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This bong is now upgraded to 27" [GHOST] 4 X 6 FINGERS PERC. Glass Bong - Green - Height : 26" - Color : Clear Body and GREEN Tree - Ash Catcher (14mm) & Ice Catcher - 4 Percolator with 6 Fingers - Diffused Downstem    Total Length : 6.5" / Joint Length : 6"    Neck Joint : 18mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm - Thickness : 5.5 mm - Glass Tube Diameter : 50 mm - 3 Pieces Description Dare to try to smoke with this extraordinarily sized and very well made 6 arms tree percolator bong from Ghost Glass. This beaker base water pipe features both coloring and clear glass components. The mouthpiece, ashcatcher bowl, and tree percs are all in colored glass, whereas another part is made of clear glass. The four layer six arms tree percs add optimum filtration while the ice pinch feature improves any user's smoking experience. 5.5mm quality borosilicate glass and a stable beaker bottom make it tough and resilient. The Ghost Glass logo is printed in high gloss silver along the tube.

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Brands No
Materials N/A
Size / Height N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Tube Diameter N/A
Colors N/A
Functions N/A
Bowl Type / Size N/A
Pipe Body Joint Type / Size N/A
Downstem Type N/A
Downstem Length N/A
Component Parts N/A
Shelves N/A
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  1. review by Rachel on 2015-07-06

    Great gets you mad high, hits amazing. Great bongs on this site

  2. review by Francesco on 2014-11-19

    smokes great, awesome piece. totally worth 200 dollars

  3. review by micael on 2014-11-12

    I dont really want this product Since I am not able to get the money back for the item I purchased for my friend's bday which I didn't receive but... I would like to get this bong instead since the original order was for my friend's preference I would be a completely overjoyed and satisfied customer and will continue shopping here if I received this bong instead I would feel very happy and excited and satisfied with this service outcome and hopefully the company will be able to send this bong instead of the one. I had to buy another one from a local store but I never received the bong from bong outlet so push came to shove they didn't want to give me my money back since I didn't have the original receipt from the local store .. by that time I finally met up with the owner and he gave me a written receipt because the system didn't go as far back as 0CT 3rd during that whole escapade I bought another bong from the local store just because I do that alot and now i dont want the bong that was originally purchased I want this other one I copy linked I believe with my $11 of discount coupon and the 11.10 current credit with an additional 20 credits for writing a review when received weeks of unfinshed satisfaction I was hoping u guys would cover the small remainder balance.with the conclusion of solely satisfaction and happiness from having a terrible time with fighting for wat was payed for but wasn't received I feel like I'll be very happy and satisfied if you guys issue this other bong i copy linked in my purchase or let me pay the remainder left over instead of giving me the original purchase because It was for a friend once again this one is going to be mine if u make this happen we will love the service and will be repeating customers for years to come I posted good because they should be able to fulfill my expectations to be as good as they lead me to believe and I don't want to be let down I really want this one for myself make me 100% satisfied and loyal again

  4. review by Tommy on 2014-09-18

    I received this piece a few days earlier than expected which is obviously great! It was packed extremely well with nothing broken upon arrival which is a fear of mine and I consequently don't buy very much glass online because of it. The neck of the bong with the percolators is very nice thick glass however the beaker bottom feels thin and rather fragile compared to the neck and downstem. The ashcather that it comes with has no flat side so you aren't able to set it down anywhere really except the bong. With a piece of this size I would prefer an 18-18mm downstem instead of the 18-14mm for better airflow after pulling the bowl and this is strictly personal preference. This piece hits so clean and cool it feels like ones taking a huge breath of air every time. If you need a massive bong to impressive your friends, this is definitely a good buy for the price.

  5. review by marco on 2014-09-12

    This thing is awesome!!!!!! Nice heavy duty glass. Rips amazingly! I also purchased an inline perc ash catcher which adds to the smoothness of the GHOST. I'll recommend this water bong to Anyone looking to purchase a nice piece. Also the shipping was fast and cheap! Took only a week!!! Bongoutlet.can really hooked it up with Free gifts! A cool little bowl, screens and a plastic grinder. Keep it up guys!

