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There has been a recent rise in cannabis smoking among senior citizens in the U.S. As the medicinal value of cannabis becomes more well known to the general populace, it's use in treatment becomes more prevalent and accepted.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:52:22 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

What are your criteria for finding a new bong? What should you consider before your next purchase? Find out how to choose the right bong for you!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018 1:48:09 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Is vaping healthier than smoking tobacco? What is the difference? Find out!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018 1:27:17 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

We’re more aware today than we have been in the past few decades with regard to numerous things. One of the areas where we’re now questioning our previous beliefs is that of recreational/medical substances, marijuana in particular.

The past few years have seen a rise in people smoking or ingesting the herb. Many have even traded in their liquor cabinets and home bars for stash boxes, jars, bongs and rolling papers. Needless to say, many of those mentioned are functional adults, more so, many are parents!

Smoking for Parents

We have nothing against parents smoking marijuana; in fact, given how much of a liability alcohol can be to family life, marijuana might actually be the wiser option. That being said, when it comes to parenting, even if you are consuming something as benign as marijuana, there are a few guidelines you can follow.

The Dos and Don’ts of Smoking Marijuana for Parents

Below we have listed a few dos and don’ts with regard to smoking marijuana geared towards parents who smoke regularly. Here they are!


We’re going to start with some of the things you can or should do that you might be on the fence about. Here they are!

Do Play With Your Kids Even If You’re High

Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not make you reek, slur or lose your inhibitions. There is absolutely no harm in playing with your children as a smoking parent! Playing with your children while high can actually be a lot of fun, not just for them but for you too. Don’t sacrifice time with your kids because you think you need to come off your herb a little! Just get in there and be a parent!

Do Educate Them

You might have one of your children enquire about the herbs in the jars on the shelf or the funny smell in the living room in the evenings. Do not shy away from educating your children with regard to what marijuana is, how it is used and possibly even why you use it. Education in any case is always better than secrecy, especially when it comes to parenting!

Do Give Where you Smoke some Thought

We’re not the moral police and we can’t really say what would be right or wrong regarding where you smoke. There are those who smoke in front of their families or within the home. There are others who feel it is better to be discreet. You know your family dynamic best. Give some thought to how you would like to navigate your smoking at home. Will you do it in front of the kids or not? Are you going to have an outdoor smoking only rule? It is important as a responsible smoking parent to take these things into consideration.


Where there are dos, there too shall be don’ts. With regard to being a marijuana smoking parent, here they are!

Don’t Leave your Paraphernalia Around

This one is important. Do not leave your herb, your paraphernalia or anything related lying around the house. Further, if you have kids, make sure you store everything in a safe place. Preferably one that can be locked or one they can’t reach. You don’t want your child to mistake your marijuana for something else and then have to contend with what for a child below 13 could only be described as a bad trip (if not worse)!

Don’t Smoke If You’re Pregnant

This one actually applies to both pregnancy and the nursing phase. Even though marijuana on its own might not be too harmful, the pregnancy and nursing period is a delicate one. You want to avoid any needless complications so it is best to maybe put your bong or pipe away till the crucial few months have ended and your infant is on their feet so to speak!

Don’t Make Your Kids Smoke

Though to some of you this might be obvious, you’d be surprised that it isn’t so clear to everyone. It is extremely important not to encourage or allow your children to smoke marijuana. Where marijuana is harmless for the adult mind, it might interfere with natural development for those under 16 (or 18). Just make sure that your kids don’t start smoking before their time!


Smoking marijuana even as a parent is fine as long as you’re responsible about it. It is also important to make sure the bongs and pipes you use are of the right quality to avoid accidents and breakage. If you need to buy a reliable bong online and are in search of some beautifully made bongs for sale, our online store has a whole lot of bongs, pipes and vaporizers to choose from.    

Thursday, June 7, 2018 2:03:40 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Potency in cannabis by many, if not most who use it, is often associated with the strain being smoked, the breed of the plant or the source of procurement. What you need to know however, is that these factors are not enough to determine how potent a cannabis plant may or may not be.

