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  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Clear ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Clear
  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Clear ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Clear

ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Clear


85 28 100 0


- Ground Joint : 14 mm

Additional Information

Diffuser Type No
Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Clear

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  1. review by Bowen on 2015-12-20

    I would say buy a color instead of clear but it works like a charm

  2. review by Aliyah on 2015-09-02

    It's a nice stable piece. Hits real nice. There looks to be a little crack on the neck. And you must be careful to not push water into the bowl.

  3. review by adam on 2015-05-16

    Very nice with the slits in the downstem. I dropped this piece a few times before i broke it

  4. review by Hyungwoo on 2014-09-25

    Would not recommend bowl, it always gets my weed wet..

  5. review by Michael on 2014-04-06

    very nice bowl thick glass I like how it diffuses. :)

  6. review by Benny on 2014-03-13

    good piece very thick and good for smaller pieces worth every penny

  7. review by Dante on 2014-01-29

    This is a great ash catcher big bowl thick glass and for a very good price !

  8. review by Chris on 2013-08-01

    needed a low volume ash catcher, and this little beauty fit the bill perfectly, the clear can go well with almost any set up, i also like that they went the extra step and diffused the finger.As far as the site, they have this piece at a great price, you could expect to pay double at any local shop.

  9. review by jason on 2013-05-23

    I used this once and set it down afterwards and it came apart at the joint, it worked well the one time I got to use it..

  10. review by Duane on 2013-04-04

    I love this piece ! it is really good quality, i love bongoutlit, i had a big order and it took no time to get here! Best site ever

  11. review by Reed on 2013-04-02

    Works great, the bowl is big and it keeps your bong resin free. I would highly recomond this.

  12. review by Joshua on 2013-03-31

    Thick Glass Real Nice Quality Works very well in my pipe and sits perfectly strait up Both when in use and not in use.
    Its Pretty big But the Bowl is a nice size.
    Keeps all the Crap Out of your Pipe.

  13. review by forrest on 2013-02-01

    Very nice with the slits in the downstem. I dropped this piece and broke it now i need a whole new bong

  14. review by Ryan on 2012-11-26

    I received my bowl today just to find a small hole where the body of the bowl and the 14mm joint connect :/
    I do recommend bongoutlet though, hopefully they will fix this problem for me.

  15. review by Michael on 2012-10-13

    Definatly an upgrade on the common ashcatcher. A steal for the price.

  16. review by Nick on 2012-06-07

    Just got this piece in the mail after four days and it was the perfect addition to my new bong. This ash catcher has kept my bong practically spotless. The only negative is that you need to use a screen to prevent anything from being pulled through when you hit it. With that being said this piece is worth way more than 14 dollars.

  17. review by Kendall on 2012-05-30

    stem was broken in transit, waiting for reply on exchange. was looking forward to trying this today.

    Customer Care Centre>>
    The replacement was dispatched today.
    Thank you for your shopping with us...

  18. review by Matt on 2012-05-26

    Great product at a great price. I would buy another if needed in a heart beat.
    Looking forward buying a Volcano Glass Peice next!
    Thanks Guys
    You Rock
    \,,/ \,,/

  19. review by Wade on 2012-05-14

    Great price for a great piece! This thing having the little 1 arm perc is just awesome, plus my bongs clean!

  20. review by Jon on 2012-04-21

    Good quality glass.. I dig the diffused stem in this on top of the other diffusion my tube offers. The only negative thing I have to point out is that if you put too much water in it, it will soak whatever you have in the bowl. The picture perfect water level is just barely above the 3rd vent on the diffused stem! The bowl is of good size as well. Thanks!! Keep on doin what y'all do!

  21. review by James on 2012-02-09

    It works pretty decent but watch out tho this picture is pretty deceiving about the size.

  22. review by melanie on 2012-02-08

    this peice wasnt the best but again fast shipping and worth the money spent !

  23. review by Mikhil on 2011-12-24

    love the diffusion you get with this bowl. just be careful with the water level, it can wet the bowl. definite upgrade from the standard ash catcher bowl.

  24. review by Ethan on 2011-09-14

    This litte thing is great! Makes your hit super smooth and keeps your bong very clean. Pretty big bowl that burns evenly. And for $14 dollars you can't beat this!

  25. review by John on 2011-06-24

    getting this right now cant wait till it gets here

  26. review by debbie on 2011-06-24

    just bought this and figured out it dosent fit in my bong disapointed going to buy a new bong soon

  27. review by Chase on 2011-05-31

    this ashcatcher has a nice bowl that burns your herb evenly and filters the smoke through the diffusion. Great addition for any water pipe!

  28. review by Austin on 2011-05-14

    Triple slit diffusion makes this ashcatcher do more than just catch your ash, it will cool and smooth your hit, and for 14 bucks!

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