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Quick Overview

Bright, colored accents on percolator and mouthpiece with matching color ashcatcher, this beaker base bong is from the Ghost Glass modern popular product line. This 19.5 inch tall beaker bong is handmade using high quality borosilicate glass, with a 45mm diameter tube, 4 layer 4-arm tree percolator, ice notches and a thick, colored mouthpiece at the top. This piece features matching color logo on the tube. A 14/18mm slitted diffuser downstem is included, along with a 14mm ashcatcher bowl.


- Quality Borosilicate Glass
- Height : 19.5"
- Thickness : 5 mm
- 4 X 4 FINGERS Perculator
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- Diffused Downstem   5.5" / Neck Joint 18mm / Bowl Joint 14mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 19.5 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.75"
Colors Blue
Functions 4 tree arms Percolator, Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 5 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Ash catcher, Body, Downstem
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. Sturdy well crafted review by Julien on 2016-10-28

    a sturdy well crafted percolator rig- easy to clean and use- the price seems incredibly low for such a nice piece .

  2. review by Kashmir on 2015-11-27

    This was my first order from bongo and its the reason I use this site for all my glass needs. The one I purchased was considered "as-is" and there was a very minor mark in the glass but was hardly noticeable. This showed me the fine quality they hold in their products.

  3. review by Ethan on 2015-11-02

    I love this piece, it's my absolute favorite and I have had it for almost two years now and its famous amoungst my friend group. Definitely worth getting

  4. review by Nick on 2015-04-15

    A few months to a year back, I bought the same bong but with one less finger set on it. I fell in love with it and, unfortunately, it had to meet its last days.

    NOW_ I upgraded to this BEAUTY! Still hits like a dream and looks JUST as sexy as the 3-Finger set! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. review by Joshua on 2015-03-17

    Where can I start the piece is amazing wonderful quality , shipping was fast and products were packed very safe 100% bad ass well worth the money !!!

  6. review by Stephen on 2015-03-06

    I am so pleased with my order! It did take a while to get to my house in Knoxville, from Canada, but it was NOT over the deadline. May have been the last day, but they kept their word! And don't even get me started on my new piece!! It's beautiful. Hits so amazing and so smooth, I couldnt believe it. I bought it for $115, but I wouldn't let it go for ANY less than $'s incredible. And the free bowl that came with it was a great addition too! I will DEFINITELY be ordering again and also recommending this site to my friends. Stay happy!

  7. review by Nick on 2015-01-17

    waiting for this dope looking peice cant wait!! Hoping it hits supper smooth like every one ses

  8. review by Kevin on 2014-06-17

    I'm waiting for this amazing piece in the mail and I honestly cannot wait for this thing. It looks like a beast and with all of the the perk's the hits will be very smooth.

  9. review by Charlie on 2014-04-03

    Just received this and holy **** it is so nice looking. I also got the inline percolator, another bowl, and a grinder. Took 3 days from Monday to Atlanta. I was so excited about the bong that I completely forgot about the grinder and was even more excited when I remembered! Even got a nice a free bowl, much bigger than the usual small spoon pipe, but it's free so I am not complaining! Thank you bong outlet!

  10. review by Terrance on 2014-03-29

    Bongoutlet is the best site on the internet. If you were thinking of buying something save yourself sometime and just do it already. This is the 4th time I've gotten stuff from this site and it is always worth it. Got a sick free bowl too

  11. review by Ben on 2014-03-26

    Incredible piece for the price! Provides a great hit! Would recommend to anyone looking for a water pipe.

  12. review by Ryan on 2014-03-04

    Ive ordered three bongs ranging in size (23in,11in,19.5in)this is by far my favorite!!! Not only does it give tremendous tokes their mind blowingly mellow hits with a couple ice cubes I finally achieved a perfect hit!!! It also looks Awesome!!! Ordered on fri came on tues which is really cool!! Base is wider than pictured. Now I just gotta name it!!!

  13. review by Trevor on 2013-10-28

    Bought it from all the great reviews, can't wait until it gets here to test it out myself.

  14. review by Mark on 2013-10-22

    This thing rips!! The percs do their job and its pretty sturdy!! Completely worth every dime. Satisfied customer for sure!

  15. review by Gianfranco on 2013-10-16

    Hits really well, its a great buy. Worth the money, and also they ship it very quick! So you'll be enjoying it in a blink of an eye!

  16. review by Dwight on 2013-09-12

    Love my new glass!! Got it a day early and its no doubt the best bong ive owned. Real smooth rips, I highly recommend this fine piece

  17. review by Jairo on 2013-09-05

    Best bong u can ever get this is my pride and joy its my bby. It takes really good milky clean hits the best bong with the best price. Thank you

  18. review by Smokey on 2013-08-26

    I love this bong to death! so slick with the blue tree perks, the asscatch bowl is really swell

  19. review by Daniel on 2013-06-26

    Waiting for this piece to come looking sick with this inline I ordered to.

  20. review by Russell on 2013-06-21

    Great shipping, as usual. Bong is so smooth. couldnt wait to get this bong. Its tall and narrow. Fits my hand like a glove and I can smoke it sitting down. Great stuff bongoutlet

  21. review by Stephen on 2013-05-03

    I was very thrilled to get this piece. Hits so smoothe and is a great price. Shipping took about 5 buisness days they also added a free bowl. Has a little drag with ash catcher attachd but besides that i love this new piece

  22. review by Alex on 2013-03-11

    It's almost like you're breathing nice cool air when you smoke out of it.

    Cleaning is a little hassle, but once you get the hang of it, it's not all bad. When you fill it up with water i recommend you fill the top percolator section to half - 3/4 of the way and that will suffice.

    You do have to be careful when you set this down as the bottom is pretty thin, but the rest of the bong is solid.

    Shipping for me in the middle of the U.S. took 6 days, ordered on sun and received on sat. The shipping info was titled "One Internet Sales" with "Glass" tape along the outside of the box.

    Everything in the box was wrapped with 1 layer of bubble wrap and taped. Then, packing peanuts were added.

    Shipping - 5/ 5
    Packaging - 5 / 5
    Wrapping\Protection - 3 / 5
    Bong w/Bowl - 4 / 5
    Extras: 5 / 5
    Total: 4.6 / 5
    Would i recommend this product to a fellow friend: Yes!

  23. review by Carter on 2013-02-10

    This piece is a fantastic buy in every aspect. It is quality glass and there is not a better bargain. I also bought a 12 slit inline ash catcher along with this, and it is very smooth. Highly suggest this piece

  24. review by Robert on 2013-02-01

    Just ordered one looking forward to smooth hits!!! Great great price wont find one with such good quality this cheap it's worth every penny!!!

  25. review by Bobby on 2013-01-29

    A very good price considering the length and amount of percs built in! makes for a very smooth hit, buy it!

  26. review by William on 2013-01-05

    nice size, hits great and really smooth, love the ice notches and percs... there is some drag, but it's not a problem. there is no splash guard on the top perc, which is 4 or 5 inches from your face, so you have to be careful about having too much water, but it's not hard to figure out. i like thicker glass, but 5mm gets the job done. great piece, price can't be beat, great customer service, will shop here again.

  27. review by Jayson on 2012-12-24

    It's awsome! So much percolation. Real smooth! It's kinda big but reealy good. I love the ashcatcher. Highly recommended

  28. review by ray on 2012-11-26

    just recieved my order today it was a day earlier than i had expected givin the holiday season, i am very pleased with it, i will be making further oders from this site

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