The question remains, if it isn’t strain or breed that determines potency than what exactly is it? What exactly, contributes to the potency in the cannabis we smoke?

Determining Factors

We’re going to elaborate on what exactly determines the potential potency of cannabis. To make things simple, there are numerous chemical constituents working in tandem to produce the effects we feel when we smoke cannabis. Cannabinoids and terpenes are two such bio-chemicals that are most responsible for stated effects.


The two prime existing cannabinoids in cannabis include THC and CBD.


THC is what is responsible for the cannabis high so to speak. It is also known to help with pain and symptomatic relief and is also the constituent responsible for the hunger one feels post smoking. THC is preferred by individuals who smoke recreationally and are looking for an enhanced high. It is also sought out by those taking cannabis for medical reasons such as pain relief. This strain however is not suited to management of anxiety.


CBD is not associated with intoxication. It is linked with pain relief. It is used more frequently by those who need marijuana for medical purposes but are not chasing any other of the herbs more psychoactive effects.

Strains lower in THC but higher in CBD are also well suited to anxiety management.


Though there is a long drawn scientific definition for these, simply put, terpenes are what produce fragrance in plants and other organic matter. In the cannabis plant, these terpenes are secreted by the very parts of the plant that secrete THC and CBD.

Terpenes also add to the high. Cannabis has numerous terpenes and the high might vary depending on which terpenes are present. Some terpenes produce relaxing effects where as others might be mood lifting and so on. Terpenes are also responsible for the effect produced when someone undergoes aroma therapy!

Modes of Consumption & Other Factors

Though the constituent makeup of the cannabis plant is the primary determining factor by way of potency, how you take your herb also has a part to play!


For those smoking or consuming cannabis regularly, the effects of the herb might be far milder than for someone trying it out for the second or third time for instance. Your tolerance to the herb and how frequently you use it plays a big part in determining potency.

Consumption Method

How you take your herb also has a part to play. Where smoking a joint or bong might give you an intense 45 minute to an hour followed by an hour or so of an afterglow effect, ingesting marijuana produces an affect which lasts much longer.


Yes this is a thing. You could have an extremely potent strain sitting out in the open for a few weeks. The trouble here is that with exposure to air, over a period of time, the herb will likely lose its potency though ever so slowly. Keep your herbs airtight and you should be good!

What Do I Go For?

This one is hard to answer over a blog, mainly because it really depends on why you’re taking the herb up to begin with. Is it recreational? Is it to treat symptoms of an ailment? Is it to combat anxiety or sleep deprivation?

The strain you should go for really depends on your needs and what you wish to gain by smoking or consuming cannabis. If you’ve already got your herb and just need something to smoke out of, you might want to swing by our page and check out our collection of cheap bongs, pipes and other paraphernalia for sale online!

Until then, stay safe and smoke smart!    

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 2:13:17 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Marijuana laws today permit medicinal use in over 20 states as well as recreational use in over 8 according to an article published in the Business Insider.

For many who are still unfamiliar with marijuana use but have been partaking for medical or recreational reasons, there are terms and concepts that remain unclear.

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to address some of these terms, talk about what they mean and clarify confusion with regard to the same. The reason for this is so that the next time you enter a store that sells marijuana and condiments related, you know exactly what works for you and what to go for.

Means of Ingesting

Apart from the traditional smoking the marijuana bud via a joint or bong, there are many other ways by which medical users and enthusiasts can take in cannabis today. Of course there are cannabis based edibles such as candy and chocolate for those who are averse to smoking. Alternatively, cannabis oils and special mixes are available that can be smoked in vape pens. Suffice to say, there are adequate ways for those who wish to take in cannabis to do so!  

The Dabbing Debate

This one is not so much of a debate as it is a misconception. Dabbing is not vaping. At the same time, dabbing is not exclusively smoking either. Dabbing is simply taking in the vapors or smoke from a cannabis concentrate in the form of a dab of wax, more commonly referred to as a dab.

