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  • DOWNSTEM - 6 Fingers DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT) DOWNSTEM - 6 Fingers DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT)
  • DOWNSTEM - 6 Fingers DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT) DOWNSTEM - 6 Fingers DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT)

DOWNSTEM - Showerhead DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT


Metal Slider - 5 in.

DOWNSTEM - 6 Fingers DIFFUSED : 5 1/2 in. / 14 mm (IN) / 18mm (OUT)


94 43 100 0


- 6 Finger Diffused Downstem
- Length : 5 1/2"
- Joint Diameter : 18mm(Outter) / 14mm (Inner)

Additional Information

Material Borosilicate Glass
Joint Size / Type Female 18mm >> Female 14 mm
Downstem Type No
Length 5 1/2 inch(14cm)
Shelves No
Section No

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  1. Great review by MSK on 2018-10-23

    This down stem is great. Does not require a ash catcher. This piece can/is delicate so handle with care. Well worth the effort.
    Just my $ .02

  2. Love this piece review by Sarah on 2017-01-20

    I absolutely love this piece, fits perfectly on bong stem. Creates a clean drag of clean smoke.

  3. good downstem review by Jennifer on 2016-11-05

    These things help the diffusion so much and there's so many bubbles be delicate with them and they'll last a long time

  4. review by Nicolas on 2016-09-02

    Very good downstem that adds tons of perculation but fragile

  5. review by Chris on 2016-08-28

    This downstem is by far the best way to add percolation without adding bulk, i highly recommended it

  6. review by Donovan on 2016-07-19

    fragile but worth every last cent would recommend to anyone who can take very good care of this piece.

  7. review by Gordon on 2016-07-04

    Adding this to a 1-6 arm perc bong made the hits smoother! Worth the price i paid for.

  8. review by Isaac on 2016-05-03

    Amazing on my roor little sister. Makes it a whole new piece. Thick and durable, gets clogged semi easily and hard to clean, but we'll worth it. Broke after a ps4 controller fell from quite a height, but the perc fell of and a small downstem remained

  9. review by Henry on 2016-04-11

    Good quality. Instant upgrade to any bong that it will fit in.

  10. review by Vince on 2016-04-06

    Great downstem has no drag and cools the smoke perfectly for a classic bong with no percs

  11. review by Kyle on 2016-02-11

    Oh man! This goes perfect in your old reliable straight tube bong. I had it in mine and couldn't believe how hard it ripped.

  12. review by Kashmir on 2016-01-11

    Have two of these and couldn't ask for a better down stem

  13. review by bonnie on 2016-01-05

    great idea, the 6 fingers give a different feel in the water rumble, and helps keep my water clean longer than with typical downstems, and the cherry on top is that it's thick strong glass, you can feel the quality in your hand through the weight of the glass ,

  14. review by Brandon on 2015-12-11

    I'm not sure why I waited to get this, its a great addition. It was slightly shorter than I had thought. Still works with every piece I own.

  15. review by Chris on 2015-09-01

    The one I got was 5 1/4" overall, 4" from bottom of joint to tip.
    Lots and lots of bubbles with almost zero drag. Worthy addition to any bong that will fit it.

  16. review by Ryan on 2015-07-29

    (Shorter then advertised -1) This thing is amazing. its like going from a open end down stem to a slited down stem all over again. And takes a bit of drag out of the bong too.

    But it might be more of its lenght to do with it. The one I got measures in at 5 3/16" from the rim to the end and 4 3/4" from the joint to the end. So a 1/4" short pending on how you look at it.

  17. review by Alma on 2015-04-25

    Great downstem but to delicate for me :( broke it a week later upon receiving it.

  18. review by Arturo on 2015-03-24

    Great piece to go with my new ghost bong can't wait for it to join the family

  19. review by jessica on 2015-03-22

    Got a genie double perc I got this to upgrade and I love it. On the then side so def a delicate piece.

