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  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral
  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral
  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral
  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral

4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - Spiral


92 46 100 0


- Height : 4.5"
- Changing Color
- Color & Pattern may different!

Additional Information

Brands No
Length 4.5 in. (11.5 cm)
Shelves G2
Section D

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  1. review by Ricky on 2016-06-11

    Got my package today. Love my new pipe.. Thank you

  2. review by Justin on 2015-12-02

    Great pipe. Strong good hits! glass seems to be fairly thick.

  3. review by Tim on 2015-07-02

    Ok bowl need a bigger carb and kinda thin but its all good i got it for free

  4. review by miguel on 2014-02-25

    Pretty nice pipe a little hard to pull but still hits good

  5. review by Devin on 2014-02-07

    Wasn't as colorful as in the picture and it was thin glass and the bowl was kinda small but you can't beat $10

  6. review by Michael on 2014-02-01

    Great for the price. Hits huge but definitely use screens or you will eat ash. At least that's how mine is.

  7. review by Christopher on 2013-11-18

    Made a great gift for ten bucks. Can't be the price!

  8. review by Dani on 2013-09-11

    Love this pipe! This pipe is a little bigger which is always good. and really stands out because of all the different colors. :)

  9. review by matt on 2013-09-09

    This pipe looks amazing! I cant wait to get it :D this is gonna be so worth the 10 dollars

  10. review by Kyle on 2013-09-09

    i know it says "color and pattern may ba different" but it didnt say anything about the shape. the pipe i got has a very big bowl and is short, it doesnt look like this at all. the hole is way too big, i dont want to have to use a screen with my pipe. the thumb hole is also disappointing, in the picture it has risen edges and sticks out a bit, and on mine its just flat. not very satisfied.

  11. review by Kathy on 2013-09-03

    Great little pipe, very nice quality and the color changing is awesome. Nice travel size to take anywhere, just wish they didn't forget my metal screens in my order.

  12. review by loren on 2013-08-23

    looks like a great piece can't wait to get it in the mail

  13. review by Charles on 2013-08-22

    Awesome pipe and cheap too, i ordered glass screens with this and it hits hard and smooth! stay high

  14. review by Hayden on 2013-08-21

    Awesome pipe for 10 bucks could easily be sold for 20-25 $ at a local headshop.. hole is a bit big good thing Bongoutlet gave me metal screens with my order! thanks

  15. review by connor on 2013-08-17

    awesome piece, hole is a bit big. glass screens are recommended

  16. review by Dina on 2013-07-23

    Super dope bowl for just $10! Very pleased with bong outlet too just ordered it two days ago and it is shipping pretty fast

  17. review by Michael on 2013-07-21

    Great spoon pipe for 10 bucks you can`t go wrong. Even the mini pipes they give away here are good!

  18. review by Chris on 2013-06-28

    Great item...Can't wait to see more color change. For the price, this can't be beaten!

  19. review by Brenda on 2013-06-20

    This thing is so dope looking!! Absolutely love it

  20. review by Kameron on 2013-04-08

    Has a very big bowl for a pipe very happy with this smooth hitting piece

  21. review by Jonevan on 2013-03-27

    Just ordered this piece today along with couple others for the collection.

    stay high

  22. review by william on 2013-03-19

    good pipe cant wait to get further into colour change

  23. review by Angela on 2013-03-02

    Awesome pipe, the twist makes it look really cool. Smooth hits, and a real;y big bowl.

  24. review by Julia on 2013-02-25

    perfect size pipe color changing is awesome. usually color changing bowls are around 30 dollars. Its a deal.

  25. review by stephen on 2013-02-20

    great cheep on the go pipe. looks cool and love how it changes colors

  26. review by David on 2012-12-24

    Great pipe, hits hard its kind of harsh if your a beginner smoker but the quality is good i qot it fast and it wa clear with nice design.

  27. review by Sam on 2012-11-27

    Great little piece, good sized carb and bowl, and the design is fairly interesting, but the price is the real selling point of this piece. I can't find anything like this for less than twice this price where I live.

  28. review by Emily on 2012-11-21

    I tracked my order religiously until it finally showed up, unfortunately it was left on my front step in the rain, but regardless, I was so excited when I took it inside. It has a smaller mouthpiece, which I like a lot, a big bowl, and it's the perfect size for travel or just to have. Hits really nicely, haven't seen it change colour much yet, but it still looks great!

  29. review by Maleia on 2012-10-10

    This pipe is truly a beautiful piece. I ordered it on Thursday of last week and it arrived today. (Wednesday). Very fast shipping. Although this pipe isn't as big as I expected I am satisfied with my purchase. I will be buying from here again.

  30. review by Trevor on 2012-10-09

    Awesome Travelling pipe ! Very sturdy and looks great

  31. review by Bailey on 2012-09-27

    I was very happy with my purchase. Came quickly and worth the money.

  32. review by Nicholas on 2012-08-10

    Looks awesome, is really well blown, and hits really great. A+

  33. review by Ryan on 2012-07-27

    Fantastic little pipe! Hand blown nicely and with care, and it hits great too. Great little pipe for on the road, awesome piece.

  34. review by Jack on 2012-06-27

    This bowl hits hard, and the colors on it change, like said which is awesome.

  35. review by Debra on 2012-05-23

    Cannot wait for her to get here :D looks amazing and it's fair size not tooo big or tooo small :) and I love the colors

  36. review by Ivan on 2012-04-18

    a really good peice to have wen im on the run and the price is amazing

  37. review by Noah on 2012-02-12

    Great little pipe it is very solid and looks great looking forward to watching the pipe change colours

  38. review by Geoffrey on 2012-02-10

    Great pipe, came with a gift. Has the quality of a 35-50 dollar bowl and is a must-buy piece.

  39. review by Christian on 2012-01-23

    perfect traveling size not to big not to small good bowl

  40. review by Austin on 2011-05-14

    This pipe is excellent for 10 dollars. Your get the quality of a 35 dollar pipe. The color changing really adds a dynamic aspect to your smoking activities. Great pipe!

  41. review by Jacob on 2011-03-29

    This hand pipe is amazing, at my local head shop this would range from at least $20- $35 and it is only 9.99 here. Even with the cheap price the pipe is still quality material.

  42. review by rena on 2011-03-15

    My husband just bought this for us on Valentine's day and I love how much the colors have changed!

  43. review by Olivia on 2011-03-14

    I just received my order today and to my surprise I also received this free gift boy was I excited! Love that its color changing too. i just love I tell all my friends about the awesome deals!

  44. review by Chuck on 2011-03-13

    this was given as a gift. it is a great pipe. colour changing is awesome and the hits are great. doesn't pull through so no ash in mouth

  45. review by Sean on 2011-03-04

    Best pipe ever!!! except i broke it so i gotta write reviews to get a new one =(

  46. review by Xavier on 2011-01-29

    The color changing effect really enhances hit! Especially around the spirals in the arm of the pipe! Love!

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