Why Dab?

Dabbing is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. For those who use vapes, dabbing is a nice way to get that potent cannabis hit that could have you couch confined for thirty minutes to an hour!

For those who smoke dry herb, dabbing is considered to be the healthier option. The reason for this is the lack of charred plant material present in the smoke produced.

Clarifying the Confusion

Concluding this section, dabbing is not about the instrument or apparatus you use to take in your smoke. It is about the source of that smoke.

In other words, it is only dabbing when you’re using a dab of wax concentrate. Smoking dry herb in a joint or bong is not dabbing. Smoking THC solutions and other non dab concentrates in a vape pen is also not dabbing.

That being said, if there is a dab of wax form cannabis concentrate in the picture, whether you use a vape pen, pipe or bong to take it in, you’re dabbing!

Similarities, Differences and General Characteristics

Whether you’re smoking dry herb, using a vape pen or adding a wax dab to your repertoire, there are a few minor characteristics with regard to the effect that may vary. Of course the essential effect of all these depends on the strength of THC present as well as the strain of cannabis used. That being said, there are variations that we’re going to enlighten you on.

Smoking as a Lifestyle

Smoking cannabis, to many, is not just about getting high or healing rheumatic pains. It is a lifestyle if you will; the preparation going into it nothing short of ritual. Those smoking dry herb would for the most part do so using a bong, a bowl or in a joint or blunt.

The advantages of smoking dry herb would include the fact that you can pretty much pick and choose from a vast variety of natural occurring strains and hybrids. These strains and hybrids offer different benefits, effects and come in varying potencies.

The kicker however is that though science claims otherwise, real life users confidently state that the high achieved from smoking is longer in duration than that from vaping.

The argument against smoking dry herbs relates primarily to the main debate against smoking. This being that it is bad for the lungs due to residual charred plant material that enters the respiratory system. The fear being, long term chronic use could prove damaging.

Vaping being the New Thing

Though many older marijuana smokers remain loyal to their joints, blunts, bongs and pipes, there are some still who have traded in old apparatus for vape pens. Vape pens are meant to be advantageous by way of health. The reason for this is that vape pens use cannabis concentrates, oils and compounds. Further, aforementioned oils and compounds are evaporated within the pen at a much lower temperature than that of the cherry of a joint or bowl. This prevents harmful substances like tar from becoming part of the smoke.

At the same time, at least scientifically speaking, vaping ensures that all the essential oils and constituents from the concentrate needed for desired effect will be transferred. Vapes are also a lot easier to carry around and can be smoked while on the go without risking couch confinement so to speak.

The arguments against vaping include costs, a slight reduction in felt affect as well as the fact that cannabis or THC oils and concentrates can be relatively more costly.

Dabs all Round

Dabs can be smoked out of devices called dab rigs. That being said, dabs can also be added to the top of a weed bowl or to the heating chamber of a vape pen.

Regardless of how you dab, wax dabs are known to be extremely potent. So much so, that first time users are advised not to dab until they have basic handle of the effects of THC through other means of intake. This being said, dabbing is likely one of the most potent intake methods regardless of whether you’re vaping your dab or smoking it!  

What Would Work for Me?

When figuring out what would work best for you, here are some things you could ask yourself:

  • Does the bowl prepping or joint rolling ritual mean anything for me?
  • Do I have any pressing respiratory health concerns?
  • Do I want to smoke to wind down or am I an all-day smoke on the go sort?
  • What potency of high am I looking for?
  • Do I need a lot of variety?
  • What is my smoking budget like?

Answering these questions should help you determine what means of smoking works best for you and if you really need to dab or not! Apparatus like water pipes can be multi functional allowing you do both dab and smoke dry herb!

