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  • Adapter - 18mm to 14 mm Adapter - 18mm to 14 mm
  • Adapter - 18mm to 14 mm Adapter - 18mm to 14 mm

Adapter - 18mm to 14 mm


96 25 100 0


- 18 mm to 14 mm

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Joint Size / Type Female 18mm >> Female 14 mm, Male 14mm >> Male 18 mm

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  1. review by Timothy on 2015-10-06

    This piece does what it's supposed to. It will last you so long as you're not careless with it. I broke mine a couple days after getting it, and it didn't take a whole lot.

    I would recommend an adapter that is shorter in length, unless you need to raise the height of your rig.

  2. review by Jose on 2013-11-16

    Great piece, does what is supposed to and it's pretty sturdy n great to have.

  3. review by Omar on 2013-10-16

    Great piece, does what is supposed to and is sturdy

  4. review by matt on 2013-10-06

    dank piece shipped fast does everyhting its supposed too

  5. review by Tyler on 2013-10-02

    this saved my ass from having to get a new down stem to use my 14mm stuff for my big 18mm bong. Works like a charm.

  6. review by Brett on 2013-07-15

    Great piece to have!! saves time switching bowls, stems and ashcatchers and keeps all your pieces in use if a stem breaks.

  7. review by kay on 2013-07-07

    this piece is such a must have, so is the 14 to 18, if you have a ton of different slides that are of different size, you can interchange them just like that, the glass quality is amazing, you must have these pieces!

  8. review by James on 2013-07-03

    Quality glass, fast shipping, good fit. This piece allows me to interchange. My next purchase will include the 14mm to 18mm and then all my pieces will be interchangeable.

  9. review by Bobby on 2013-06-03

    I'd say that this piece is slightly overpriced but it's a good piece to have! very convenient!

  10. review by Adam on 2013-05-31

    Great item! It's simple and works as it should. The shipping was very fast and the item arrived safely.

  11. review by Christopher on 2013-05-22

    Exactly what I needed! does exactly what its suppose to!!

  12. review by Mason on 2013-05-04

    I have two different glass bongs and they have some different pieces and this adapter is just nice to switch to the diffused downstem and ashcatcher I like best so I would recommend this.

  13. review by Russell on 2013-04-20

    Very good fit, everyone should have one of these and the price is great just include it with a purchase and you wont regret it.

  14. review by bob on 2013-04-09

    what can you say other then great price, quality, and snug fit

  15. review by Nicholas on 2013-04-06

    This is one of the most important thing for my bong collection . It is very usefull for when you want to use a specific bowl , ashcatcher , ect ... On a specific bong.

  16. review by Manuel on 2013-03-21

    Does what it advertises, great quality & feels right on!

  17. review by Brian on 2013-03-02

    Nice way to use your smaller galss on bongs! Works good for a domeless Ti nail so your bong joint don't over heat! nice peace to add to the set!

  18. review by Julia on 2013-02-25

    What i needed at a great price. its also very durable.

  19. review by Doug on 2013-02-11

    Very good it is what it is like a lot and its great it adds the height u need and lets me use my 14mm stuff

  20. review by Jeff on 2013-01-17

    this is a great strong converter. it came really fast and its very portable!! will come back sooon

  21. review by antony on 2012-10-27

    I had a 18mm ashcatcher which i broke. in order to convert my old 18mm mouthpiece to fit my new 14mm ashcatcher i got this. very happy to use it with all the 14mm bowls. :)

  22. review by Benjamin on 2012-10-16

    Exactly what I needed for my new bong thats 18.8mm stemless. Now all my 14.4mm stuff will work.

  23. review by Jodi on 2012-09-04

    This piece is great couldnt be happier helps out for all my pieces

  24. review by Ryan on 2012-02-02

    perfect price and very nice, fit my bong perfectly and good quality

  25. review by Yaqoob on 2012-01-26

    awesome piece, very happy with this item. If your cheap you can also buy a downstem thats 14/14 and break it. Thats what i did, till i dropped that piece and broke it. Now i bought this instead!

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