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Bongs are made of glass to cool and filter smoke before inhaling it. They’re used for cannabis, tobacco, CBD products, etc. As a smoker, you may have noticed how dirty your piece gets after a few days of active use. In addition to that, your bong may also start giving off an unpleasant smell. Moreover, a dirty bong can lead to drag and clogging of the percolators.

While cleaning your bong regularly definitely helps, an ash catcher makes the job a lot easier.

Here’s a comprehensive guide outlining the purpose and benefits of an ash catcher.

Purpose Of An Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is a portable attachment that helps to keep the debris and ash from ending up in your pipe. Ash catchers are available in different styles and sizes and have the appearance of a miniature water pipe.

Several ash catchers are equipped with various types of percolators which helps is diffusing and filtering the smoke and prevents the need to clean your bong regularly.

After you’re done with your smoking session, you can remove and clean your ash catcher. Ash catchers are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits Of An Ash Catcher

Attaching an ash catcher to your water pipe ensures that you won’t need to clean your bong as regularly as you would have without it. This, in turn, translates to more smoking time.

For smaller bongs, smokers may not require ash catchers at all. However, if you own a large piece with several percolators, an ash catcher is an accessory that you must possess.

Ash catchers attach to the bong in exactly the same way that bowls are removed and placed inside. With an ash catcher, you will place the bowl of your water pipe inside instead of placing it in your water pipe. While smoking, this ash catcher will trap the ash which would otherwise pass into the main chamber of your water pipe. You have to be mindful of not adding much water into the ash catcher as it will fill the water pipe with dirty water. To avoid this, you can use K-clips for securing the ash catcher with the water pipe.

If you’re looking for ash catchers for bongs, you’re in the right place!

At Bong Outlet, we offer our customers in the US and Canada with quality ash catchers and other smoking accessories. You can also search our variety of affordable bongs online. Contact us for any queries.  

Saturday, February 9, 2019 1:51:20 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

According to estimates, 17% of the worldwide population will be avid smokers of tobacco by 2030. With the smoking culture in full swing, it’s rare to find people who are unaware of bongs or water pipes.

A bong is a device used for filtering and cooling smoke. It’s commonly used in smoking cannabis, tobacco, CBD products, etc. Its design and structure allow it to remove the ash and carcinogens, and give smokers a comfortable experience with smoother rip.

As a bong user, you’ll need to clean your bong every once in a while, to keep it free from bacteria. Moreover, cleaning your bong will ensure you get a great smoking experience every time. To keep the smoking sessions one of their kind, here’s a comprehensive guide on cleaning your bong.

Efficient Cleaning Solutions

In order to clean the gunk stuck on the pipe’s insides, you’ll need an abrasive and efficient cleaning solution. You can use a variety of different pipe cleaners in the market or use a salt and isopropyl alcohol solution. If you’re making the alcohol and salt solution at home, take alcohol and salt in the ratio 2:1 to make an abrasive composition that’ll easily scrape the gunk off the glass. Moreover, you can keep the solution to soak a little before you scrape for easy cleaning. In case your pipe is composed of removable parts, separate the pieces and soak them in cleaning solution inside a plastic bag before you clean the pipe.

Be careful while cleaning your glass bong; it’ll get slippery. To avoid breakage, clean your bong over the sink and place a plastic tub or a mat over it. When the gunk becomes loose, rinse the pieces with water to remove the cleaning solution. Allow it to dry.

Cleaning Of Percolators

For those water pipes that include percolators, cleaning it with a solution can be quite tricky. To clean the percolator, simply fill the water pipe’s bottom with cleaning solution and shake it while covering the top with your palm. Drain the solution and rinse. Ensure that you rinse enough to get the solution out of the percolator otherwise it’ll affect the flavor.

Cleaning Of Parts Made Out Of Other Materials

If your bong is composed of titanium or ceramic pieces, you can heat them instead of using cleaning solutions. Upon heating the parts, the stuck gunk will liquefy which can be easily wiped away.

If you’re looking for cool bongs for sale in the US or Canada, reach out to us!

At Bong Outlet, we offer an array of affordable bongs and other smoking accessories. Contact us for more details.

Thursday, February 7, 2019 1:48:43 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

We know more about Marijuana today in the West scientifically speaking than we ever did before. Among the many things we know now; some include the fact that marijuana has medical benefits, it is safer than alcohol recreationally and that prohibition was a bad idea to begin with!