If you’re looking to buy bongs, pipes or vaporizers online, check out our products or give us a shout for more info! Positive vibes to all of you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 1:40:08 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned smoker, choosing rolling papers can be a challenging decision. With an unlimited number of papers available online, there is no dearth of great rolling papers. But, not each rolling paper will suit your unique smoking needs.

Here are some simple strategies to pick the right ones:


Rolling papers are made of different materials. Each material has its own pros and cons. Avoid bleached papers as they contain toxic ingredients.

Wood pulp, hemp and rice are the widely used papers. Hemp paper is a great choice for beginners as it’s natural, unbleached and easy to hold and burn. It provides a mild, pleasant taste. Although hemp papers burn slowly, they stay lit a long time.

Wood pulps are just like the paper used to make cigarettes. They are easily available on the market and are very easy to use. In addition, these papers burn fast.

But, many wood pulp papers comprise bleach, and produce the most ash. Using a rolling paper with chemicals can adversely affect your health. Not to mention, chemicals can significantly compromise the taste of the joint. On the other hand, rice papers are thin papers made from rice. Generally speaking, rice papers lack taste and burn very slowly.

But, not all rolling papers are the same. It is important that you check the list of ingredients on a paper’s package to protect your health and enjoy smokes.


There are different sizes of rolling papers.

Generally speaking, rolling papers come in widths of single (1½–1¾”), (1¼″–1½″); and double (2½”–3½”). The width of rolling papers varies from one manufacturer to another.

Similarly, the length of papers varies from one brand to another brand. But, it typically ranges from 2¾”–3”.


Finally, the thickness of a paper can be lightweight (fine), medium weight, thick (free-burning) or extra fine / thin.

A thinner paper allows more air to pass through the joint. This makes a joint burn slower. On the other hand, thick papers are easier to roll and stay lit longer.

Using a good paper can make all the difference to your experience. At Bong Outlet, we offer a wide range of rolling papers from reliable manufacturers to choose from. Our rolling papers come in a variety of sizes and materials.

We also provide other smoking products and accessories for sale online, including bongs, bubblers, glass hand pipes, wood hand pipes, metal hand pipes, desktop vaporizers, glass vaporizers, handheld vaporizers, grinders, dab rigs and more.

Thursday, April 5, 2018 2:13:37 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

The joint is one of the most common smoking methods. Ideal for special events and casual get-togethers, joints are portable, easy to use and share with a group of smokers.

The practice of grinding down your favorite herbs and rolling them up in a paper is can be an incredibly enjoyable, therapeutic experience. But, to ensure your smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible, you want to make sure that you use a well-constructed joint.

Rolling a joint requires a bit of practice and patience. If you’re new to joint rolling, here are some tips to improve your technique:

Rolling paper

The paper you pick can make or break your smoking experience. There are different rolling papers available on the market. Available in different materials, each paper has its own characteristics.

As a general rule of thumb, you should opt for high quality, unbleached papers with fewer contaminants. Hemp paper is a great choice for amateur smokers. It’s thin, easy to roll and burns evenly.

Rolling papers come in many flavors and sizes. The size of a paper typically depends on the number of smokers, a person’s tolerance level, etc. That said, 1 ¼ is a popular size option for a few smokers with   low tolerances.

Purchase a good quality rolling paper protector if you carry papers with you. It will prevent papers from tearing.


Grinding is a very important step. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you get a pricey grinder. Metal grinders are perfect because of their durability. When you’re grinding weed, do not rush. This will ensure smooth, even grinding.


Mastering the rolling technique takes time. Many people mix other substances with their herbs. This obviously alters the burn time and flavor.

Placing too much weed in the middle of a paper will cause it to roll unevenly. Instead, spread out the weed on both sides of the paper. You need to make a tube.

Once you start rolling, the weed will spread out, taking your smoking experience to the next level.

Shop for the finest quality rolling papers on From king to double, we offer rolling papers in a variety of sizes and materials.

