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- Joint : 14 mm
- Color : Blue

Additional Information

Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Blue

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  1. review by Henry on 2016-04-11

    Pretty good bowl. No problems so far. Can't go wrong for 10 bucks.

  2. review by Bruno on 2016-03-23

    Works perfect and didn't spend that much super fast shipping

  3. review by Zachary on 2016-02-01

    Very nice and thick bowl with thick handle. Holds more herb than it appears, will last a long time.

  4. review by bonnie on 2016-01-05

    always a good idea to have extra clean bowls on standby, this thick walled soldier has already survived a nasty fall with zero damage inflicted, i like the coin handle but it's so thick you can just grab it by the bowl itself without burning your fingers, i have a feeling this bowl will stand the test of time

  5. review by Christopher on 2015-02-11

    Good sturdy unit. I've had no problems with breakage; my tab is intact. My only whine is that it seems to "Cash" in the centre quickly; I advise use of a glass jack or brass screen with this bowl. That cashing issue aside it's of a proper size, can be half-packed and still burn well, and overall is a nice piece. PERFECT for two people fully packed.

  6. review by mathieu on 2015-01-23

    great little bowl, the little tab on the side breaks easily... mine broke. but the bowl itself is great and still useable

  7. review by Tyler on 2014-10-19

    Over all a great bowl its easy to clean. Perfect for packing single hits. Super thick

  8. review by Ross on 2014-09-16

    Awesome bowl. Had the same one but clear and has lasted a decade.

  9. review by Ioan on 2014-03-26

    super nice bowl ! always get my hits trougt it and awsome size. for the prize its a very good deal .

  10. review by Chris on 2014-03-12

    Great bowl, still serving me strong. Can pack alittle or a lot (_=1.5 gm)
    Easiest bowl to clean ever

  11. review by Connor on 2014-02-26

    Bowl seems small, but it is actually holds. It holds alot of herb and makes for a good hit.

  12. review by Will on 2013-12-28

    I bought this bowl a few months ago, and while it lasted it served me well. The bowl it sell is massive and you could pack a ton of urb in it, too bad it broke pretty easy when dropped : \

  13. review by Luke on 2013-12-19

    Works awesome for me, i can pack a deep bowl in this but its not wasteful..

  14. review by James on 2013-11-07

    great bowl I love it. it goes extremely well with my bong ( also bought here ) will order again!

  15. review by Adrian on 2013-11-06

    Nice thick bowl. At first, the handle hanging oddly to the side wasn't doing it for me. Maybe its the camera cause this thing is AWwesome Bongoutlet really needs to put the updated/correct photo up, many people have probably passed up a gorgeous piece.

  16. review by Smokey on 2013-08-26

    nice deep bowl, holes not to big or to small. matches my bong perfectly.

  17. review by Andrew on 2013-05-24

    Great bowl very strong and solid, awesome for bongs and waterpipes, sweet handle, great price

  18. review by Joshua on 2013-03-31

    Very Nice Quality Well Made Nice thick Lift Handle.
    Bowl is good for Up to 3 or 4 depending on your smoke style.
    I like it.

  19. review by niel on 2012-12-27

    Nice quality overall. The size is good for a few people, but great for one. Well made.

  20. review by Tamer on 2012-12-12

    the piece is small but the glass is thick. i wish the bowl was a little bigger but for a couple of people it is perfect. highly recommend for the price being offered.

  21. review by Miguel on 2012-11-08

    Simple.. but do the work for only ten dollars best deal price/quality

  22. review by Michael on 2012-10-09

    Nice Sturdy bowl. The blue bowl matches my blue ashcatcher, a nice combo.

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