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  • I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 15.5' Length I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 15.5' Length

I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 15.5' Length


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Quick Overview

The I-Tal Hemp Wick is an all-natural solution offering a clean burning flame designed to remove the chemical dangers of using butane lighters. Made with organic hemp saturated in organic beeswax, the I-Tal Hemp Wick provides more flavor by removing the nasty taste of metal or butane. The I-Tal Hemp Wick is an ideal flame source for use with the VaporGenie and other flame-driven portable vaporizers. Quit using nasty butane lighters that won’t stay lit and grab some Hemp Wick today!


- 15.5' Length
- Is healthier for the earth and for you.
- Is made from 100% all natural hemp and 100% organic beeswax... and is 100% biodegradable.
- Eliminates foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes, like those produced by traditional lighters.
- Provides a clean burning flame (no chemical tastes) for the smoking connoisseur.
- Allows you to totally enjoy the full flavors of your favorite smoking blends.
- Will inherently prolong the life of your other lighters, which reduces the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year.
- Can be used as a candle for repeated lighting of objects.
- Is a must for all smoking connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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  1. Really like this hemp wick. review by Sarah on 2017-01-03

    Really like this hemp wick. its is scentless which is nice. Stays lit and burns real clean. i suggest anyone to use this no matter smoking out of bong pipe joint etc. Remember that you can make your lights last longer with this item.

  2. review by Christian on 2016-04-25

    Great product they got everything you at :)

  3. review by Alex on 2016-02-11

    This product is something you can never have too much of, so I say buy it...Its an easy way to help your lighter live longer!

  4. review by arjun on 2015-05-16

    No harsh butane tast
    taste much better
    I would recommend stocking up on these
    because you'll fid yourself wanting to use this a lot LOL

  5. review by Austen on 2015-03-25

    works great, burns well, weird how much it helps though. if you have extra cash and wanna treat yourself then this is the way to burn your herbs

  6. review by Hayden on 2015-03-21

    Great for enabling you to taste whatever it is your smoking through your pipe, also perfect for not tasting/inhaling butane etc

  7. review by Alison on 2015-02-05

    A must buy! Stock up because once you try hemp wick you'll never want to go back! When you're smoking at home... use a lighter (one time) to light a candle and just keep lighting the hemp wick off the candle. I've had 2 Clipper lighters and 1 Bic lighter since before Thanksgiving. Definitely worth it.

  8. review by George on 2015-01-16

    Works great and burns just like you'd expect. Much better than a lighter.

  9. review by Duane on 2014-12-23

    This stuff is really the only way to smoke anything, its good for light cigars, blunts, bong rips and its the best on the spoon pipes! 10 star rating because 5 star is a down statement of the livability of this product!! Thanks bnongoutlet! 5 years customer!

  10. review by Sean on 2014-11-13

    Taste much better than butane and it's fun to use lol.

  11. review by matthew on 2014-10-21

    this stuff is great! saves lighter fluid and makes the bud taste better. best used with a bong get some its only 7 bucks

  12. review by eric on 2014-10-02

    Love this stuff! Much better than tasting butane! Great stuff and worth a try.

  13. review by benny on 2014-09-21

    very good piece definetly recommend to anyone its worth the $$

  14. review by Brandon on 2014-09-09

    Works better than I thought it would. Smooths things out nicely and slow burning. Took no time to receive.

  15. review by Damon on 2014-09-04

    Love this stuff, makes bong rips taste way better!

  16. review by Dakota on 2014-05-28

    This is really worth the money, it lasted me a long time.

  17. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    Very nice when you can sit down and enjoy a bong hit. No butane for sure is a plus!

  18. review by tyler on 2014-02-24

    amazing smooth and organic AWESOOME totally worth buying highly suggest

  19. review by Chris on 2013-12-24

    I love this stuff. Makes for a much smoother hit and you don't have to worry about the butane taste or the unhealthy chemicals

  20. review by Sean on 2013-12-09

    Best money I've ever spent. This is a must have if you're looking for a noticeably smoother hit. It burns slow and can corner a bowl like a boss!

  21. review by Ian on 2013-10-26

    Amazing product, probably the best 7 dollars you will ever spend, makes smoking so much smoother.

  22. review by connor on 2013-08-17

    cool product, great price. smokes so much smoother

  23. review by Zachary on 2013-08-15

    Not too bad definitely worth the money. Great for trying to be a little more discreet rather than flicking your lighter about 30 times, also much less harsh on your lungs. Most definitely a must have for any bong or hand pipe owner. But hands down the best advantage to using hemp wick is how well you can corner the bowl, rather than torching it if you don't exactly have finesse with a lighter.

  24. review by kay on 2013-07-07

    so much more healthy than butane inhalation, love it and makes the smoke taste a little better you must have the I-tal hempwick its the best!

  25. review by derek on 2013-05-19
    Rating this... the best 7 dollars u can spend on this site. taste so much better with no butane.

  26. review by Chris on 2013-05-04

    first time using a WIC product absolutely a must buy for anybody who smokes several times a day cuts down on that harsh aftertaste of the butane, and I'm sure it's healthier than using butane

  27. review by Robert on 2013-02-07

    Great taste ill never use a lighter again! Great tester buy it stock up!

  28. review by Michael on 2013-01-30

    Makes those bong hits taste soo much better than that usual butane taste!

  29. review by Brendan on 2013-01-18

    Makes your smoke taste better/cleaner, plus better for your health.

  30. review by Chelsey on 2013-01-18

    I love this hemp wick. It rally does change the way you smoke. It makes it much smoother and you will definitely taste the difference.

  31. review by Nana on 2013-01-08

    Great product! I am so tired of the chemical taste of butane, this just makes my pieces even better for smoking!

  32. review by Allied on 2012-12-10

    if you hate butane bong hit this wick is for you makes the taste from your budski that much better :)

  33. review by Evan on 2012-12-10

    Nice wick, tastes way better, gonna go for the lighter wrap next time. Thanks!

  34. review by brandon on 2012-12-08

    SICK WICK LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. review by Ryan on 2012-11-30

    Is what it is...Worth the money.....LIGHTNING Fast shipping...Ordered it at _4:20_pm on thursday, received shipment by 11:00 am the next freakin day...Bonus little dry pipe and screens + Free shipping over $50....Best deals on the Web........BONGOUTLET KILLS EM ALL

  36. review by Chad on 2012-11-23

    Is what it is...Worth the money.....LIGHTNING Fast shipping...Ordered it at _4:20_pm on thursday, received shipment by 11:00 am the next freakin day...Bonus little dry pipe and screens + Free shipping over $50....Best deals on the Web........BONGOUTLET KILLS EM ALL

  37. review by Shane on 2012-11-14

    It's great! No more tasting nasty butane from your lighters.

  38. review by Wyatt on 2012-08-18

    Definitely a good but not mandatory investment. Wrap it around your lighter for good times and clean hits.

  39. review by Nicholas on 2012-07-11

    Works as advertised, tastes so much better than matches or a lighter. Definitely worth the $7.

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