong and cant use it anymore, hopefully this one will last longer. Overall great prices, plus I get a new pipe when it arrives. WIN WIN. Will write a detailed review once it arrives from Canada

  45. review by Cassandra on 2012-02-09

    I just got this in today from Canada! 2 days to Colorado?! Incredibly fast shipping, and a really amazing piece!! It is so smooth, like breathing air. The percs and diffused downstem are not only visually appealing but also offer amazing filtration. For the price I am more than satisfied and will be a return customer! THANK YOU BONGOUTLET (:

  46. review by Jorge on 2012-02-02

    I bought this bong 4 days ago, it arravied sooner than expected. I instlled my old ROOR downstream and gave her a littel boost by adding PERC. ASH CATCHER 18mm - CLEAR NG and a new bowl that i bought in a local store. Very nice bong hits really clean and looks really cool.

    Compre esta bonga, llego mas rapido de lo que pense. Le puse mi viejo "ROOR downstream"
    le puse un "PERC. ASH CATCHER 18mm - CLEAR NG " para una mejor fumada! le compre un bowl en una tienda de aqui! SUPER BUENA BONGA!

    Puerto RIco in the house =D
    Puertorro! en la casa!!

  47. review by Julian on 2012-01-19

    This is my baby it's so nice and smooth, one of the best bongs I've ever used I take massive hits and the ash catcher works perfectly keeps my piece so clean

  48. review by carter on 2011-10-17

    this is an awesome bong i cant wait to get this and smoke it with all of my freinds i have always wanted a perc bong and now i finally got 1 and for a good price

  49. review by david on 2011-09-10

    cant wait to buy something else from this site lots of good prices and great bongs

  50. review by Nate on 2011-09-04

    Fast shipping, took about 4 days to get here which is awesome. Very well packaged and discreet. 5 out of 5 for customer service alone, $60 (with the 5 dollars off) for the bong and free bowl. Best deal around.

    As for the bong itself, pretty thick glass. Not as thick as maybe a higher-end bong but definitely not the thin glass like you would normally find in a "cheaper" bong. The ashcatcher that is included is alright (a little small) but you really need watch how much water you put in there or you can soak your herb. I'm probably just going to drop money for a new ashcatcher and bowl. Smoothest hits ever with the percs. Can handle 3 or 4 ice cubes which makes it even better.

    It's a bitch to clean because of the percs but sooo worth it. I would easily pay double what I paid and still feel like i got a steal.

    The only problem I had was that I thought this piece had a diffuser. From the pictures it looks like the downstem has the slits but they are actually just for show. Not a big deal, just worth mentioning.

    The bowl with it is pretty neat looking, hits a little harsh and is very brittle. but the fact they threw that in there is so sick. Thanks Bong Outlet!

  51. review by Beverley on 2011-08-24

    Just got this bong today, took 7 days to get here but it was worth the wait! super smooth hits lovelovelove this! 5 stars for sure!

  52. review by Patrick on 2011-08-11

    Honestly I was skeptical about this piece, but mine just arrived in the mail 3 days after purchase plus I got a free pocket pipe, honestly this pipe is amazing, completely worth every cent, highly reccomend

  53. review by kelly on 2011-08-07

    Hands down one of the best water pipes iv ripped. Very smooth, Perks are very bubbly. Ash catcher could be a bit bigger, Recommended to buy one for it. Next to no drag.

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