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  • I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 3.5' Length I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 3.5' Length

I-Tal Hemp Wick - The Original 3.5' Length


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Quick Overview

The I-Tal Hemp Wick is an all-natural solution offering a clean burning flame designed to remove the chemical dangers of using butane lighters. Made with organic hemp saturated in organic beeswax, the I-Tal Hemp Wick provides more flavor by removing the nasty taste of metal or butane. The I-Tal Hemp Wick is an ideal flame source for use with the VaporGenie and other flame-driven portable vaporizers. Quit using nasty butane lighters that won’t stay lit and grab some Hemp Wick today!



- 3.5' Length - Is healthier for the earth and for you.
- Is made from 100% all natural hemp and 100% organic beeswax... and is 100% biodegradable.
- Eliminates foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes, like those produced by traditional lighters.
- Provides a clean burning flame (no chemical tastes) for the smoking connoisseur.
- Allows you to totally enjoy the full flavors of your favorite smoking blends.
- Will inherently prolong the life of your other lighters, which reduces the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year.
- Can be used as a candle for repeated lighting of objects.
- Is a must for all smoking connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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  1. First time getting some of my own! review by Jacob on 2016-11-21

    First time getting some of my own! Tried b4! Works good! Shipped same day! Cheap too! And small

  2. review by Brittnee on 2016-08-11

    I love using a hemp wick. It'd do much easier to light my bowl and you can definitely taste a difference. Get this $2 roll to test it out!!

  3. review by Andreas on 2016-07-15

    first time trying hemp wick and its pretty good but id rather just use a lighter as its more convenient

  4. review by Isaac on 2016-05-03

    Didn't actually find a use, Bics are more convenient and you're putting toxins inside your lungs regardless

  5. review by Christian on 2016-04-25

    This hemp wick is perfect smaller but good for travel or to put on your lighter great taste. 5 stars! I love this place.

  6. review by Earl on 2015-05-01

    Sometimes it doesn't stay lit, overall an okay product though

  7. review by abigail on 2015-04-18

    Does exactly what it's suppose to. Cleaner hits with no chemical taste. Burns a little fast, but I love the fact it's organic and biodegradable as opposed to plastic lighter.

  8. review by Aric on 2015-04-15

    Good for the price. I can't tell a big difference between this and a lighter

  9. review by Moe on 2015-03-12

    Good flame and slow burn. A steal for $2 and no butane taste.

  10. review by asia on 2015-02-03

    Whole new smoking experience, flavors really stand out and the hits are smooth and enjoyable!

  11. review by eric on 2014-12-11

    It gets rid of that butane taste and helps save the life of your lighters.

  12. review by Julia on 2014-11-24

    It's OK, there is better hempwickout there but if I-tal does the trick. I find it to be too waxy but definitely mitigates the butane taste.

  13. review by austin on 2014-10-14

    Whole new smoking experience, flavors really stand out and the hits are smooth and enjoyable!

  14. review by mathieu on 2014-09-20

    Great product. Just cut it in half and wrap it around your lighter and you'll have a hemp wick wherever you go

  15. review by Tyler on 2014-09-16

    I loved it and it burned like a charm. tasted like pure heaven and I will buy this over and over again.

  16. review by Kyle on 2014-09-08

    love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love itlove it love it love it love itlove it love it love it love itlove it love it love it love it

  17. review by Jake on 2014-08-25

    i love this stuff! works great. no flavor. no butane in lungs. i would recommend you get the large size!

  18. review by Gabriel on 2014-08-18

    Makes your hits much much cleaner! Makes it so no butane reaches your lungs and you get a nice flavor.

  19. review by Brittany on 2014-08-01

    makes the hits much smoother and you dont get the flavor of the chemical from a lighter! great buy

  20. review by joe on 2014-07-11

    delivery was a little slow.. but it was well worth the wait! im very pleased with the package i got today! ill be buying again soon!

  21. review by John on 2014-07-11

    Great deal for two dollars, kind of runs up quickly but oh well buy more with every order you make.

  22. review by Brandon on 2014-06-07

    For 2 bucks you can't go wrong! Great way to try out hemp wick without having to buy a big roll.