At the same time, there are still individuals and elements that have trouble accepting that this herb is actually quite wonderful. The result; myths and misconceptions!

Marijuana Myths and the Real Truth

Out of the many myths surrounding marijuana today, we have put together some of the most common ones and proceeded to replace them with whatever the truth may be in the matter!

Weed makes you Lose Sanity

One of the oldest myths associated with marijuana and sadly, one that many still believe is that smoking marijuana makes you lose your mind in a sense. People have blamed the herb for everything from dementia to all out psychosis insisting that smoking or consuming marijuana was the sole cause.  

The truth is, marijuana does not under any circumstances drive people insane. There have been a few cases where people with pre-existing psychosis have been triggered by marijuana use. This being said, in the absence of an already present condition or the use of other drugs (anti-psychotics especially), marijuana does not cause any kind of psychosis to manifest.

Weed Leads to Use of Other Drugs

This one is a Regan administration favorite. The ‘Devils Lettuce’ pushing people to take on other substances. Not true! More than marijuana it was prohibition and the difficulty in knowing what your source is giving you that may have resulted in the use of other substances.

If someone is smoking marijuana, chances are that they are probably quite content with the same. The use and graduation to other drugs is a thing of personal choice. Don’t blame the herb!

Marijuana Causes Cancer

Many insist that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer and triggers other cancers as well! Though long term heavy smoking can cause respiratory complications if not balanced, cancer is by no means one of them. Quite the opposite – studies conducted have proven without a doubt that marijuana and what it contains actually inhibit the growth of malignant tumors!

Marijuana Makes People Useless

Not really! People choose to be useless! Marijuana may mellow you out depending on the strain you have smoked. That being said the effect does not last all day. Though there are many smokers who choose a sedentary lifestyle for themselves, this is usually put in place even before they start smoking. There are just as many high functioning successful and energetic individuals who smoke on a daily basis.  If you’re organized, clear with your schedules and good with you priorities, there is no reason why smoking marijuana should get in the way of that.

It’s kind of like saying a beer post work during dinner makes you an alcoholic. Utter nonsense!

Marijuana Overdose Death is a Thing

Okay, to be fair, there may be times when you have consumed an edible or tried out a new concentrate that knocks you off your feet to the point that you may think you’re unwell. The truth is, when it comes to marijuana and feeling like an over dose, it’s mostly in your head!

Tough having more THC and CBD in you then you can handle could rattle you depending on who you are, rest assured, if its marijuana you’re taking in, you’re not going to die! Have some water, give it a few hours, maybe grab a bite and get some sleep and this myth will disprove itself automatically!

Winding Down

There are a lot of other silly myths circulating against marijuana which hopefully you can spot. Remember, anything done in excess isn’t great be it food, exercise or yes, marijuana! That being said, if you smoke smart, schedule and keep doing the day to day things you need to, you needn’t worry about a thing (and no we’re not subtly quoting Bob Marley here)!

If you were reading this blog for kicks and giggles and simply wanted to pick up some new smoking equipment, check out online smoke shop, check out our cheap bongs, pipes and bubblers and have yourself a mellow day! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 1:42:43 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada and in the U.S., there has been increased awareness about how the herb works and what it’s about. Propaganda spread during the time following good old Regan’s “War on Drugs” though laughable quickly spread and was believed by countless individuals on both sides of the border.

What was funnier and still is the long standing consideration of alcohol to be the safer, more socially acceptable and legally permitted form of recreational substance use.

What We Now Know

Today however, things are very different. Gone are the days when a slurring alcoholic could point a finger at someone smoking cannabis as if the same was evil! Gone too are the days where out intellect was clouded by the notion that marijuana is some kind of harmful death drug.    

We have actually come as far as being able to safely say that between marijuana and alcohol, our Mary is probably the safer bet!

Why is Marijuana Safer?

The debate of which is safer is now so widely had that even the Business Insider did an online piece on the same! There are a number of particulars that make marijuana safer than alcohol without a doubt and we’re going to delve into some of them.

Long Term Health

The first thing that makes marijuana a safer bet is that when it comes to long term health risks, apart from respiratory problems for those who smoke, there are none others. Alcohol on the other hand has been linked to liver damage and failure, the growth of cancers and even dementia in the long term among other illnesses.

Comparing the two, we can safely say that long term heavy cannabis use is still healthier than equally heavy long term consumption of alcohol!

Social Damage

For those who drink; we’ve all had those mornings when we have woken thinking; “man I wish I hadn’t done/said that. On the other hand, after a few joints, chances are you may not want to do or say much in any case! At any rate not something you’d regret.

