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Quick Overview

Bright, colored accents on percolator and mouthpiece with matching color ashcatcher, this beaker base bong is from the Ghost Glass modern popular product line. This 17.5 inch tall beaker bong is handmade using high quality borosilicate glass, with a 45mm diameter tube, 3 layer 4-arm tree percolator, ice notches and a thick, colored mouthpiece at the top. This piece features matching color logo on the tube. A 14/18mm slitted diffuser downstem is included, along with a 14mm ashcatcher bowl.


- Quality Borosilicate Glass - Height : 17.5"
- Thickness : 5 mm
- 3 X 4 FINGERS Perculator
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- Diffused Downstem   5.5" / Neck Joint 18mm / Bowl Joint 14mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 17.5 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.75"
Colors Green
Functions 4 tree arms Percolator, Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 5 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Ash catcher, Body, Downstem
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. This bong is amazing review by Jerika on 2016-10-30

    this bong is amazing and has been so good to me for a least a year now!

  2. Great product! review by Dyllon on 2016-10-17

    Great product rips like a charm and always smooth. love the thick glass and it's vert sturdy.

  3. Absolutely fell in love review by Melanie on 2016-05-09

    Absolutely fell in love right when I received this bong. I am so happy with my purchase. The ash catcher is a very nice additional as well. And you cannot beat the price!!

  4. The bong itself is amazing review by Jake on 2015-06-27

    The bong itself is amazing, i would recommend it because of its price, but i would suggest maybe a different bowl, as this one for me atleast pulled alot through into the bongwater, each perc does help so make sure you get water into each one! Keep it clean!

  5. Absolute beast! review by Tim on 2015-06-03

    Absolute beast! The smoothest hitting piece I've ever owned!!

  6. its great hits nice and smooth review by DJ on 2015-02-03

    Bought this while back and its great hits nice and smooth got the ash catcher too itas awesome.think I might the 4 percs next. Thanks bongoutlet smokey trails-DJ

  7. this bong hits amazing review by nick on 2015-01-14

    this bong hits amazing i hit out of it day and clean it everyday

  8. Thanks bong outlet!!! review by Jessica on 2014-12-07

    I would just like to say this bong is amazing! I just received it today and it's great, it's a great price. It took about 1-2 weeks to ship for standard shipping though. Which isn't bad at all. I was doubtful about ordering from this site because it was sooo cheap, but I'm glad I trusted it!! Amazing price, amazing bong, and I got a free bowl with a pack of screens as a free gift!! Thanks bong outlet!!! _333

  9. I love it review by Robert on 2014-05-27

    I love it. It's the perfect size and the hits are so smooth feels like im just sucking in airfree shipping took 10 days total to Denver Co I hate it how long it took but considering the Canadian holiday and Memorial Day he got here pretty fast but next time I'm doing the overnight shipping. overall I'm satisfied and I was skeptical at first too took me a month before I actually had the courage to buy cuz I had no idea about this website it looks too good to be true (but its not) I bought it along with the 11 arm 14 to 14 percolating ash catcher and oh my god it is so wonderful I will buy from here again in fact my next order is already ready :-)

    O p.s. the free pipe and screens Are awesomeI didn't expect it to be a color changer so that was cool

  10. smokes like a dream review by DOLORES on 2014-05-21

    got it in yesterday got here in three days smokes like a dream and for the price way worth it

  11. It rips so nice review by jodi on 2014-05-09

    It rips so nice, its like hitting ice, very cold smoke and the only bad thing is its a bit hard to fill perfect but id buy a again :)

  12. Can't beat the price for this quality bong review by Jacob on 2014-04-25

    This thing is absolutely beautiful and hits like a dream. I would 100% suggest it to anyone. Amazing. Can't beat the price for this quality bong.

  13. This bong is absolutely amazing! review by George on 2014-04-23

    I got my bong this morning. Its Wednesday and my order was shipped on Monday! I'm in Texas! his bong is absolutely amazing! The glass is thick and feels very sturdy. The color is transparent enough to let you see the bubbling both on the bong and on the ash catcher it comes with. I also got the 11 finger ash catcher to go with it and it looks sick! Only problem was my free gift came in broken. But within 15 minutes of notifying bongoutlet, they took care of me. It took me 2 weeks to decide to get this bong. That was far too long.