In addition to rolling papers, Bong Outlet also offers other smoking products and accessories for sale online, including bongs, bubblers, glass hand pipes, wood hand pipes, metal hand pipes, desktop vaporizers, glass vaporizers, handheld vaporizers, grinders, dab rigs and more.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 2:09:00 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Most seasoned marijuana smokers are already set in their ways. They know what they want, where to get it and how to hit it. On the flip side, a number of newcomers are still going through the stages of figuring out what method of intake works best for them.

Intake Methods

Marijuana use has a long and colorful history. People have used a number of methods to get THC in their systems over the years. When it comes to smoking the stuff, we’re talking joints, hukkas, chillums, bongs, glass hand pipes and bowls to name a few.


A method that has risen in popularity of late especially after the commercialization of cannabis oil is vaping. Vaping is done using an electric device called a vaporizer.

Though many enthusiasts would rather stick to their herb, paper and lighter, newer users are more inclined towards vaporizers.

The question remains; what kind of a vaporizer to go for?    

Two Types

The two types of vaporizers available are desktop vaporizers and hand held or portable vaporizers. As their names suggest, desktop vaporizers are larger and usually meant to be kept in one place. Hand held versions are more compact and are built to carry around.

The one you should go for however depends on your overall preferences.

Preferences and Features

We have listed a few basic feature comparisons here to help you make the best pick for yourself!

Where For?

The first thing to consider is where you want to use your vaporizer. If you’re the sort of person who does not smoke during the day but likes to come home to find your gear waiting, the desktop vape is for you!

If you’re more the sort of person who takes a few hits periodically throughout the day and like to have your material handy, totally go for the portable!

Smoke Content

Portable vapes cannot match up to the sheer volume of smoke produced by a desktop model. The likelihood is you would need less hits of a desktop vaporizer to get seriously mellow. That being said, a few extra hits of the portable should produce a similar effect!

If you like your smoke thick and weighty, go for the desktop vaporizer.

Are You Picky?

If you’re the sort of person who just wants your supply on you and are happy with the buzz produced, totally go for a portable vape.

If you fidget a lot and are particular about how you like to take your herb, a desktop vaporizer allows for more options. You can customize things like smoke volume and rate of burning. Portable versions usually come with less customizable options.

Loner Stoner?

If you’re the sort of person who tends to socialize around your stash, a desktop vaporizer will see you through many a stoner sit down and do so well!

If you’re more in it for personal pleasure or solo medication, a hand held version will likely do better!

Dosage and Intensity

Last but not least, portable vapors deliver a much more manageable does of THC for the newcomer. On a flip side, desktop versions can produce far more intense effects. Depending on what you want out of your high, either could work out better!


As you can well see, it really is a matter of choice and preference. If you feel you’ve made up your mind, check out our collection of top of the line desktop vaporizers as well as our range of quality paraphernalia!

Smoke smart and see you soon! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 12:26:25 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

People tend to ritualize their smoking a little. What this leads to is a number of homegrown (no pun intended) theories on what the right way is to smoke, ingest or vaporize your herb. We’re already pretty clear on one debate. Marijuana can be beneficial!

Other Debates

Other marijuana debates include whether to roll it, vape it or put it in a bong. Others include eating as opposed to smoking and dabbing Vs using the actual herb.

We’re going to get into one particular debate today; the bong water temperature debate!

Bong Water Basics

For starters, let’s get into the importance or purpose of bong water. The water in the bong is meant to serve as a kind of filter. It tends to trap the less desirable components of the smoke, leaving you with mainly the good stuff as well as the flavor. The layer of separation is said to make bongs the healthier smoking option.

Temperature Control

For simplicity, we’re going to get into different temperatures of bong water and the effects these have before offering our final conclusion. Here they are.

Hot/Warm Water

Though not very common, a number of smokers use hot or warm water in their bongs. Hot water features and advantages include:

  • Lighter more vapor like smoke which is softer on the throat
  • Better filtration of carcinogenic material
  • Smoke is thinner and has a gentler effect on the lungs
  • Opening of pores due to warmth allows for a soft yet appealing high

Room Temperature Water

The only kicker with room temperature water is that it is convenient. Other than that, it does not have any glaring significance save from the regular filtration. Given that this is the most widely used, there isn’t much we can share here that you don’t already know.