What we’re saying here is unlike alcohol, marijuana is not the kind of substance that will make you seek out trouble, get in people way or make a public fool of yourself in a big way! With alcohol, you can really go out there and make a mess of things in a matter of minutes. Guess who wins here? Mary Jane again!

Motor Skills


Unless you suffer from some kind of condition or smoke too much in your first time, chances are, you’re never going to be so stoned that someone else has to carry you home! Alcohol can debilitate you to the point that you can’t stand on your own two feet.

Alcohol dampens and impairs motor skills and capacity in a way that marijuana doesn’t. Unlike marijuana, alcohol systematically shuts down your nervous system until a point that you are completely incapacitated.

When it comes to driving, though both may pose trouble, alcohol is hands down the bigger culprit. If you look at DUI cases, the bulk of them will involve people who have had one drink too many. Further, many of these will likely be classed as fatal. You won’t find any fatal DUI cases attributed to people strictly and exclusively under the influence of marijuana however! Again, marijuana here is safer.

Violent and Reckless Behavior

Numerous cases of domestic violence, child abuse, rape and even murder are linked to assailants being under the influence of alcohol and sometimes other hard drugs and substances. Alcohol has the tendency as many say; to bring out the very worst in people.

Individuals under the influence of alcohol who have had one drink too many are a risk to not just themselves, but to those around them; their loved ones included! For all the homes that alcohol has wrecked, you’d rarely hear of someone getting stoned and attacking their wife, kids or neighbors. You won’t hear of people getting stoned and partaking in unsafe sexual behaviors or cheating on their partners.

As numerous articles, blogs and even memes rightly state; “When you’re smoking weed, the only thing that is really at risk is your refrigerator!”

Overdose and Withdrawal

Last but not least, you cannot overdose on Marijuana. Especially not if what you are smoking is simply dry herb! Alcohol on the other hand at high levels can cause your entire central nervous system to shut down. This includes your heart and breathing. Marijuana does NO such thing.

Further, if you do develop a weed habit, though quitting is hard and sometimes unpleasant, that is about all it is. You cannot die from withdrawal nor does your body begin to implode. An alcoholic trying to clean up will among other things go through delirium tremors (DTs). Further, sudden cessation of drinking can even kill the person in question. We don’t think we need to highlight who wins this one!

Winding Down

We could go on with this blog, present evidence and keep cutting things down but we think the odds are pretty clear. Though moderation is the key to everything, if you want to know which the safer of the two is, it’s right there for you— Marijuana!

If you’re convinced, skip on the bar, swing by our online smoke shop, pick up a bong, pipe or bubbler and unwind without being a risk to yourself or anyone else!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 5:55:29 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Since the legalization of Marijuana, one of the questions being asked by people in Canada and the U.S. alike is what the difference is between smoking and eating cannabis.

This was even elaborated on in an article published by The Atlantic but we’re going to simplify and cut things down a little more for our readers!

Smoking and Eating Marijuana: What is the Difference?

Marijuana today is most commonly used either recreationally or for medicinal purposes. Though smoking marijuana is the main go to when it comes to marijuana consumption, there may be some who do not like smoking. Alternatively, there may also be those who need cannabis medicinally but cannot smoke due to health reasons.

In any case, understanding the difference between smoking and eating marijuana is important.


The first noticeable difference between smoking and eating marijuana is in the preparation. Smoking for the most part involves the simple procurement of dry herb which is then crushed and smoked as the individual sees fit.

Eating on the other hand would involve either cooking the herb or heating it with something like oil or butter which can then be used in regular cooking. Alternatively, edible marijuana goods could also be procured readymade.

Taking it Up

When you smoke marijuana, active ingredients in the inhaled smoke are absorbed through the alveoli (gaseous exchange sacks) in the lungs into the blood. When eating marijuana, the same are absorbed via the digestive tract. This influences two things:

Onset: It takes a lot longer for someone to feel the effects of marijuana after eating it than it would after smoking. This is because digestion may take a little longer.

Affect: It is observed that if two buds of identical size from an identical strain were both picked for consumption and prepared, the one which was eaten would produce a more intense high. The reason for this is that THC is broken down in the liver into a more potent and easier absorbed form of the same. The result, a high which is far more potent!


