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  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Blue ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Blue
  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Blue ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Blue

ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Blue


78 16 100 0


- Groudn Joint : 14 mm Female Joint

Additional Information

Diffuser Type No
Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Blue

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  1. review by Michael on 2015-10-22

    Not bad, but I don't highly recommend a defused down-stem on an ash catcher like this. too much airflow will suck water into the bong and can get your smokables wet.

  2. review by Kellen on 2015-04-10

    Well it arrived sooner then usual, it's perfect thanks to the points system I was able to afford it, 2 thumbs up.....yay!

  3. review by Joshua on 2015-01-14

    Great to pull, thin glass though. pretty large bowl. Nice Glass.

  4. review by Max on 2014-07-30

    this a very nice ash catcher and is very nice and helps you get a better rip...i would recomend..good add on!

  5. review by Gross on 2014-07-15

    hooked this up to my 12" 6 finger perc tube. what a match made in heaven. Thanks bong outlet. and thanks for all the freebies.

  6. review by David on 2014-04-08

    i got this piece to go with my double chamber perc and its a good piece with a monster sized party bowl it can hold bout a fat half gram but the only thing i didnt like is that the color was too dark u couldnt see thur to the perc one of the reasons ive bought it too go along with all my percs piece but overall works like its supposed to also the soze is huge thanks

  7. review by bryan on 2013-12-27

    I think this ash catcher has pros and cons. Overall it is good for an experienced smoker, but can be challenging to use if you are a novice smoker

  8. review by anthony on 2013-07-23

    Not the one I ordered the one I got is the round one but it pulls nice

  9. review by Julian on 2013-02-26

    definitely one of, if not the best online shops there are. prices are amazing. shipping could have been better for me. i live 5 hours from where it started and it took 4 days. but that was w basic shipping. I LOVE THIS ASH CATCHER THOUGH. very reliable. simple. does the job well. WONT drag if you keep the water at the slits and KEEP IT LEVEL as you take your hit. just ordered a bunch more stuff w the faster shipping. cant wait.

  10. review by Robert on 2013-02-07

    Amazing best ash catcher I've ever used! Highly recommend this product!

  11. review by jordan on 2013-01-19

    the ashcatcher is great. but it has an imperfection inside the bowl and it doesnt even pull through the downstem so i have just emailed bongoutlet and i am now waiting for a reply. oh joy...

  12. review by Marc-André on 2012-11-29

    Work so good, the first one they send had an imperfection and they send me another and recieve it 2 day later ! amazing job !
    (it create a back presure with the water so you have to remove it before stop hitting your bong or your stuff gonne get wet !)

  13. review by Nathan on 2012-06-11

    This is my second one, I have one in green too. It matches perfectly the blue 19" 2x6 pipe I just bought too. Just have to pull it out before you finish drawing(or it wets the bowl).

  14. review by Yaqoob on 2012-01-16

    great item. pulls very nicely, very happy with this piece! however a little fragile and often wets weed so i dont put water in it.

  15. review by Karthiky on 2011-11-04

    Is a pretty solid piece. It is however a bit fragile and water can move up through the tube and wet the weed if the ash catcher is not removed before finishing inhaling.

  16. review by aidan on 2011-08-10

    i am in love with this piece we ordered this the so it will fit on the 11 finger perc ashcatcher and all of it will be on the 24" huge rocket bong so look out roor owners this thing might be a better value

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