  6. review by Sergio on 2014-05-09

    What better way to celebrate then with this bad boy. ;)

  7. review by Michael on 2014-05-06

    One of the best bongs I've ever owned. It hits extremely smooth and is huge! Real piece of artwork! Delivery was quick and speedy and they even threw in a nice surprise!

    Big thanks to you guys kill it!

  8. review by Caleb on 2014-04-22

    Love it. Works perfectly and hits smooth. Best bong ever.

  9. review by Evan on 2014-03-15

    Absolutely love this piece! A little annoying to clean but works beautifully.

  10. review by Reiner on 2014-02-27

    I love this piece. Its simply amazing. I decided to name it the angel because it is the smoothest piece I've ever hit.

  11. review by Moe on 2014-02-26

    If you were considering this bong, all I can say is it is the best bong I have EVER smoked from before. Well worth the money, and durable. Sadly, at this point all of the fingers on the percs have snapped, due do myself knocking it over into a STEEL 20lb WEIGHT! At some point I will buy another big beautiful Ghost piece. If you do, you will not be disappointed.

  12. review by Lance on 2013-10-28

    Simply put... MONEY WELL SPENT!! Ok, so at first I was sceptical. Amazing piece, one of a kind price, and fast delivery!? From Canada!? Boy was I proven wrong. I ordered everything on Friday AFTER THE 3PM CUT OFF TIME... Thought I'd just pay the low cost of 20 bucks extra for priority mail? I live in AZ so I was like well see. 3-5days, sure, why not. HERE WE ARE TODAY... Pieces are well broken into. Customer for life now. Looking forward to more future purchases and loved the free gifts with purchase. Now we have the misses who has a fresh new glass pipe, grinder with keef catcher, and good useful brass screens for the metal items we have. Thank you!! Compelete one happy customers needs and definite refferal for my friends.

  13. review by Steven on 2013-09-27

    Amazing, very good quality. It hits better than any other piece I've tried. Highly recommended. Fast shipping also! Thanks!

  14. review by Tyler on 2011-12-08

    This bong is sick and provides the smoothest rips. It is my 3rd and the best ripping by far. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who likes to get the most out of their substance. I love when my friends come over and smoke out of it because most of them can't handle it and become couch locked. Thanks! I will recommend you to everyone i know.

  15. review by William on 2011-09-12

    Amazing piece. It arrived at my house before I expected in perfect condition.

    I've been told that filtering smoke through water doesn't significantly clear up the polar molecules in the smoke, and only hydrates and cool the air.

    With this piece, at the right density smoke, you can see the smoke clearing up after the 2nd or 3rd perc chamber. I've made a point to try pretty much every type of "high tech" glass I hear about and have never used a piece which does this and none of them come close in terms of smoothness. I really do think that this piece is powerful enough to do all three, clean the smoke (at least enough so it is noticeable), hydrate the air, and cool the air.

    I recommend getting one of the percolated ash catchers that come with this since the ash catcher it comes with will fit on some of the ones sold on this website. Having 2 ash catchers keeps plant material and super dirty ash water from from getting into the bong. You also don't have to change out the water in the main piece nearly as much.

    This is a very effective piece. Your looking at 6 passes through water and a total 4 of those passes are 6 times as effective. That's 26 bong power. With the 11 tree arm perc ash catcher, 7 passes and 37bp's....

    It holds a liter of water. I recommend filling up this piece with a whole liter to make the piece a little more stable, since the percolators make it a little top heavy. It also makes the smoke better.

    The glass is decent, knocked over once, knocked against a metal faucet once, no cracks or breaks.

    If your looking for one of the most effective pieces of glass on the planet, this pipe is for you. I already own a few other crazy high tech bongs, that cost me way way way more than this one.... and they are all collecting dust now. If this thing ever breaks, I've already decided to buy another one.

  16. review by matthew on 2011-08-14

    looks sikk cleanist hit you will ever have for sure used it ince and loved it its my prid and joy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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