The duration of how long you will feel the effect of marijuana also varies depending on if the herb is smoked or eaten. Where the onset of smoked marijuana is a lot quicker to hit, so is the comedown. We’re talking an average of anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour for peak effects. When ingested however, peak effects for marijuana can last anywhere between 2 to 6 hours!


Though you would think that eating marijuana is the way to go, you must remember that the high produced when you ingest the same can be far more intense than what you may be used to via smoking. It is for this reason that many seasons marijuana users and enthusiasts prefer to stick to smoking and the options it offers.

On a flip side, if you’re okay with your high veering into the seriously psychotropic, eating is great!

Health Concerns

It stands to reason that eating marijuana holds one advantage for those suffering from chronic lung impediments. The advantage being marijuana if consumed by eating does not exacerbate the same! Other than that, however, smoking and eating are equally benign!

Winding Down

Winding down all we would suggest is that you choose according to what suits you and what you’re comfortable with. If you feel marijuana edibles are your thing, go for it! If you’re a loyal smoker and just want to maybe switch up the way you smoke, you have some options to choose from!

Swing by our online smoke shop and check out the equipment like bongs, bubblers, pipes and others available! In any case, hit that high!  

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 4:39:41 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Cannabis use is fairly widespread in the US and with recreational cannabis sales alone crossing the $11.6 billion mark according to statistics, this comes as no surprise.

One of the reasons apart from the medical that cannabis use has picked up is, when it comes to recreational substances, cannabis is a much safer alternative to, say, Alcohol.


The only point of concern with cannabis as it may be with many other things is the fact that the human body eventually builds tolerance. In other words, the affect that the herb once had by way of potency begins to dim.

Curbing Tolerance: Keeping Things Interesting

If you’re someone who has been smoking cannabis for a while, you probably understand how tolerance works. Remember that first time you took a few hits of a joint or consumed your first marijuana edible? Remember the effect that followed?

You probably also know how over time, achieving the same affect might take more herb than it used to! So the question is; how does one curb tolerance when it comes to cannabis?


Keeping your body and cells hydrated is an imperative part of keeping your tolerance on the down low. Smoking cannabis does tend to dry you up a bit so you might need to consume a little more water than you normally would.

Water helps keep your body active and in a sense provides the cleansing you need to prevent your system from becoming accustomed to the THC and terpenes in the cannabis too quickly!


Consuming antioxidants also helps give your system the required cleansing. Some of the things you could add to your diet include dark vegetables, juices rich in the right nutrients and of course the stable go to; fresh fruit.  You could also try out green tea which is both a stimulant and an anti-oxidant.

In any case, consumption of antioxidants is yet another way to keep your tolerance from building too quickly.

Sweat It Out

By this we mean regular exercise. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to break a bit of a sweat. Do what comes naturally or organically to you. Something you enjoy and can commit to. It doesn’t matter if you go for a run, play squash, join a bicycle group, start yoga or walk your dog. What is important is to keep that body active and give that waste material a way out!

Switch It Up

The way you consume your cannabis or marijuana plays a part too. At times it helps to take a break on one way of consumption to substitute it with something else. If you’re smoking at the time, maybe switch to edibles for a little while.

If you’re already on edibles and smoking is physically possible for you, maybe invest in a bong or a one hitter and switch things up!

Don’t Make Wake and Bake a Habit

This is something of an old stoner’s tale but there is a degree of truth to it. Many seasoned smokers say that smoking first thing when you wake is the worst thing for tolerance. Wake and bake works fine on say a Sunday morning or when you’re on holiday.

Making it a daily part of your functional everyday routine however is said to double the pace at which you build tolerance. The recommendation here; don’t make cannabis the first thing you put in your system when you wake. Have a hearty breakfast, drink some coffee or a smoothie and hold up on the herb till a little later in the day!

Take a Break

The most effective yet sometimes hardest way to keep your tolerance low is to take a break from the herb. This, however, is difficult especially if you’re smoking for medical and not recreational reasons. If it is possible however, taking a break from smoking and marijuana in general even for say two weeks does wonders.

Though the recommended time it takes for you tolerance to go back to zero is anywhere between six weeks and three months, shorter breaks can be helpful too!

Winding Down

Following the tips above should help you keep that tolerance low and that high entertaining and effective! If you’re not planning on taking a break anytime soon, check out some of the glass bongs, bubblers, grinders and other paraphernalia we have for sale online!  

Monday, October 29, 2018 3:52:19 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Following the wide spread legalization of cannabis primarily for medicinal use as well as recreational use in some areas, numerous seniors have taken up smoking. According to a study conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Health, numerous Americans use cannabis for recreation as well as for healthcare purposes.

