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Quick Overview

Bright, colored accents on percolator and mouthpiece with matching color ashcatcher, this beaker base bong is from the Ghost Glass modern popular product line. This 19.5 inch tall beaker bong is handmade using high quality borosilicate glass, with a 45mm diameter tube, 4 layer 4-arm tree percolator, ice notches and a thick, colored mouthpiece at the top. This piece features matching color logo on the tube. A 14/18mm slitted diffuser downstem is included, along with a 14mm ashcatcher bowl.


- Quality Borosilicate Glass
- Height : 19.5"
- Thickness : 5 mm
- 4 X 4 FINGERS Perculator
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- Diffused Downstem   5.5" / Neck Joint 18mm / Bowl Joint 14mm
- 3 Pieces

Additional Information

Brands Ghost Glass
Materials Glass Water Bongs
Size / Height 19.5 inches
Glass Thickness 4.4 mm
Tube Diameter 1.75"
Colors Green
Functions 4 tree arms Percolator, Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher
Bowl Type / Size Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size 18 mm Female Joint
Downstem Type 6 slits Diffused Downstem
Downstem Length 5 1/2 inches (18mm >> 14 mm)
Component Parts Ash catcher, Body, Downstem
Shelves N/A
Section N/A

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  1. Awesome Value review by Alex on 2017-05-21

    I had this bong since January 2013 and I finally decided to let it go. It lasted through near daily consistent use. It had some gunk accumulate in the hard to clean corners. But for the most part a wash with alcohol or glass cleaner did the job. The top perc broke one night for no reason. It was attached one second and then the next we heard the glass clinking inside. Even after that it lasted another 2 years. Felt it was time to upgrade. Otherwise it still works perfectly fine.

  2. review by Dominic on 2015-08-20

    "Wow!" Totally Outrageous!

    (1) Super Clean Filtered Hits With Ash Catcher!
    (2) Wild To Display And Share With My friends!
    (3) Great Low Price!
    (4) Great Protective Packaging!
    (5) Rapid Delivery!

    This Entire Experience With Bong Outlet Makes
    Me A Totally Satisfied And Excited New Customer!

  3. review by Mason on 2015-08-10

    Excellent bong! Came 2 days early and I couldn't be happier with it. Would recommend to anyone.

  4. review by Jacob on 2015-02-21

    Ok so I purchased this bong and the shipping was great!! Took 5 days to Arkansas. The tracking sucked though. After inspection it was an overall nice peace. Some of the holes in the fingers of the perculator were not cut thoroughly and the glass at the base was SUPER thin. Also had a nice glass on glass fit. I recommend the extra perculator that is for sale. I will comment there as well. Good luck!!!

  5. review by jesse on 2014-07-11

    VERY satisfied!! Exactly what i was needing. all my friends think its a 200$+ bong, hits like a champ

  6. review by jay on 2014-05-24

    very nice bong. works great. this is the perfect height for me but it is hard to dry completely if you are going to put it in storage for a while. other than that it is great quality and i say buy it. also ships fast. thumbs up guys.

  7. review by jason on 2014-04-04

    very nice bong hit with this bong is nice and the price are good with nice gift !!

  8. review by Michael on 2013-11-08

    This is a good solid bong. Really cool having all those percolators in there. Pretty easy to clean too. Just epson salt and iso and it cleans right up. Good buy.

  9. review by Gianfranco on 2013-10-16

    The green gives it a great color! This one is my favorite, and if you add some accessories it gets even better. Worth every penny, no doubt. It is truly a work of art! Perfection!!!

  10. review by Curtis on 2013-09-17

    Got this the other day, shipping was decent. customs was buttholes but it got here in a timely manner. hits super great ... as always with these kinds of ash catchers, id get another 1... the smoke stays in there. but an amazing piece!!!

  11. review by Jeremy on 2013-09-07

    Just got my piece today, clean no scratches nice beefy construction, Hits very smooth and clears very nice. I highly recommend this to anyone on a budget. The ash catcher is perfect for a couple people, I suggest a larger add on piece for more than 3 people.

  12. review by heather on 2013-08-18

    I love this bong. great for the price, love the color availability. The percs are awesome. i am very upset though, on the second day i was flipping a bowl and the bowol piece broke. very sad

  13. review by Enrique on 2013-08-03

    The bong took 5 days to arrive in Cali, the packaging was very discret and packaged very well nothing was broken when I received it. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. The pipe it inclued it very cool too! I like it a lot ha. But I have the bong for 2 days now and I can say that I'm very glade I got it. The only two things I have to say bad is the ash catcher is not the best I recommend order a new one, and also when I first say the bong the was a lot of random scatches but doesn't affect and the performance! Thanks bong outlet!

