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  • BOWL 18mm - 3 Pinched Straight BOWL 18mm - 3 Pinched Straight

BOWL 18mm - 3 Pinched Straight


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Buy BOWL 18mm - 3 Pinched Straight of Clear color. It have a For 18mm female joint

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Joint Size / Type For 18mm female joint
Colors Clear

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  1. Love it great little piece review by Larry on 2016-12-16

    Love it great little piece if you're working with the right stuff this is all you need great price as well about to purchase another accidentally broke the handle on one of them have been wanting to purchase some extras so this is giving me a reason to do so I am about to load up king kush lmckk77@gmail if in need.good smoking to all

  2. review by Allison on 2016-02-22

    I received a defective piece. There was no pinch screen. Just a strsight tube with three skinny little nubs that reached no where near the center to create a "screen". So disappointed. I wish I could share a picture. I sent pictures to the customer service email and was told i could still use it, and then no further communication. I sent two more emails explaining that I'd like to exchange it for a proper replacement. They're refund policy is clear: all sales are final. Fine. But, the site also says exchanges are allowed if the item is clean and returned in original packaging. Now I'm stuck with this POS. It's a gamble. Glad I only spent $10. Lesson learned. I'll go pay 45 at the shop.


    Replacement shipped Feb 23 2016.

  3. review by Christopher on 2015-12-30

    If you're buying this piece in order to smoke poppers I'm sad to say that the piece is slightly to big for a batch rip and some weed will fall through.

  4. review by ken on 2015-04-13

    this is huge.....perfect size....and FAST shipping thanks.....

  5. review by benny on 2014-10-02

    great lil one hitter perfect for solo sesh def worth the $$

  6. review by darren on 2014-07-08

    Nice ice pinch bowl worth the price a perfect ads on to a bubbler

  7. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    Perfect for a full bowl hit on bigger 18mm bongs, no mess left behind.

  8. review by Austin on 2013-11-17

    Great piece I love it it hits so well and it is also very easy to clean. Great price too!!!!!!!!

  9. review by hung on 2013-10-30

    got it couple day ago hit great recommand it to anyone

  10. review by Kristina on 2013-08-10

    This Bowl is great!!!!!! Good airflow, nice size Its Perfect!! A+

  11. review by matt on 2013-08-07

    Just bought this bowl piece based off of the reviews it is currently in the mail along with an ash catcher from this site cant wait to try it out

  12. review by Michael on 2013-07-20

    Ya this bowl is awesome, I used a hot hit wand with this and it fits perfect in the bowl when blazing it up and when packing it up, it seams like its made for it!! Very NICE :)

  13. review by kay on 2013-07-07

    you gotta have a pinch slide man, it goes great with any piece, the quality of the glass is amazing too, i highly recommend this slide, for 10 bucks its worth it!

  14. review by Josh on 2013-06-09

    Great bowl. A little bit big for a one hitter but i still really like it

  15. review by Russell on 2013-05-27

    Great for solo smoking love it! the price is great too and aswell the shipping was amazing... thanks for the bonus spoon pipe(tiny little pipe) much smaller than the last ones.

  16. review by Ian on 2013-05-12

    Don't underestimate this little thing, it's the most used bowl I own. It's the perfect size for smoking alone and in one of the 7" 6 arm bubblers I can clear the whole thing in one shot without ever pulling the bowl out, producing no smoke at all. You can use it without a screen just fine but after a while I ended up installing a small screen to keep my bubbler cleaner and so I can pull harder.

    It's also pretty thick glass for the size so you'll probably own this for the rest of your life if you don't lose it.

  17. review by Cory on 2013-04-16

    Just arrived a few minutes ago to Tennessee and it took about 5 days on the normal speed shipping. The last bowl I had for my bong was WAY too big! I ain't Snoop for christ's sake! This bowl is a great size and makes my bong much more enjoyable to smoke than a gravity bong. Without breaking the bank each time I pack it! I found a couple cheaper ones on other websites, but they didn't have a roll stopper and I bet you they wouldn't come this fast!

  18. review by Leonel on 2013-03-31

    awesome perfect for solo ! thick glass. unbeatable price

  19. review by Gabriel on 2013-03-20

    awsome one hitter ! couldnt ask better its thick and got build in screen !

  20. review by Ashton on 2012-12-15

    bowl rocks great alternative to massive party bowls that come standard

  21. review by Josh on 2012-11-26

    These are great! I have the Super Thick Single Wall as well but this is my favourite.

  22. review by Clara on 2012-10-23

    I'd have to agree, this bowl is perfect for solo sesh!

  23. review by Dwayne on 2012-08-22

    I already purchased the 14 mm of this bowl i was extremely happy great for a 1 hitter, figured the 18mm would give a little more bang.

  24. review by Clayton on 2012-06-23

    These are my favorite bowls for solo smoking. Just the right amount of space and no need for an ashcatcher. Great upgrade.

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