The question is; why have so many seniors suddenly taken up the habit?

Why More Seniors Have Taken Up the Habit

Given that seniors are smoking cannabis today, we researched some of the reasons why this may be so. Here is what we came up with.


In the past, marijuana was inaccessible legally in most parts of the world. Mainstream medicinal use was unheard of. Legalization has not just made the herb accessible to people. It has also helped in un-demonizing cannabis making more individuals open to trying it out. Further, it is much easier to get hold of than it ever was before.

Legal cannabis also gives people a sense of safety and approval hence the willingness to give it a go.

Pain and other Ailments

Cannabis has become a viable replacement for a number of pain medications. This in particular with regards to opioid based medication which is known for its unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects as well as its potential for addiction.

Marijuana or cannabis is a much safer alternative when it comes to pain medication and is extremely effective due to CBD and THC present in it. Further it can be taken without the fear of unpleasant side effects, overdoes or reaction with other drugs and medication.

Marijuana or cannabis is also prescribed to supplement other treatments. Cancer and arthritis patients are often prescribed cannabis as a form of supplemental symptom relief.

A Pleasant Alternative

Cannabis as many of us know has some very pleasant effects. These include relaxation of the mind and body, an increased appetite and mild elation among others. Many seniors including those who were initially prescribed marijuana as medication, having enjoyed these affects have taken to recreational use.

Among these there are those who have tried the herb in their younger days and are okay getting back to it. There are others who thoroughly enjoy the affects as it helps reduce boredom and keeps things interesting. This is particularly so for seniors in retirement.

Finally there are those who have taken up smoking as a healthier alternative to the previously more socially acceptable substance use – drinking. The fact that cannabis has far less unpleasant side effects in comparison to alcohol and can be taken along with medication are among two of the reasons why this is so.

The Bottom Line

Keeping all this in mind, it makes perfect sense that many seniors would drop their use of substances like opioid based pain medication and alcohol in favor of this benign herb. If you’re someone who counts as a senior and have just taken up smoking – join the club!

For those looking to buy quality glass bongs, bubblers, pipes and other smoking accessories, there is no shortage of accessories and paraphernalia to choose from!  You can even buy your bong online by visiting a headshop like ours! In any case, happy blazing!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 3:18:39 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Choosing a bong for the first time or even replacing an old one in this day and age can require a fair amount of thought. This is because following the decriminalization as well as legalization of cannabis in certain places, manufacturing of smoking supplies has become a lot more mainstream. The result; a lot more to choose from!

The question is where does one begin? How do you go about finding and selecting the perfect bong for yourself?

What to Consider When Finding the Right Bong

When you’re trying to find yourself the right bong, you need to take a few things into consideration. Here they are.

What are you Smoking?

This first question refers to what form you’re smoking your cannabis in. Are you someone who smokes dry herb, do you usually go for concentrate or is it an alternation between the two?

Though it doesn’t make too much difference and though you can smoke both in any kind of bong, it sometimes helps to keep a separate bong for concentrate from the one you use for your dry herb. This is in order to maintain flavor. We will elaborate on this further in the blog.

Shape and Size

Bongs are available in a number of shapes and sizes. These range from those you can simply hold to those you need to rest on the ground when taking a hit. You also have choice by way of shape from the extremely simple varieties to more complex designs.

When trying to figure out the right shape and size for your bong, one of the things you need to do is take into account your smoking habits. If you’re the sort who smokes with a lot of people and usually stick with pipes or joints when alone, a larger design might be more appropriate.

On the flipside, if it’s just you and maybe a housemate for the most part, a smaller design would do too.

Down-stems and Percolators

There was a time when most if not all bongs came fitted with down-stems. Today, however, you are offered a choice between those that come with and those that come without. Further, many bong designs today come with what you call percolators. These are used to filter as well as diffuse the smoke you are inhaling. Again, there are bongs available with multiple percolators and those with only one or two.

We mentioned in the first pointer that keeping two separate bongs was advisable. This comes into play here. Multiple percolators are preferable when you’re smoking dry herb. If you’re smoking concentrate however, you want to reduce the number of percolators as that amount of filtration won’t be needed!    

Cost, Quality and Material

Last but not the least, you need to check your budget as bongs today can range from affordable to pretty pricey depending on what you’re going for. You have different glass thicknesses as well as a range of qualities to choose from.

