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Quick Overview

Bright, colored accents on percolator and mouthpiece with matching color ashcatcher, this beaker base bong is from the Ghost Glass modern popular product line. This 17.5 inch tall beaker bong is handmade using high quality borosilicate glass, with a 45mm diameter tube, 3 layer 4-arm tree percolator, ice notches and a thick, colored mouthpiece at the top. This piece features matching color logo on the tube. A 14/18mm slitted diffuser downstem is included, along with a 14mm ashcatcher bowl.



- Quality Borosilicate Glass- Height : 17.5"
- Thickness : 5 mm
- 3 X 4 FINGERS Perculator
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- Diffused Downstem   5.5" / Neck Joint 18mm / Bowl Joint 14mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 17.5 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.75"
Colors Blue
Functions 4 tree arms Percolator, Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 5 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Ash catcher, Body, Downstem

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  1. First time buyer review by chantal on 2016-04-27

    First time buyer, was as described but couple of scratches were on it.

  2. bong hits EXTREMELY smooth, great quality review by James on 2015-11-03

    Packaging was great and shipped really fast. the bong itself is really nice. I wish the glass was more thick then it is and I felt the inside diameter of the neck/chamber (w/e you chose to call it) was larger. its about an 1-1/2" whereas 2"+ would have been better, but thats just being picky. Overall, bong hits EXTREMELY smooth, great quality and the blue color is perfect. Thanks Bong Outlet!!

  3. Discreet packaging and a really good product! review by Jack on 2015-09-17

    Everything came as advertised. Discreet packaging and a really good product!

  4. Mine just came in today and i love it review by Ariel on 2015-08-19

    Mine just came in today and i love it, smooth big hits everytime. I would like to upgrade the ash catcher but im a little nervous if they will all be to big for it and make it look weird.

  5. Fantastic bong review by Michelle on 2015-02-27

    Truly the smoothest drag I have ever taken. Fantastic bong. And it got here really fast. Love and I love ghost Glass

  6. the piece is a champ review by Journey on 2015-01-21

    The customer service was not all that great and it was a few days late, besides that the piece is a champ.

  7. Great for the money. Works great review by felicia on 2015-01-14

    I looove this piece. Great for the money. Works great. Nice and clean.

  8. Absolutely beautiful piece review by ben on 2014-12-02

    Absolutely beautiful piece sadly this review is written due to its accidental destruction, Ghost glass is very good quality with an exceptionally great price this is my third water pipe/bong purchased and i have only been joyous about my purchases from ghost. The ghost glass seems to offer extremely smooth hits a great smell and taste and a simple maneuverable strong design a classic piece

  9. Great first glass bong! review by amanda on 2014-11-26

    Great first glass bong! A little worried because of 3 percs but the drag isn't bad at all hits are so smooth especially if you use the ash catcher too!

  10. I am more than satisfied! review by Ben on 2014-11-13

    I'll keep this short and sweet. Was nervous about ordering a bong online but I am more than satisfied! One of the smoothest bongs I have ever hit and it's a very good looking piece as well! Thanks a lot bongoutlet you can bet I'll be ordering something else soon.

  11. This is the best bong for your review by Barry on 2014-11-03

    This is the best bong for your. Buck period the end. Fast shipping !!!! I love this bong smooth hits great for your herb deff recomend

  12. Not bad at all for my first glass bong review by Tyler on 2014-10-19

    Not bad at all for my first glass bong. It would be even better if it have a spash gaurd. Sometimes i dont realize how high the water is on the top perk because of the ice melting.

  13. it was amazing, very durable and high quality review by Dan on 2014-05-23

    Got the clear one of this for my brother and it was amazing, very durable and high quality. Very smooth hits, only bad thing is the water levels in the percs get messed up sometimes and the water can be pushed up from the ash catcher to the tobacco, but it is easy to learn how to prevent it. It is so great at the price that I am buying myself one.

  14. awesome bong worth every penny review by Nathan on 2014-04-27

    smoked my whole eighth in a day when this came in. water levels are definitely tricky in the percs. you can get milky hits every time without a harsh rip. the only thing is i wish it was a cylinder bong instead of a beaker so the smoke would snap faster when you clear it. awesome bong worth every penny

  15. it looks and performs like a champ review by Tanner on 2014-04-26

    I received my bong and immediately used it. Smoothest hits I had taken in a while, no drag, and an overall great experience. It may be cheap, but it looks and performs like a champ. I've never even tried it with ice yet and it's still easy to milk and clear without coughing.

  16. Cant wait until i get this sexy beast!! review by KeShawn on 2014-04-23

    Cant wait until i get this sexy beast!! i have heard nothing but good things about this bad boy tho!! GoodVibess

  17. This bong is by far the best bong for the price review by Bobbyann on 2014-04-22

    This bong is by far the best bong for the price. I definately recommend this website. I love this bong.

  18. Absolute best bang for your buck review by Andrew on 2014-04-07

    Came to the east coast in 7 business days. I challenge you to find a smoother hit for your dollar here. Absolute best bang for your buck, i might even say you could go one size smaller if you aren't into big rips. Unfortunately since I clean my bong all the time, i did leave the male piece in while pouring out the bong water and it dropped and broke right at the slits, but was able to make a clean break and it still hits great. I am going to use this slightly disappointing moment as an opportunity to upgrade the male piece to a 5 finger downstem so the world goes round. Oh and this piece came with a free little pipe, pretty dope, 5 stars, definitely will be using this site again!