Cold Water

Cold water bongs are probably the first fun thing you do once you get your head around your bong and marijuana use. It’s kind of like dressing on an already sweet salad! Cold or icy bong water features include:

  • Thick or condensed quality of produced smoke that results in a bit of a punch when inhaled.
  • Enhances the freshness of flavor in your herb
  • Can be hard on your throat but does get you a little more high

The Winner?

There really is no winner here. After much research not to mention discussion among seasoned smokers and farmers as well as doctors and scientist, the conclusion to date is simple. Besides the effects we mentioned, there is no clear better or worse option here! It is more a matter of preference than anything else.

What Does Matter

What does matter is maintenance. As we said, the water serves as a filter so keeping your bong water fresh and your bong clean is far more significant that the temperature you choose to smoke at!

If you’re looking for glass bongs as well as a bunch of other sweet material, check out our online bong shop! We’ve got a bunch of bongs and numerous other products that you might find useful!

Monday, March 5, 2018 5:16:23 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Without herb grinders, the marijuana smoker’s life would have been quite difficult. In fact, before the time of grinders, these poor potheads had to crush weed with their bare hands.

A weed or herb grinder is a small device that can help crush marijuana leaves into small grains. These tiny grains can then be easily fitted into the bong or pipe the smoker is using.

Why Have Weed Grinder


Here are some other advantages of the herb grinder:

  • It maintains the rigor of marijuana.
  • It leads to a better smoking experience.
  • It ensures that not much of weed is wasted.
  • It removes the stem.

How Herb Grinders Work

If you are new to the marijuana scene, you might not know how the grinder works. This is how you go about it:

Generally, a grinder has an upper and a lower chamber. The upper chamber is the one that has teeth that are used to grind the leaves. You place weed on the grate and smash the two pieces against each other. This will crush weed and the grinded particles will fall through the grate, collecting at the bottom.    

What to Look for When Buying an Herb Grinder

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Friday, January 26, 2018 3:01:52 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Recently, there has been a surge in the cannabis community. This can be attributed largely to the types of devices and materials that are available. For instance, earlier it was just dry herbs, but today people can smoke a wide variety of substances including wax, oil, rosin, distillate, etc.  

A Bit About Dabbing

If you are a seasoned pothead, you might know all about dabbing. However, if you are new to the cannabis game, you might not be all that knowledgeable.

Dabbing is a portable form of cannabis consumption. The process involves heating up a nail with a blow torch. While it’s getting heated, the wax or oil is moved towards the top of the nail, creating pure vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user creating the ultimate experience.

The most common tool for dabbing is dab rig – a small bong-type material with a mouthpiece for vapor inhalation.  

Here are some differentiating factors between dab rigs and bongs:

Bowl or Nail?

The most significant difference between a bong and a dry rig is the container that goes into the joint. For bongs, it is bowl. This allows users to consume dry herbs and flowers with a traditional lighter.

On the other hand, a dab nail is attached to the joint. This allows the user to vaporize concentrated oils and waxes.

Material Being Smoked

As mentioned above, bong is used to smoke dry herbs. Dab rigs can be used to vaporize THC concentrates, including wax, oil, or honey.   

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018 5:15:45 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Are you on a quest to find the right bubbler? Weather a seasoned smoker or a newbie, building a collection of bubblers is always fun!

The key is to not get ripped when looking for bubblers. There are several shops that sell you bubblers for double the price. Reseaching right means you could even find shops that sell bubblers for half the price.

While for many of us, it might not be possible to find branded bubblers, but that’s not a reason enough to settle with low quality products.