  14. Awesome piece review by John on 2014-04-18

    Awesome piece got here quick really really smooth hits from the one

  15. I give it an 11/10. review by Hayleigh on 2014-04-04

    Oh my god. I couldn't wait to get this piece. Only took five days to be deliverd and let me tell you, i was not disappointed. Its beautiful and the colors perfect. it also has really nice thick glass. I'd buy one kn every color if i had the chance. I give it an 11/10.

  16. Great piece review by Barry on 2014-03-25

    Great piece. It got here very fast. I upgraded from an old thin glass water pipe. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the water levels on this piece. I would suggest getting reusable plastic ice cubes because the ice melting messes up the water levels but other than that it's AMAZING.

  17. Beautiful piece. Hits like heaven review by Chad on 2014-03-06

    After I broke my old piece, I decided to upgrade to this beast. Beautiful piece. Hits like heaven.

  18. Great water pipe review by Zachary on 2013-04-28

    Great water pipe when I received it it was broken the bottom perk I sent them emails I'm hoping they will replace it otherwise very nice I ordered the 5 finger diffused down stem hits great super smooth !i also ordered the thick walled bowl also awesome can't wait to smoke them!

  19. really awesome for the price review by Davey on 2013-04-27

    it's like you're not even taking a hit, really awesome for the price in comparison to what the local shops charge. water seems to creep up the percs, but it's my first perc piece so maybe it's user error, sort of annoying to keep having to mess with it, but it hits so great it's worth it even if its not user error.

    The only criticism I have is the ash catcher, it's really sort of like a cheap bubbler, gets the bottom of the bowl wet almost everytime, it does its job, but will be looking to replace it asap, but it gives a reason to place another order with these guys because the products and prices are outstanding and the shipping is good for the price, ordered it early Thurs, received in the mail the following Friday

  20. This bong is amazing! review by Desmond on 2013-04-23

    This bong is amazing! I was VERY happy with my purchase. It hits smooth, and has almost no drag at all. The only bad thing about this bong is that the bowl had very thin glass, and it broke really easy. Its also a bitch to clean. -.-
    Other than that, I have no complaints. If youre looking for a good bong, for a great price, look no further. BUY FROM BONGOUTLET.CA!!

  21. definitely a nice bong, quality glass, quality price, and great shipping for a Canadian website review by Thomas on 2013-04-19

    Recently purchased this along with the 14/14 green inline ash catcher and two packs of juicy j assorted rolling papers.

    First of all, within 45 minutes of placing the order I received multiple emails and notifications telling me my order has been processed, and shipped! The expected day of arrival was the next day. Talk about service

    Since I live local to the store I didn't expect a hell of alot of bubble wrap.

    When I opened the box I got a free pipe which was real nice to see, and screens aswell. The only problem was that the rolling papers I ordered only came with one pack :( So Im waiting from an email from bongoutlet. As for the piece itself, It didn't take me long to set up the water levels, but its an amazing hit, wow the best way to describe it would be breathing air, my first two hits were without any ice, and it was unbelievable. 8/10 Overall, but definitely a nice bong, quality glass, quality price, and great shipping for a Canadian website.

  22. definitely recommend this bong review by John on 2013-03-26

    Got this piece in 4 days!!! WOW!!! This piece is really thick and well worth the money, not to mention you get a free pipe with it that just as nice. The products from this company are not just cheap glass, they really have taken their time to make sure all the fine details have been added. All I can say is wow. this is my first glass piece and i am highly impressed for the price. I would definitely recommend this bong.

  23. bongoutlet exceeded my expectation review by Siobhan on 2013-03-25

    bongoutlet exceeded my expectation delivery from Toronto Canada to Salem Oregon USA only took five days the bong well made and definitely worth the money. Will definitely shop again. The free pipe and screens are great to.

  24. AMAZED!!! review by Joel on 2013-03-15

    One word: AMAZED!!! More words:

    Ground shipping from Canada to US took only 4 business days to Colorado. Packaged with quality as well as being a QUALITY product it self. This is more than I could have asked for for what this cost. The thickness is pretty nice on this too. Will definitely buy again soon!!! Pipe and screens were a pretty cool extra! you guys are AWESOME!!!