  19. I had absolutely fallen in love with this piece review by Josh on 2014-03-17

    I had absolutely fallen in love with this piece. Everything about it was perfection. The free pipe was a kickass feature with the purchase. But I sadly broke it tonight while I was cleaning it for my first time ); I feel so depressed with having lost such a magnificent, beautiful and heart-holding piece. I feel dead inside. I had each day developed such a sexual and uniquely beautiful relationship with this bong. I hadn't named it anything sense I believed it deserved much more than that, more than just a stupid name. I have never felt so depressed in my life. Well the good news is only the beaker broke so it might be salvageable. So I went to walmart and got some epoxy glue. So anyways it's in the process of being glued back together. As of right now i'd say it's looking pretty good for the bong.

    Well anyways I loved the way this piece milked. The percs were amazing and perfect. Best quality you can get for sure. Using this piece was like breathing air. The price is unfucking-beatable. In the beginning I wanted to get the 19.5 in but then I was talked into believing that it was too big so then I was debating between the 14.5 in or this one. Evidently I chose this one. And I think it was the best choice in terms of size. I love the size of it. Its not too big. And i'm honestly really happy I got this piece instead of the 19.5 in and the 14.5 in. I'm actually even kind of happy I hadn't gone with 19.5 in. This bong gets 5 stars. It was too bad for the broken part of my experience but other than that everything was perfect. Bongoutlet is now my #1 fav glass site! Great experience and it took about.. I think 9 days to get all the way to Dallad TX. I definitely don't regret buying this piece even after it broke. Haha best week and a half of my life!

  20. Amazing piece hits great and great price.. customer service was also great review by jason on 2013-04-17

    Just received my piece today and I was nothing short of impressed. Amazing piece hits great and great price..this is my second purchase and I have zero complaints, I would definitely recommend this site to everyone I know that loves glass. On a side note customer service was also great I asked to switch out the ashcatcher for a different bowl and they did.

  21. Hearing all these 5 star reviews review by Tony on 2013-04-13

    Hearing all these 5 star reviews and great comments I can't WAIT till I get mine!!!!:D

  22. Excellent product review by Nicholas on 2013-04-12

    Excellent product for the price and got to the D quickly.

  23. Best bong I've ever smoked out of! review by Dietrich on 2013-04-05

    Best bong I've ever smoked out of! When I saw the price for this piece, I had to get it! Anyways I just got it today, and of course I had to try it out. I didn't even know I was smoking. After I cleared it, I just sat there is disbelief at how incredibly smooth it was. It you're gonna buy a bong, you have to get this one! For the price and how smooth it is, you absolutely can't go wrong. Thank you bongoutlet!

  24. awesome review by Josh on 2013-04-03

    Simply put, awesome. Second purchase i've made from bong outlet and have referred multiple times. for the price, can't beat it.

  25. Can't wait for this baby to arrive review by eddie on 2013-04-03

    Can't wait for this baby to arrive, had friends looking for the same piece and found one on glasscity for over $250, also purchased a perc ash catcher, overkill maybe but cleanliness is next to godlyness, enjoy and Jan bless

  26. best price review by Aaron on 2013-03-18

    read the reviews and checked on a lot of pricing best price for what i want cant wait for it to get in will buy again

  27. Thank you bong outlet!! review by Bobby on 2013-03-04

    I just recieved this in the mail today. As soon as I heard the mail truck pull up it was like Christmas morning. The box was extremely light weight so I was a little nervous if the order was correct. AMAZING!! Perfectly packed so no harm was done during its travel to USA. The little glass bowl that came with as a free gift is also real sweet. This bong hits like your sucking in air. I am now a long time customer. Thank you bong outlet!!

  28. great price for such a good piece of glass review by parker on 2013-02-28

    just ordered this and cant wait for it to come in. great price for such a good piece of glass. recommend this site to anyone

  29. i highly recommend this bong, very smooth review by Terri on 2013-02-25

    I bought this bong and it just came in the mail today, tried it out as soon as i got it and it was amazing. best bong i have yet. i have 6. i highly recommend this bong, very smooth.

  30. This bong was so cheap but review by jessica on 2013-02-25

    This bong was so cheap but rips hard blew other prices out of water

  31. My favorite glass ever, plus came with a nice FREE pipe review by Daniel on 2013-01-26

    Ordered it Wednesday, it got here to Georgia on Saturday, yes with express shipping. This is bye far the best glass I have. Hits so hard, but so smooth. My favorite glass ever, plus came with a nice FREE pipe. Already looking for next purchase. Thanks bong, customer for life.

  32. best bong ever for this price review by mike on 2013-01-14

    best bong ever for this price cant go wrong plus it took 4-5 days to get here

  33. I'd recommend this piece and this website to a friend. review by Marshall on 2013-01-14

    Love the thing, just got here a few days ago. Rip it all the time, friends love it because it hits so smooth. I'd recommend this piece and this website to a friend.

  34. I have only heard good things about this place review by dustin on 2013-01-11

    I am waiting for this still to come but I am very excited! I have only heard good things about this place. I really like how you are able to track your package. This makes it easier to wait for it in the mail. Please come faster.

  35. GREAT GREAT GLASS!!! review by Marcel on 2013-01-09

    GREAT GREAT GLASS!!!...very nice piece to handle, very thick....hits like a pro...NO DRAG...cant beat this for under a bill folks....great service...great site!!

  36. Can't wait review by Susan on 2013-01-01

    Ordered this piece on Sunday ... Can't wait till it gets here

  37. Great piece, really fast shipping review by Nathan on 2012-12-03

    Great piece, really fast shipping. Hits like a champ, would order again.

  38. hits great, fast shipping review by Steven on 2012-12-03

    this is a great piece, hits great, fast shipping. I will deff get more pieces from them

  39. Good investment for sure review by Bridger on 2012-11-23

    This thing takes care of the job, no doubt. People are asking me if its a Illadelph!
    Good investment for sure.

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