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  • ASH CATCHER 14mm - Clear ASH CATCHER 14mm - Clear
  • ASH CATCHER 14mm - Clear ASH CATCHER 14mm - Clear

ASH CATCHER 14mm - Clear


95 15 100 0


- Ground Joint : 14 mm Femail joint

Additional Information

Diffuser Type No
Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Clear

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  1. review by Devon on 2016-01-21

    Works well very thick glass will buy from this site again

  2. review by Joshua on 2015-05-15

    This is a nice littler ash catcher. It also stands up on it's own so you can place it on the table and pack a bowl which is really nice.

    This ash catcher is perfect for little bongs as it's quite tiny and unlikely to tip over your bong with it's weight.

    That said, it's not ideal for large bongs because... it's small.

    All around, it's a great little ash catcher though. Definitely recommend, especially at this price.

  3. review by Janis on 2015-03-17

    This is a sweet piece -- fits perfect and size is perfect for me. Nice thick glass, VERY reasonable price -- worth every penny. Trick to keep your bowl dry is only fill just above the stem. PERFECTION!! Thanks again BongOutlet!! :-)

  4. review by Doug on 2015-01-01

    My first ashcatcher, VERY nice, will buy more from Bongoutlet!

  5. review by Alex on 2014-06-30

    Simple and gets the job done. Bowl isn't the biggest, so don't expect to pass the bong around with this fella loaded. I get about 2-3 pretty big hits from this, so it's definitely not tiny.
    Kind of hard to clean, but at least you have to clean a small ashcatcher instead of your whole bong! Great purchase at a great price.

  6. review by Trevor on 2014-06-04

    great for keeping your bong clean and has a decent sized bowl not huge for parties, good for personal. don't fill with too much water just enough to get it bubbling or you'll get wet bowls!

  7. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    This is really nice and also surprisingly easy to clean! You can go an extra day or 2 without cleaning the bong with this, as long as you change the water.

  8. review by Will on 2014-01-03

    This is a solid ash catcher. Feels nice and thick and keeps everything clean. You won't be disappointed with your purchase.

  9. review by clay on 2013-12-03

    This thing does wonders! keeps my bong clean, makes the hit even smoother, and looks cool on any piece.

  10. review by Jennifer on 2013-10-11

    Très bon morceau a ajouter sur le bong! Faite attention le verre est mince.. facilement cassable hehe

  11. review by Joseph on 2013-06-14

    Nice piece to keep the bong clean
    It keeps your bong looking mean
    Buy it cuz it's a good investment
    Wont you listen to my testament?

  12. review by Victor on 2012-10-29

    keeps the rest of my bong clean, i live in the same area as bong outlet so when i order i always get my new purchase the next day before i even wake up. ive told everybody i know who smokes about this website. also everytime ive ordered they've sent a free pipe and 5 screens. amazing website

  13. review by TerRon on 2012-03-18

    If you like clean glass, and no ash, get this plus its a save on cash. nice piece, real cheap, does the job, without a prob. keep all the junk out, without a doubt.

    Stop debating and just buy it already. You wont regret it.

  14. review by jo on 2011-07-22

    Siiiccckkk idea to get one of these!!! keeps the inside of your bong soooooooo much cleaner, fuckin worth it

  15. review by Eric on 2011-01-07

    perfect fit just What I was looking for very good quality.

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