  25. Highly recommend!!!! review by Dani on 2013-03-11

    Amazing! I ordered this bong and I got it one week later. It came with a free pipe and free screens also! Thanks! The percs are smaller than I thought, but that honestly doesn't matter. It looks super dope, and the hits are SO smooth. Its just like breathing in air :)
    Awesome purchase. Seriously, you guys have the best prices. It came quickly and there was no hassle at all. Highly recommend!!!!

  26. This is amazing ! review by Angela on 2013-03-02

    This is amazing ! Fast Shipping it took around 5 days, Best investment eve. This thing is soo smooth, and I love it. Really cheap, and good quality. Also I loved the free pipe and screens that it came with. Size is perfect for me, and those percs, they make the different, they definitely do their job. Best Website out there. Looking forward to buy again !

  27. I had the 14" two perc version review by Nathan on 2013-02-21

    I had the 14" two perc version of this before, so I know this one will be just as awsome, or maybe even better? We will see.

  28. If u want a good quality bong cheap, i suggest getting this review by Logan on 2013-02-15

    I guess I'll start with shipping. I bought the 4-10day shipping and it came in 5 days, i was extremely thrilled it came on valentines day x). I bought the 1x6 green percolator ash catcher with it, and oh man does this thing rip! The percolators were smaller than i expected, it makes sense tho because there isnt the greatest amount of space in bong. But this thing can TOKE, I was the only person in my group of friends who could handle this bong like it's there bitch. If your gonna buy this cheap bong, i highly recommend buying the ash catcher with it, because everything is so cheap anyways! This set up is worth probably 200-250 at a regular store, and I got it for 130. If u want a good quality bong cheap, i suggest getting this and shipping wasnt bad either!

  29. Great bong super smooth ! review by Jesse on 2013-02-13

    Great bong super smooth ! It the perfect height for couch and token. Great glass work

  30. its great for the money, would buy again! review by kyle on 2013-01-25

    not bad for the price, gets dirty tho, plus the bowl gets some weed wet, but overall its great for the money, would buy again!

  31. you can't beat this price review by Eric on 2013-01-25

    I ordered mine early in the afternoon and I had recieved notification that it was shipped that same day! Plus you can't beat this price, I've seen similar ones in headshops for $150+

  32. very happy customer review by Chris on 2013-01-23

    ordered this piece on a saturday night and it was shipped monday morning and got here that next friday. when it arrived the packaging went beyond my expectations. very minimum drag, glass is very sturdy the beaker base is strong and wide. love love LOVE it! ashcatcher is clutch. very happy customer. going to purchase an inline diffuser here shortly for it. would extremely consider this water bong

  33. Hits SUPER smooth with very little drag! review by stan on 2013-01-05

    Hits SUPER smooth with very little drag! It feels very solid too. For the price I have zero complaints, and the free pipe made my day. I would recomend glass screens though.

  34. this thing is amazing review by Gavin on 2012-12-16

    this thing is amazing. it rips hard. the smoke gets broken up so it goes down nice especally if you have ice. the ice cathcer is a great add on and is incredibly easy to clean. i just bought this bong and usually clean my bong after two times of using them. this bong as a whole is super easy to clean and rinse out. plenty of rrom at the top for tons of ice to cool off the smoke. unbeatable price. amaizng shipping too. i live on the west coast of the U.S. and i got it in about 4 days. which was shipped internationally!!! my advice is to order one as soon as possible! best money spent of your life!

  35. great service and very fast shipping review by Taylor on 2012-12-11

    purchused this today and it has already shipped. great service and very fast shipping

  36. Came quickly and looks sweet! review by Steve on 2012-12-01

    Came quickly and looks sweet! Bowl is a pretty good size too which is a plus

  37. Unbeatable price for a good quality bong review by Sam on 2012-11-27

    I like to compare this to my previous Volcano piece, it's about the same thickness and is of comparable quality, but I'm somewhat disappointed by the bowl joint, which is a 14, while the neck joint is the full 18 mm, but I just ordered an 18 mm ashcatcher and bought a downstem from my local head shop, which still leaves the grand total of this bong under $100. Unbeatable price for a good quality bong, but like I said, the 14 mm bowl joint is just a tease.

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