  14. review by Justo on 2013-07-26

    This is definitely a different looking bong in person. I almost completely don't like it. In this picture the perks look slimmer/skinnier (Better). In person the perks compared to the overall bong make it look kind of stupid. They're much larger, making it not such a good buy. Not to mention the whole base of this thing is so poorly blown that I see how crooked my stem comes out every time I hit this thing along with everyone else. They all been saying these people must have been DRUNK making this bong. Its pretty messed up, the base is seriously horribly blown now looking at it completely just a f*** up job. Not to mention the arrangement of these stupid looking perculators. Everybody should notice that, theirs not a bit of style or just anything wit how they arranged the perks. I'm about to break this crappy bong and make my own from my lazer eye F***in vision.
    Though this is still a fantastic hitting piece without water in it. If you suck really slow with even a little water the smoke rises to the top. If you do the same thing without water the smoke doesn't even leave the base till that thing is filled. Its dope dope dope for sure. Smoking with water almost sucks sense its a humid hit yadadadadadadadadadaadaaadda ~ the bay bin laden

  15. review by Carson on 2013-07-12

    Great piece, came pretty quick and not broken! Only concern is the ash catcher, it still lets some ash into the bong so maybe another bowl or replacement ash catcher would really make this piece amazing. Very happy with purchase overall

  16. review by avi on 2013-07-09

    great bong definitely recommend this site. good quality glass.

  17. review by Marie on 2013-07-09

    Its beautiful
    only problem alot of scratches!!!& tracker never updated
    other wise thanks bongoutlet...(wish I could give 4-1/2 but oh well)

    ohh & only took 5 days, with the 4th too so shipping was fast...

    will be back !!! :)

  18. review by Bruce on 2013-06-29

    Piece just arrived today, looks great and i can only imagine since its so tall with so much percolation/diffusion is even a bigger ripper. You cant beat the price for this product. Sadly it came with a few cracks at the bottom beaker with some morphage because USPS wasnt kind to my package. But emailed them and within 10 mins got a reply and in a few hours had another replacement too me. Great customer service! But bottom beaker does seem a tad thin so dont set it down too hard or continuously put it on a glass/hard surface constantly.

  19. review by Keanu on 2013-02-14

    awesome looking bong 4 percs! cant wait till it gets here!

  20. review by zeb on 2013-02-07

    great piece real smooth just feel that glass is a lil thin

  21. review by Derek on 2013-01-16

    Great bong, came in 4 days. for the price you cant beat it! also got a free stone bob marley pipe with it bong outlet hooks it up!

  22. review by Bryan on 2013-01-13

    This peice is by far the best I've ever hit/seen in my life an the price is unbeatable. I seen one with 3 percs at a head shop for 200 an the free bowl was an awesome gift. I'm filling my shopping cart next order :) . Smoke on...

  23. review by John on 2013-01-11

    I order this exact piece on the second day, it processed on the third day. Took only 7 days for it to reach me and i live in California.
    This Bong hits hard and really smooth. It has a nice heavy weight to it, very thick, well worth the money.
    The ash catcher is light, but it works perfectly with the bong.
    I highly recommend it.

  24. review by Nuzzers on 2013-01-06

    This is a great piece and at really good price. Something like this would be over $200 in my area, so I'm thankful for this awesome deal!

  25. review by Ankush on 2013-01-05

    Great piece for the value and rips smoothly. Arrived promptly after the holiday traffic and nothing was wrong. They even threw in a free bowl :). I would definitely order glass from them again, shipped to southeast US btw within about 5-6 business days (holiday season though)

  26. review by Dando on 2012-12-22

    Amazing Piece for the price! You won't find anything like it in the shops for under 150. Thick glass, probably 5mm. Don't hesitate buying.

    bad - the etchings in the trees were not completely cut through on a couple. Also on mine the place where u put the downstem is somewhat off center. Ashcatcher is no bueno because stale smoke constantly sits in it, i'd recommend a different precooler.

  27. review by Christopher on 2012-12-21

    For the price you can't beat it, I'm going to add another ash catcher/percolator just for shots an giggles, I'm 6'2" and I have to extend my arms a little to fire it up, you get the feelin of " this is how tabacco should be smoke" crowd pleaser for sure

  28. review by Matt on 2012-12-20

    Such a great piece, especially for the price! Hits so smooth! This bong is unbelievable and unbeatable! The best piece I've ever owned. The only flaw is that it has a little drag to it, but still amazing!

  29. review by Alex on 2012-12-05

    This is probly the best glass I have ever bought.. And the price? No one can even come close, on a 4 perc bong! I mean look around the website. If your getting. Bong I suggest u put this at the top of ur list! Awesome awesome awesome... I will be back for more, thank you!

  30. review by Robert on 2012-12-03

    Bong is great, hits smooth even with mids. Fantastic product!

  31. review by Steven on 2012-11-30

    This is a fantastic piece for a great price. I recommend that you buy this. Hits like a champ

  32. review by Eric on 2012-11-28

    Great product for the price! hits really hard but really smooth

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