If you’re the sort to take good care of what you own and are into collecting things, you might want to go for one of the higher quality or novelty bong designs. If however you just want a bong for day to day use, you have numerous reasonably priced or cheap, good quality bongs for sale you can make your selection from.

The only thing that is important is that you’re clear on what you’re looking for.

The Upshot

When you’re looking to purchase a bong, keep the points above in mind and you’ll probably make the right choice! If you’re located in Canada or the U.S. and are looking for cool glass bongs for sale as well as other designs and models, check out our online headshop and take your pick

Monday, October 8, 2018 3:32:42 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Arthritis is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of medical conditions that cause painful inflammation and stiffness in joints. It’s by far one of the most common medical conditions that plague the adult population of the world as recent estimates suggest that 54 million adults suffer from the condition.

With big pharmaceutical companies trying and failing to create a reliable cure for this condition, many people have turned to cannabis to address their symptoms. After all, the drug has been around for millennia and countless civilizations have relied on it for its pain alleviating properties.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look into why it makes sense to use cannabis to treat insufferable pain.

What Does The Medical Research Say?
Read More
Thursday, September 6, 2018 3:04:20 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Cannabis smoking has surged in popularity in recent years. With more and more people using the drug for recreational purposes, a lot of misinformation has started to propagate on the internet.

What make matters worse is that a number of otherwise reliable news organizations have shared these half-baked truths and senseless myths as “facts” which has done nothing but dissuade the occasional marijuana smoker.

To put an end to this cycle of misinformation, we’ve decided to address this issue head-on. Join us as we discuss and debunk some of the most common myths about marijuana.

Myth #1: You Can Overdose On Weed

The biggest lie that gets peddled by concerned parents and people with an agenda is that marijuana is a very dangerous and addictive compound. Owing to its addictive nature, there’s a high chance that you can overdose on it which could send you straight to the hospital.

Anyone who does weed has heard this statement at least once. The problem with this urban legend is that it sounds vaguely plausible. After all, there are many people who abuse the drug and smoke large quantities of it on a regular basis so it’s highly probable that they may overdose on it at some point, right?

Read More
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 3:37:17 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

There has been a recent rise in cannabis smoking among senior citizens in the U.S. As the medicinal value of cannabis becomes more well known to the general populace, it's use in treatment becomes more prevalent and accepted.

Read More

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:52:22 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,
listing choosing bong

What are your criteria for finding a new bong? What should you consider before your next purchase? Find out how to choose the right bong for you!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018 1:48:09 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Is vaping healthier than smoking tobacco? What is the difference? Find out!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018 1:27:17 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

We’re more aware today than we have been in the past few decades with regard to numerous things. One of the areas where we’re now questioning our previous beliefs is that of recreational/medical substances, marijuana in particular.

The past few years have seen a rise in people smoking or ingesting the herb. Many have even traded in their liquor cabinets and home bars for stash boxes, jars, bongs and rolling papers. Needless to say, many of those mentioned are functional adults, more so, many are parents!

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Thursday, June 7, 2018 2:03:40 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Potency in cannabis by many, if not most who use it, is often associated with the strain being smoked, the breed of the plant or the source of procurement. What you need to know however, is that these factors are not enough to determine how potent a cannabis plant may or may not be.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018 2:13:17 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Marijuana laws today permit medicinal use in over 20 states as well as recreational use in over 8 according to an article published in the Business Insider.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018 1:40:08 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned smoker, choosing rolling papers can be a challenging decision. With an unlimited number of papers available online, there is no dearth of great rolling papers. But, not each rolling paper will suit your unique smoking needs.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018 2:13:37 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

The joint is one of the most common smoking methods. Ideal for special events and casual get-togethers, joints are portable, easy to use and share with a group of smokers.

The practice of grinding down your favorite herbs and rolling them up in a paper is can be an incredibly enjoyable, therapeutic experience. But, to ensure your smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible, you want to make sure that you use a well-constructed joint.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018 2:09:00 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Most seasoned marijuana smokers are already set in their ways. They know what they want, where to get it and how to hit it. On the flip side, a number of newcomers are still going through the stages of figuring out what method of intake works best for them.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 12:26:25 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,
bong water temperature

People tend to ritualize their smoking a little. What this leads to is a number of homegrown (no pun intended) theories on what the right way is to smoke, ingest or vaporize your herb. We’re already pretty clear on one debate. Marijuana can be beneficial!

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Monday, March 5, 2018 5:16:23 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,