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  • Adapter - 14mm to 18 mm Adapter - 14mm to 18 mm
  • Adapter - 14mm to 18 mm Adapter - 14mm to 18 mm

Adapter - 14mm to 18 mm


96 34 100 0


- 14 mm to 18 mm

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Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 18 mm, Male 18mm >> Male 14 mm

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  1. review by Jared on 2015-02-18

    This adapter is a lot bigger than shown in the picture. It's extremely sturdy and can hold a good deal of weight. Definitely worth the purchase and will last for a long time.

  2. review by John on 2014-10-16

    This adapter works awesome and was great for the money. Cant wait to buy something else

  3. review by michael on 2014-09-22

    Good glass, holds my ash catcher well. Ordered on a Thursday, got it the Monday after.

  4. review by Peter on 2014-09-10

    My 18mm downstem broke about a month ago and i couldnt use it untill i got this adapter, work greatand solid glass!

  5. review by Ryan on 2014-06-11

    It looks rather fragile but it holds a good deal of weight. It has slight movement with the 11 finger ash catcher but not enough to cause any issue or need for special handling. It looks good and I would recommend it.

  6. review by Nate on 2014-04-26

    Nice and thick, even the heaviest bowls and ash catchers won't break this.

  7. review by Drew on 2014-03-27

    Had to come back after a month of use
    Just survived its first fall, 2 feet, no scratches.

    tight fit, well blown, thick glass 5 stars

  8. review by James on 2013-09-14

    Tight fit on both ends. Glass is thick. Allows great versatility. Good quality.

  9. review by Eric on 2013-09-13

    Works as intended, now i gotta get the other one now..

  10. review by Chris on 2013-07-07

    got this so i can use my 18 mm ashcatchers on my 14 mm set up bongs

    definitly better than buying an 14 mm version of all like 10 ash catchers

  11. review by kay on 2013-07-07

    this piece is a must have, so is the 18 to 14, you can interchange any of your slides just like that, and i swear it makes the bong rip a little better! get these pieces!

  12. review by Russell on 2013-06-21

    I dont have many bongs that are 14mm but I plan on it. This piece is a must for all bong collectors/smokers. It allows you to interchange from 18mm-14mm while using your favourite glass.

  13. review by Brett on 2013-05-23

    Good piece to have! Sturdy glass and fits perfect! Would recommend to anyone with 18mm and 14mm bowls.

  14. review by Nicholas on 2013-05-20

    This is a very usefull adapter for bong smokers but I do not recommend using a heavy ashcatcher at the end of it because it can break it.

  15. review by Leonel on 2013-05-07

    well it does the job, great quality and thick glass..

  16. review by Manuel on 2013-03-21

    Does what it advertises, great quality & feels right on!

  17. review by matt on 2013-03-02

    the piece itself is perfect exactly what i needed and i love it but the only reason i gave it a 3 is because it doesnt hold good at ALL and i had to go out and get a $5 plastic clip......... that should of been included with this adapter or at least warned or suggested to buy an extra piece that costs half of what i paid for

  18. review by Cory on 2013-02-18

    I'm am super satisfied with this awesome adapter! Exactly what I needed :)

  19. review by Marshall on 2013-01-28

    Totally worth the money and great to have in a collection.

  20. review by randy on 2012-12-30

    Bought this adapter a lil while back and it fit snug as hell :) great quality. If you need an under to standard adapter this one is the one to get

  21. review by Evan on 2012-12-06

    Thick glass, does its job for sure, gonna pick up the 18 to 14 as well now, thanks for the great service.

  22. review by Michael on 2012-10-31

    mine came with a crack awaiting a new one to arrive but it looks like it will be a very useful peice for me when it arrives. happy so far

  23. review by Emmet on 2012-09-11

    Great attachment! Strong as hell and works perfectly, what more can you ask for

  24. review by Marco on 2012-08-21

    Just what i needed to fit my ash catcher on my new bong... and for a good price too

  25. review by farmer on 2012-08-16

    awesome adapter for my 18mm green 4 arm perc NG attachment, a little bit bigger than what i expected but grade A glass for sure

  26. review by Breanne on 2012-07-06

    Works great! Since I ordered the wrong size, it was perfect for me to be able to use my diffuser. Overall a very nice piece!!!

  27. review by Nicholas on 2012-06-27

    Works as advised. Be warned that this is a larger piece than you probably expect. It's about 2 1/2 inches long and is fairly girthy. I needed some extra clearance for my perc so this actually helped me wonderfully.

  28. review by Jesse on 2012-06-26

    Just broke it, but from a 5 ft fall, my fault. Great piece, at a good price, going to buy another!

  29. review by Chase on 2012-06-14

    Pretty self explanatory, great little piece that gets the job done.

  30. review by Josh on 2012-05-29

    Excellent Piece.. quality just as good as any head shop and half the price

  31. review by Jake on 2012-05-29

    Got both this and the inverse adapter now all my pieces can fit together. Works as advertised.

  32. review by Devan on 2012-04-09

    Fits well in my bong. Works perfectly. It allowed me to do alot more attachments. Easy to clean and easy to use

  33. review by nathaniel on 2012-03-15

    very thick,, dose it's job,,,,, and fast shiping it got here in in six days

  34. review by Charlie on 2012-02-15

    Does it's job. WORKS GREAT. I got this for my girl she loved the pink skull bowl and needed it to use on her peice.

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