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Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Clear

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  1. review by Jesse on 2016-05-02

    I've bought other bowls from here and all have been awesome! Thick, and packs a good bit in.

  2. review by Elyse on 2016-03-13

    Great piece I have to say. It packs way more than I thought it could at first.

  3. review by Haden on 2015-04-16

    Very thick bowl. Best bowl I've ever bought. Worth the money

  4. review by Zack on 2015-01-13

    Shipped fast, great piece, will come back for a second purchase

  5. review by Dakota on 2014-05-28

    Its a nice size bowl, the glass is very thick worth the $10.

  6. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    I like this bowl but as other reviews have mentioned it does tend to get stuck. The whole is on the small side. That's a great thing if you want to avoid waste though!

  7. review by Erik on 2014-03-27

    Solid construction with a nice sized bowl. Clean lines, great pull tab. Shipped fast too.

  8. review by John on 2014-03-15

    Great bowl works great with a glass screen, easy to scrape and clean with a paperclip and hot water and q tip, quality bowl comparable to the Hoss YX12. Handle is actually round and there is a capital NG(Nice Glass) on it- great deal compared to $30

  9. review by Elias on 2014-02-18

    The whole is a little small. Other than that crazy thick and easy to clean

  10. review by Saori on 2013-10-07

    Nice piece to have as a spare for a bong/bubbler. Smaller than I thought (Some reviews said it's a big bowl and some said it wasn't - I kind of took my risks on that) and mine came with a bigger handle than as shown. Seems sturdy (:

  11. review by Justin on 2013-09-01

    Super sick packed fat bowls that put me on my ass. The screne was not able to work but it was chill without the screen. Deffinatly recomend it.

  12. review by adam on 2013-05-24

    really deep bowl love it and its very derible i dropped mine one concrete and theres not even a scatch very good deal

  13. review by Brendan on 2013-03-05

    Unreal for the price, its so thick! At my local head shop these go for $20 and up so buy this before there gone.

  14. review by Christopher on 2013-02-21

    Very high quality bowl, it would take a hammer to shatter this thing! The joint is super smooth and nicely tapered, slides very easily. Could not possibly be happier with it, especially at such a low price!

  15. review by Eric on 2013-02-19

    This bowl is solid and I cant see it breaking unless you try to. Great purchase!

  16. review by Benjamin on 2012-10-03

    Bought this for a nice small bowl to use while friends are around. They seem to break bowls but not bongs haha.

  17. review by brandon on 2012-09-13

    can't wait . AND IT LOOKS EIES TO CLEAN

  18. review by Dwayne on 2012-08-11

    Cheap nice and thick but first product im not really happy with, the hole is way too small hits like crap and gets clogged up way too easy. Fail for me anyway.

  19. review by Dimitri on 2012-07-25

    Amazingly thick, and has amazing potential. fits the screen like a champ.

  20. review by Brian on 2012-07-13

    great bowl, dont need to pack alot to get a big hit with this bowl, small hole which is nice so nothing gets sucked down/wasted

  21. review by Kyle on 2012-07-12

    This bowl is great, exactly what i was looking for: really good size bowl, its large! I can't think of words to describe the bowls hole, but perhaps saying its exactly what you want will suffice. Real thick walls on it assures me that its not breaking due to flaws!! nice grip, long enough that you don't have to touch the actual bowl when its hot.
    My take: Solid bowl, really nice quality, im stoked!

  22. review by stephen on 2012-07-07

    Great bowl, very cheap, thick glass. Has a small hole so no need for screens or anything.

  23. review by kenny on 2012-05-22

    this is a great bowl very big good thickness and perfect

  24. review by Sameer on 2012-05-20

    This bowl is really good and it is also very thick, so overall this is a pretty good bowl!!!!!

  25. review by adam on 2012-04-24

    The hole is really small and some of the pieces get stuck and it can be annoying as hell to continually have to blow it out. Overall nice piece and very sturdy. I would recommend accompany with a screen so the pieces don't get stuck in the hole.

  26. review by Vincent on 2012-04-23

    theres an awesome bowl here ready to be deverginised, what can youy ask more? its fucking solid (can i say fuck? i mean, people who get here smoke weed so maibe i can say fuck...... ANYWAY ill say FUCK when i FUCKing want.) so what i was fucking saying? /yeah right, its a bowl, FUCKING TOUGH and... it do the job :)

  27. review by chris on 2012-04-16

    boul piece is solid hole is a little small but with screen it can be worked with overall a nice piece and look forward to buying more from such a great site

  28. review by john on 2012-03-07

    This bowl is really thick glass, and a big bowl too. I got 1 free in my order

  29. review by Caleb on 2012-01-25

    the bowl hole on the piece is way too small. hits like shit. only good thing is its hard to break.

  30. review by Krystin on 2012-01-17

    Nothing bad to say about this piece. Super thick. Super deep. Probably will never break. Great product.

  31. review by Michael on 2011-10-27

    Seems like there is less to go wrong with this piece, Some other items ive bought from this website have been rather Shitty.

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