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17.5" [GENIE] 7MM Liquid cooling freezer water  bong - Green
17.5" [GENIE] 7MM Liquid cooling freezer water bong - Green
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great service

my order has just shipped can't wait for it to get here i have to say great customer service they an ...

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04.Stainless ASHTRAY - 3"
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5.5"  2 IN 1 OIL DOME Bubbler / oil rig
It has a decent hit but the mouthpiece makes it harsh, you h ..
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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials
Deece by Kyle Date Added: Thursday 03 November, 2016
Pretty good shipping, fair prices, Selection isn't the best but its alright, all in all, it was a pleasant experience
Will buy from again by Stephanie Date Added: Friday 23 September, 2016
I made the purchase 8pm Tuesday, they shipped around noon Wednesday, and I received the package 7am Friday. There is some paint chipping on the top but for $18 USD, it's great. I love the free gift as well. I will definitely order from here again, even with the paint chipping. I expected a lot worse for the low price.
Very Satisfied by CJ Date Added: Saturday 10 September, 2016
Just received my second order from Bong Outlet and it arrived three days ahead of what the tracking initially showed as the delivery date. Everything was as described/looked and in pristine condition. There was an extra pack of screens and a free glass pipe included for free. Thank you very much for the service and going above and beyond. I highly recommend this site and will be back! :)
Still waiting. by Dylan Date Added: Thursday 25 August, 2016
Well, i only ordered here because the people said it was fast, I've been waiting for almost a week so i don't know about fast. the other site said it would take 4-5 days, i've been watching the tracking and its pretty slow, i know the delivery isn't this sites fault so ill update or write a new review when i've received and tested my product.
Recent orders by Chris Date Added: Monday 22 August, 2016
This website has consistently been my go to for 5 years.
They keep high quality products and have always handled any issues
Five out of five
Ms. by E. Date Added: Tuesday 02 August, 2016
In the area I live in it was impossible to find a replacement part of what I really needed, went online, found your site and with the great prices, solved my problem!! Thank you for your efficient shipping and fast service. Your prices are what sold me, and I thank you!! 60 yr/old still enjoying life and with your products, it's now a lot easier! e
great by Christina Date Added: Monday 25 July, 2016
the tiny 6" i got its amazing compared to my friends 6" from a different place. its very sturdy and shipped fast.(i love all the packing peanuts they put in there)
Best ever! by Farren Date Added: Tuesday 19 July, 2016
Best ever! Such an amazing product for an even more amazing price! Came to my house in Florida in 6 days in perfect condition, very well wrapped, also discreet shipping. Got this beaker bong for only 35$ with 5$ off, free screens, and a free pipe. I will be using only this site for future purchases! 110% recommend! _3
100% Recommended by Ryan Date Added: Wednesday 06 July, 2016
This website provides an incredible product. I've purchased products on 4 occasions and each time the experience gets better. The process is easy, quick and reliable. I made a purchase on 7/5 and received my new bong on 7/6 in Philadelphia. Amazing. The quality of the bong is even better than I could have imaged. I' will only use this site and always recommend these guys.
Mr. by Shane Date Added: Sunday 03 July, 2016
A great little bong with a great big bowl! Well worth the $13.99, plus it came with free screens and a free glass pipe! Win!Win! I will definitely be ordering more things in the future. Thanks Bongoutlet!!!
Perfect Addition by rory Date Added: Friday 01 July, 2016
Was a little wary a first but the ash catcher turned out to be a perfect match for my piece. Received quickly and safely.
Broken Water Pipe by Mary Date Added: Saturday 18 June, 2016
Broken Water Pipe So I got my piece today and immediately poured water into it and it started to drip out of the bottom, so I decide I was going to make do and deal with one tiny crack. What bad can one crack do to a decent smoke, well I found out today I lit the tobbaco and start to smoke and immediately here a loud pop and feel water in my lap, it ruined my cell phone, and other pocket items. I demand either a replacement or a refund, if I do not get either of these do not expect any more business from me.

We are sorry to hear that your order was damaged in transit. We've shipped a replacement and it's on the way.
Best Company by Austin Date Added: Monday 13 June, 2016
No words can express the way I feel, I was very skeptical at first. I thought something may go wrong with the shipping or something may be broken but nothing was! My order came within 6 days of me ordering. They were fast cheap and the best part was each piece I bought was PERFECT actually better than I expected. Thank you so much Bongoutlet!
Piece by Anthony Date Added: Wednesday 08 June, 2016
I love the piece it was amazing it hits smooth the only thing I didn't like is that it took for ever to get here
great service by Maurice Date Added: Tuesday 10 May, 2016
I just wanted to say that i am really impressed with my shopping experience here. my order was processed quickly and the delivery time was satisfactory. It was rather quick to be honest. The product is a good buy for the price works well i am happy. I will be returning to make more purchases in the future.
Mr. by Stuart Date Added: Tuesday 10 May, 2016
This was my first experience with Bong Outlet. The selection and prices were very good. I ordered a small glass bong and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the glass. The order was shipped very quickly and arrived two days before the projected date. I will shop here again and recommend you to my friends.
Rocks by David Date Added: Tuesday 10 May, 2016
Love shopping from Bongoutlet. Great products and Great service!

Thank u Bongoutlet
This company's products are the best by Gary Date Added: Monday 18 January, 2016
I have been buying bongs and products since 1972 in the states. This Canadian company's products are 110% the best I have had for the moday, hands down. I received my products on sat. 16th 2016 an when I unwrapped my bong ( which was packaged wright ) i was floored. the glass is thick well made i purchased the 11" Ghost. Today i am ordering another I was waiting to see quietly because of price i was not sure what i would get. a lot of company's give a low price and that;s exactly what you get low quality products. But i figured what the hell let;s give them a try not much to loose. And i am glade i did I have a new company . I also purchased the pirate four part grinder the quality is great ( would of liked to see a black one with some red on top but that's me ). very heavy and the magnetic top is great.

One thing for buyers in the the states understanding the delivery service was not great we just get better info. ( not exact on tracking info knowing the day it will come ) But the package came and was well boxed. The only thing i would like to see them do is put out some upscale bongs. With the way they over look the product they put out i would not hesitate to purchase an upscale product. I have gotten upscale product from a lot of places and the quality is just not there and your out 2 to 3 hundred dollars. The bong does not look like the picture and your nervous to hold it because it will break in your hand. But i would not hesitate to purchase one from this company. because of the quality of there low end product!u
My recent purchase by Vanessa Date Added: Wednesday 16 December, 2015
I'm very pleased with my purchase. I placed my order on a Friday, and received it on the following Wednesday. The order was discretely packed and everything was wrapped well. This site is very attentive to the customer's needs, making the whole process of shopping an easy thing.
I will be returning with my business and will pass on this site's information.
ghost bong by Vicki Date Added: Wednesday 16 December, 2015
ghost bong It was everything and more than we expected. Very excited when we recieved it in the mail. All in perfect condition. Smokes smooth and nice. Loved the extra added gifts sent with it. Couldn't be happier. We will definitely be ordering from this company again. Thankyou for your excellent business.
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