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15 in. 3 x 3 fingers Percolator Rocket water bong - Green


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Quick Overview

Amazing unique rocket style chamber equipped with slitted 3 arms percs enable a perfect smooth hit each time. This bong made of 44mm high quality borosilicate glass tube. Stemless designed with the generous capacity 14mm matching color bowl.



- Height : 15"
- Quality Borosilicate Glass
- Tubet : 44mm
- Color : Green
- 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
- Color round base diameter : 4.5"
- Colored Bowl : 18mm
- Stemless
- Thickness : 5 mm
- 2 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 15 inches
Glass Thickness 5 mm
Tube Diameter 2"
Colors Green
Functions 3 tree arms Percolator, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Thick Bowl for 18 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type Stemless
Downstem Length No
Component Parts Body, Bowl

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  1. review by Leroy on 2014-09-05

    This bong is pretty rad! I spent at least a month researching various types and brands. This one really caught my eye and I just could not get it off my mind. This thing hits so hard for what it is! You can easy fill your lungs to capacity with this thing, and fill up a whole room with smoke in two hits. It keeps the smoke nice, cool, and mellow. No weird bumps on the mouth piece. Pretty solid structure and appearance.

    Holds a ton of ice but you have to have medium-small size cubes from a tray; I guess if you have a fridge that makes the crescent ones automatically they would probably fit perfectly in here. The ice catches are sort of all at an angle to cradle the ice and not let any slip past. The only problem with using ice is it melts and then you have too much water which causes back splash, it's pretty unavoidable. You can easily dump water out through the down tube, just slosh around the water a little bit in the rockets to get some h2o in the lower chamber again or you won't get the smoke to bubble up in the water. Not too inconvenient or a hassle unless you really don't like getting up.

    The bowl that comes with it is decently sized and deep too, and can stand up-right so you can set it down on a table and load it, or just hold it if you prefer. It's glass-on-glass to the bong which had me a bit worried at first, but it's not a problem just something to note. It really doesn't get to hot after being lit for a while. I thought it would be weird not having a handle to this bowl but it's actually kind of nice, more burly feel ha.

    I don't really bring this around anywhere because I feel like it would most certainly break. It's not that it's thin glass or doesn't feel strong enough, it's just that I'm sure it wouldn't take much to break one of the rockets off. I mean sure if you're going camping near by or on a boat/car it would be safe. But as for walking real far or rocky/hilly area I would be careful, because one slip on your back and it's probably done for. It would be pretty bad ass to see a girl pull this out of a purse or something. This would probably be safe in a gym bag that your lugging over to your friends house.

    I would definitely recommend this bong. It hits good, looks cool, isn't to big, it's really nice! Nobody is going to have this one so you don't have to bitch at your friend if they were to get the same one. Super cool company to deal with. This thing at a store would probably be like $300 maybe more.

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