  20. review by cory on 2015-03-06

    Great downstem, loved this thing, but the day I knew would come came quicker than I hoped. Broke it after having it about 2 weeks. Was nice tho.

  21. review by Jacob on 2015-02-12

    i ordered this downstem around Christmas, and sadly its broken. only took only light tap from my friends foot, while the bong was sittin on the floor, for all the arms to break clean off

  22. review by Angelo on 2015-01-27

    Makes my 8 arm perc Bong the smoothest bong I ever had for the cheapest I ever spent ! Love this with my blue ash catcher I also bought from here RIP TUPAC NATE DOGG EAZY E BIGGIE SMALLS BIG L

  23. review by Tommy on 2015-01-05

    This thing is amazing really works great would recommend to anyone

  24. review by Jeremy on 2014-12-28

    It's a good piece the fingers at the end look very fragile and they wrapped it up pretty good in packaging

  25. review by William on 2014-12-24

    Amazing buy made me realize where you can really improve a bong... Perc down stems for everything now!

  26. review by wyatt on 2014-12-09

    This is a great buy, and worth the money. Percs are fragile but works great.

  27. review by Tyler on 2014-10-19

    Alot smother hits but its thiner glass and alot hard to clean. Would recommend a ashcatcher or a screen so all the ash dosent get stuck in the fingers

  28. review by benny on 2014-09-21

    very good piece definetly recommend to anyone its worth the $$

  29. review by Andrew on 2014-09-03

    earlier than expected shipping, not the thickest glass but it is worth the $16 for sure. highly recommend this product but don't drop it!

  30. review by Ryan on 2014-08-23

    This is a fantastic downstem. You can really tell the difference, it creates a ton of bubbles. I have it paired up with the 26' clear bong. A must have!!

  31. review by Eunice on 2014-06-30

    works like a charm but very fragile so be extremely careful. Peace

  32. review by Wiz on 2014-05-28

    Makes for the fastest shipping in the world, arrived at my post office In two days makes any hit super smooth! (:

  33. review by Damon on 2013-10-18

    Badass Downstem, makes the hits so much smoother, would definitely recommend to a friend!!!!!

  34. review by Colton on 2013-10-16

    Good piece, creates a lot of small bubbles for a nice clean smooth hit, glass is thin on the fingers part

  35. review by joseph on 2013-10-01

    Down stem is sick but fragile, pleased again needless to say

  36. review by James on 2013-09-21

    Glass thickness average for this downstem. Percs well, smooth hits, good value, good piece.

  37. review by Stephen on 2013-09-19

    love this its a great addition to my bong its defiantly a great buy for any piece

  38. review by taylor on 2013-08-08

    Definitely worth every penny I ordered this piece with my 18inch water pipe its cleans the hits up very well together they worth like a 500 dollar pipe with a diffuser. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

  39. review by mason on 2013-08-07

    i got it in about 5 business days so like a week and broke 2 days really thin glass i dont like that and it broke when my Hoss fell over the Hoss survived because its realy thick glass

  40. review by Miguel on 2013-08-03

    works really well but finger are quite fragile don't drop it

  41. review by Ryan on 2013-07-29

    Package came in 5min ago, really smooth straight glass, no cracks, took 2days to ship=very fast. Hits like a champ on my plain gear crown bong, looks and hits like a custom hand made downstem that you would pay 130$ for at you're local head shop! There's a free pipe that came too that I gave to my Gf, guess every purchase gets one, and a pack of larg brass screens.
    Thanks bongoutlit, I will Forsure show everybody this site. Ps I payed 10 cause I had bong out lit points, so I only paid for s&h

  42. review by Chris on 2013-07-18

    Great Quality! Low Price! And Will Smooth Out ANY Bong! Definitely A GREAT Buy

  43. review by Devan on 2013-05-18

    great downstem makes hits so smooth have it in my 16 perk bong

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