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying bubblers online:



If you want the best smoking experience, it is best to go with the best quality bubbler, even if that means paying a little extra. In past there have been acrylics, or plastic material were considered to be the most go-to material. They have so far been highly affordable materials. But ever since the evolution of industrial manufacturing, glass has surpassed these materials in terms of affordability and durability. But be sure when looking for products made of Soft Glass. It is made of questionable materials. It’s soft and easily breakable. When looking for the material of your bubbler, make sure you know it’s hard glass, hard glass would ultimately be thicker, you’d know!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017 2:32:20 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Online shopping has taken the world by storm. It is much easier to buy and sell products online. Just by sitting at home you can browse through a never-ending variety of products, surf through hundreds of choices before selecting a product which is just perfect for you.

If you have decided to get into the realm of vaporization or are just looking to update to a new design or any other reason, and just don’t have enough time on hand, getting it online could be your best chance!

But what about all the negative things you have heard about getting your vaporizer online? Well honestly, you are not alone in this. Many people have formed false opinions of online vaporizer shopping. This is largely due to the lack of knowledge.

Let’s start off by clearing out such myths, one at a time:


Buying Vaporizer Would Be More Expensive

The idea that vaporizers would be more expensive if bought online is a widespread misunderstanding. In reality, online retailers have now started stocking up on vaporizers, enabling them to offer lower prices. The pricing of the products is only fairly done. Overall online shops are cheaper because they don’t have any overhead cost.

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Monday, December 11, 2017 1:10:36 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Many smokers have the habit of pulling their nugs apart manually or stuffing the whole chunk into the bowl, not realizing that they are marginalizing their smoking experience.

Whether you’re smoking marijuana for medical reasons, or for leisure, grinders is something that you should never skimp over. A grinder turns the whole nugget into fine grains, which make it optimum for air flow and allowing easy access to terpenes and cannabinoids in the vaporization process. A grinder makes the whole smoking process more efficient and the effects more powerful.

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Friday, November 10, 2017 2:31:07 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

More than 20 States have legalized marijuana because of the various medical benefits that it provides. Smoking is a great way to ease pain and anxiety, increase creativity and metabolism, and is even proven to impede the spread of cancer.

Bong Outlet provides a one stop solution for all smoking needs. Whether you are consuming for medical purposes or leisure, you can find everything you need at our online store.


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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 12:42:47 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Buying a glass pipe is a significant decision for many smokers. These are precious things for them that they want to hold on to for decades. This is one reason why cleaning and maintaining glass pipes is important.


Glass Pipes – Why Do They Require Cleaning And Caring?

If you smoke tobacco, cannabis, or any other herb, it becomes more important to clean your pipe to cut down health risks. Resin can smell and look unpleasant, and its tar compounds, such as carcinogens and carbon, as they continue to burn, impact the health of the smoker negatively.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017 5:58:58 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

 As people become more aware of the harmful effects of inhaling smoke, they are on the lookout for alternative ways to enjoy the benefits of different dry herbs.

Vaping is one such example. However, a new phenomenon called dabbing is quickly gaining popularity as well.

Dabbing is about inhaling vapor that is produced by heating up herb particles. If you have tried dabbing and had a great experience, may be you are willing to invest in your own dab rig.

However, before you proceed, you must first familiarize yourself with how dab rigs work, their benefits, and the common mistakes that people make when buying dab rigs so that you don’t make one.

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Monday, October 2, 2017 5:55:36 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Are you planning to switch vaping? Do you want long lasting and better quality hits? Then desktop vaporizer is what you need!

Desktop vaporizers

The Godfathers, desktop vaporizers are more advanced vaping devices named after their primary function and form. They come in larger designs, have a powerful heating system, and greater material capacity. Since they need additional power to operate, they need to be connected to a power source.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 2:32:42 AM America/New_York By Bong Outlet Comments,

Bubblers are considered the mini-me of bongs. They cool smoke through water for a smooth hit. However, since they are smaller in size, they are easy to set up and use. Along with this, they offer clean and filtered taste.

There are two main styles of bubblers: the classic bubbler and the smaller spoon bubbler.

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