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  • 6 in. Pipe Cleaners 6 in. Pipe Cleaners

6 in. Pipe Cleaners


91 35 100 0


- 6"
- 50 Cleaners per Bundle

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  1. MUST HAVE! review by Stephanie on 2016-09-23

    One of the best cleaning tools out there! You cant beat the price and they scrub brilliantly! A MUST HAVE!

  2. review by Nicolas on 2016-09-02

    Works great and cheap, would definitely recommend!!!

  3. review by Jesse on 2016-06-25

    Great, they work as intended and you get plenty for the price.

  4. review by Jeannine on 2016-02-25

    Helps with narrow spots and hard to reach areas. I reccomend this product.

  5. review by Alex on 2016-02-11

    Great product for those hard to reach places! It make cleaning pipes and bowls easy!

  6. review by Kristopher on 2016-01-11

    Its so amazing, it can helps you reach the resins!

  7. review by David on 2015-12-31

    I finally got my pipe really clean when i got these, not expensive and around 45 in quantity thanks guys, i can clean my stuff with ease

  8. review by Matt on 2015-02-04

    Pretty good cleaners. Plus you get a lot of them for $2.

  9. review by Phillip on 2015-01-26

    These are prob the best cleaners i have used from this site

  10. review by Julia on 2014-11-24

    This + some rubbing alcohol and some warm water and your pipes are pretty much brand new. Convenient

  11. review by Gabriel on 2014-08-18

    Bendy pipe cleaners! They do what they're made to do: poke through all that damn resin! Worth the $2, just pick them up with whatever you're purchasing.

  12. review by Dakota on 2014-05-28

    Its good for your bowl, downstem. Its worth the $2

  13. review by Robert on 2014-05-27

    good just what I needed to clean my bong wish they were bit rougher or course but it does the job

  14. review by Sabrina on 2014-05-13

    I haven't used them yet I checked if they fit within my bowl's seems like they will work a lot better than Q-tips

  15. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    Those are nice but i'd like them to be a bit thicker, I need to use another kind to clean my ash catcher well.

  16. review by Angel on 2014-04-22

    cheap and useful. what else can i say. grab some and stock up

  17. review by Caitlin on 2014-04-05

    Worth the price and great for cleaning my ash catcher. I just wish they were more coarse.

  18. review by Christopher on 2014-01-25

    Cleaners are effective and handy to have around, and a great price for the amount of cleaners you recieve

  19. review by Miguel on 2013-08-05

    the best working tool double it to apply more pressure

  20. review by vinny on 2013-07-24

    these are pretty sweet. theyre great for cleaning out my one hitter

  21. review by Brett on 2013-07-15

    Really helps get those hard to reach places! Very affordabe!

  22. review by Virginia on 2013-07-09

    Works great. Helps get hard to reach places. they are pretty skinny and easy to use.

  23. review by Joseph on 2013-06-06

    works great
    solid amount for the cash
    good for cleaning the small holes in bowls or one hitters
    or anywhere else that is hard to reach thats small

  24. review by Drew on 2013-05-13

    They work good for reaching small places in bongs/pipes decent cleaning utensil you get lots for the price I would recommend if you clean and smoke a lot

  25. review by Chris on 2013-05-06

    25 feet of pipe cleaner for $2 what can I say its a great deal!!!

  26. review by Matthew on 2013-04-14

    Works great and has many uses, they arent bristled if thats what your looking for

  27. review by Josh on 2013-04-03

    Definetly get these if you are ordering something anyway, for 2 bucks it helps to keep pieces clean, love to have these around at all times.

  28. review by Josh on 2013-03-29

    These things are great, an absolute must have! One quick tip, keep away from cats.. not sure why but mine are goin' crazy over these things, probably could add that to the label somewhere... either way, I would absolutely recommend these to a friend, and they're a great add-on for any order.

  29. review by Gabriel on 2013-03-20

    A must for the daily smoker ! They are very usefull when I need to clean my pieces.

  30. review by Tyler on 2013-01-28

    They're very absorbent and perfect for well, pipe cleaning. Not really long enough to be very useful on any larger pieces but they're high quality and at the price they're a great little extra to tack on to an order.

  31. review by Brendan on 2013-01-18

    Good for getting resin out off your glass, also get alot for two dollars.

  32. review by Rich on 2012-12-21

    Great for scrapping the crap out of your bong or bong slide!

  33. review by Darryl on 2012-11-16

    Great having something that bends but the fabric will come off with anything wet
    and it terrible for drying

  34. review by Trevor on 2012-10-09

    Great to clean your glass piece, gets to places no qtip can go

  35. review by Devan on 2012-09-24

    These work great cause they can bend works well for bongs as well with cleaner

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