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  • DOWNSTEM - DIFFUSED : 6 in. / 18 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT) DOWNSTEM - DIFFUSED : 6 in. / 18 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT)

DOWNSTEM - DIFFUSED : 6 in. / 18 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT)


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- Diffused Downstem - Length : 6" - Joint Diameter : 18mm(Outter) / 18mm (Inner)

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  1. review by antony on 2014-11-08

    I got this downstem to replace my original downstem from this bong that i had broken :
    It's a little shorter than expected , i was originally going for a little bit longer of a downstem but i gave this one a chance and it turns out it also works a LOT better than i expected.
    (i just found out that having a little bit shorter of a downstem kinda gives more of a bubbler-ish feel to the bong's diffusion, which is great, cause you still get good diffusion but you get a little bit more taste)
    Very good diffused downstem

  2. review by Bryan on 2014-05-08

    Bought this for my 3 ft water pipe I made and its amazing , I love it hits better with the diffusers!

  3. review by Jacob on 2013-11-28

    Ordered as an extra for a larger 18mm bowl and it does what it's supposed to. diffused is just a plus.

  4. review by Jennifer on 2013-11-13

    La paille est beaucoup plus courte que je ne le croyais.... fonctionne quand meme mais je dois mettre plus deau ds le bong

  5. review by Nathaniel on 2013-11-01

    This downstem is really nice and thick BUT its only 3" from the frost tip down. I saw the measurement of 4". Its a little misleading, I have to put more water than i normally would in my bong to cover it. Will be purchasing anotherdown stem but its an error by me.

  6. review by Andrew on 2013-08-12

    Shorter than expected but still works fine. I was expecting the stem itself to be 6 inches so it turned up shorter but it's a fine, sturdy piece

  7. review by Mike on 2013-07-29

    pretty good. shorter than i expected but its not a problem

  8. review by Chris on 2013-07-07

    needed to replace a downstem , and knowing that everything ive got on this site has been very durable, i decided id order on here instead of going to the headshop, and it was the right choice

  9. review by Nicholas on 2013-05-20

    Awesome stem ! Nice quality and very usefull to swap parts on your bong.

  10. review by Maria on 2013-04-20

    Nice stem. Great quality. Incredible price.

    I bought this downstem to replace the 14mm(in)/18mm(out) downstem that came with my waterpipe. It does excatly what I needed it to do and now all of my 18mm accessories work perfectly with my new bong. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

  11. review by Justin on 2013-04-06

    Very nice and thick peace of glass that was made with pride. Works very well and price is unbeatable.

  12. review by Jay on 2013-02-12

    solid purchase for any bong. at $8 for a well-made diffused downstem you can never really complain. seems decently sturdy/thick. no complaints here, i would recommend checking how long you need your downstem to be though because this was definitely shorter than my original 6 inch downstem

  13. review by Brae on 2013-01-30

    Noticeably smoother hits. Does its job at a great price!

  14. review by Kyle on 2012-11-30

    Very thick quality glass. Bong outlet never disappoints!,

  15. review by Hope on 2012-08-02

    The shipping was excellent got it in three days from canada!!
    The glass tube to where the percolator slits are happens to be too large in diameter so it won't fit inside my RooR so i wish i could trade this in or something...

  16. review by Tyler on 2012-06-08

    Works so amazingly great. Ordered the wrong size ash catcher for my bong, this made it work so perfectly. Now I see that I didn't order the wrong size, I just didn't order all the right pieces.

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