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  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Green ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Green
  • ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Green ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Green

ASH CATCHER 14mm RT - Green


86 26 100 0


- Ground Joint : 14 mm

Additional Information

Diffuser Type No
Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Green

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  1. review by Kenneth on 2016-01-21

    Works great on my 10 or 12" bong, nice and smooth. Would recommend a bigger ash catcher for a bong more than 14" tall. But if your bong is 8-12" I would recommend this one with the diffused down-stem, and use a diffused down-stem to your bong. Keeps my clear glass bong clean, less drag and, it purrrrs like a kitten.

  2. review by Ian on 2015-12-31

    Just ordered. Can't wait for it to get here. Large selection and Good prices all aroun

  3. review by Derek on 2015-09-09

    I bought this for a 2 - 3 finger perc bong, I used it to replace the standard bowl it came with, Hits like a dream and looks awesome!!

  4. review by Jeff on 2015-08-10

    works better than the shower head percolator that dosnt fit bong ithe bottom hits bong. this piece is ok but don't pull hard or else you will empty it into your bong making it dirty

  5. review by mat on 2014-10-02

    I love this ash catcher, it works really well and was very affordable. I love these products.

  6. review by James on 2014-07-17

    Great ash catcher just add a little bit of water or you will flood the bowl. And clean often great deal help keep the bong cleaner and helps diffuse the smoke. Plus it matches my green ghost percent bong!

  7. review by Carl on 2014-03-20

    I bought my first bong (bamboo/sealing wax) over 40 years ago, but this was my very first ashcatcher. Once I figured out how it wors, over 95% of ash is caught. (1) Start each fresh bowl with no loose ash inside ashcathser (2) When cleaning ash catcher, check the downstem, too! (3) Have at most 3 drops of water inside, and (4) Draw bong as softly and as slow,lhy as you can, never draw hard or fast. Works great! SUCH A DEAL!!!!

  8. review by sean on 2014-02-18

    bought it to make my little 7 inch bong even better love the way it hits huge bowl and keeps my bong clean thick glass actually dropped it first day from about hip high and not even a scratch on it very pleased

  9. review by Steven on 2014-02-15

    This is a great little ash catcher! I really enjoy how it stands up, makes packing whatever you're putting in there much easier. Not to hard to clean, and does a pretty good job catching the ash! Only problem I ran into was that if you put water in it, and you let go of your rip to rough and quickly, the water can rise up the stem and get the contents of the bowl wet. But other than that, this is some very nice quality glass.

  10. review by Dan on 2014-01-14

    Awesome! Great size, I also like that it stands up and is easy to clean.

  11. review by Jerome on 2014-01-04

    Always nice thick quality glass. Had a problem cleaning at first but still a nice bowl.

  12. review by Chris on 2014-01-03

    Its a decent ash catcher, however I would recommend a glass screen for easier emptying of the ash, I do appreciate the diffused down stem
    if you need a simple ash catch its great

  13. review by chad on 2013-07-13

    very nice piece for 13dollars i am quite satisfied

  14. review by Nicholas on 2013-05-20

    Great ashcatcher ! I like the fact that it has extra filtrations in the downstem . Does a good job.

  15. review by bob on 2013-05-10

    Great piece love the slits for added percolation/filtration a must have!

  16. review by William on 2012-10-09

    Huge Bowl, really thick glass. They never read my order comment and shipping was kinda wonky but I stay loyal.

  17. review by Devan on 2012-09-24

    The defusers in this ash catchers makes it hit extra smooth compared to a regular ash catcher plus its thicker than I thought it would be

  18. review by Brian on 2012-09-06

    Ive never seen a ash catcher bowl with a diffused downstem. it looks really awesome

  19. review by Jodi on 2012-09-05

    Its pretty good the only thing is that it makes my bowl wet with barley any water still good though

  20. review by israel on 2012-06-27

    high quality ash catcher! at first we didnt get along because the water kept splashing the product but i put carbon charcoal in it instead and now works better then most ash catchers that have more percs!

  21. review by Jesse on 2012-06-26

    A nice piece but not the thickest glass out there, a scale slipped out of my hand (tiny one) and hit my peculator attachment, without even directly hitting it, it broke off. But glass is glass, and it does what its supposed to do for cheap.

  22. review by Nathan on 2012-05-28

    I love this ashcatcher, it's nice and small bowl is the perfect size, it doesn't wet tobacco as long as you pull it before ending your draw. It sets down nicely and is unlikely to tip over. I'm ordering at least one more of these.

  23. review by Joel on 2012-03-10

    really cool ashcatcher but its smaller than wat i thaught it would be but its percet for the 12 in.

  24. review by Emily on 2012-02-14

    FLIPPED SHIT when i saw this diffused ash catcher bowl. IN LOVE!!! :)

  25. review by wesley on 2011-07-22

    honestly...not sure about this...good rips sometimes.but the water goes up the stem like the normal ash catchers like this that aren't 1 wants wet bowl fillings...but it does "catch the ash"...i recommend spending a lil extra and getting a nice one on a diff page on bong outlet..dont recommend ash catchers without the 14 or 18 mm bowl converter part

  26. review by Mitch on 2011-07-01

    WARNING: diffused ashcatchers can be incredibly hard to find! my local head shop (40 minutes away) doesn't even have one so once again bong outlet has all your smoking needs

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