  23. review by Dakota on 2014-05-27

    This tastes ALOT, better than a lighter get it if you smoke alot.

  24. review by David on 2014-04-08

    bought this little piece of hemp for two bucks just to give it a try see how long itll last me and im impressed i have to get more of these im planing on get the roll for 20 to 30 dollars for it on ebay overall great product cheap for making ur lighters last

  25. review by Caitlin on 2014-04-05

    Really easy to light and makes the flavor much smoother! Looking forward to less headaches.

  26. review by Scott on 2014-02-18

    I don't see what the hype's about. It burns quickly and its a hassle to use...I'll stick to inhaling butane :/

  27. review by Jake on 2014-02-13

    Great hempwick, lasted me a very long time and works fantastic

  28. review by Michael on 2014-01-02

    This thing is great. That the butane hit so I dont have to! Also it extends the life of my lighter about double. Great product, I must have for serious smokers.

  29. review by bryan on 2013-12-27

    great deal for only 2 dollars. Makes hits taste even more herbal and less like chemicals, I recommend it

  30. review by matt on 2013-12-09

    Holy shit! This is great! easy to smoke and does the job!

  31. review by Kyle on 2013-12-04

    Tastes great, SOOOOOOO much better then a butane lighter.

  32. review by Cameron on 2013-11-23

    Great product, gets rid of that butane lighter taste

  33. review by nikko on 2013-10-14

    its okay makes soming alittle more fun sadly i lost my hemp wick

  34. review by owen on 2013-10-09

    Will never use a lighter again. Tastes great, no lighter fluid taste, more natural.

  35. review by Tyler on 2013-08-31

    Personally, I would not have bought this product. However, after noticing all the comments from other purchasers who essentially swear by it, I figured I would give it a shot! If this stuff is as good as they say it is, I will never use a lighter again!

    I bought this, a bong, and some cleaner. I must admit that these prices are unreal, I have not found a place in my town that even comes close to these prices! WTG BONGOUTLET!

  36. review by Sophia on 2013-08-06

    Ordered this again with a new bizong!!! love it!!!

  37. review by Brett on 2013-07-15

    Works well. Tastes and feels healthier then a butane lighter!

  38. review by amanda on 2013-06-12

    i decided to try it out and i thought it was just a super convenient, it helps my lighters last a bit long only bad thing is it burns a lil to fast for me but it was overall pretty good.

  39. review by bryan on 2013-06-10

    this is a great way to get rid of the butane taste in the smoke! especially for the price lol will be buying again!

  40. review by Mason on 2013-04-26

    I bought this just to see if the hemp wick was really better than just a lighter and I was surprised on how much better the taste was. Great product, highly recommend to improve your experience.

  41. review by Ray on 2013-04-18

    Great product. Will buy again. Fast shipping. More words to make this review 50 characters long so I can get my dollar.

  42. review by Debra on 2013-04-05

    Great product. Will buy again. Fast shipping. More words to make this review 50 characters long so I can get my dollar.

  43. review by Reed on 2013-03-13

    Is good and portable, easy to use and great for bongs and pipes

  44. review by Matt on 2013-02-16

    This stuff is a cool and easy way to improve the taste of the smoke.

  45. review by Michael on 2013-02-13

    Makes all your tokes taste soo much better and way more natural.

  46. review by Brad on 2013-02-11

    If you are a real smoker and you like to taste your bud get this, so much better than butane from a lighter, and it feels neat lighting it this way.

  47. review by Hannah on 2013-01-24

    So much better than lighters. I would definitely encourage anyone who's a real smoker to use this.

  48. review by Rich on 2012-12-21

    Makes for an awesome, different smoking experience. Much better taste. Highly recommend!

  49. review by Mitchell on 2012-12-21

    amazing product! def helps take away butane taste on bong hits

  50. review by Kevin on 2012-11-21

    Loved the hemp wick. It didn't burn to fast and allowed me to enjoy the flavor of my favorite blends. Need to buy some more definitely.

  51. review by Heather on 2012-10-26

    Just a great deal, good hempwick for a great price. Lasted me longer than i expected. Good product!

  52. review by Ryan on 2012-09-15

    i like wat its made of, i like the way makes the hit taste of just weed, i like how it doesnt burn my fingers as lighters often do.

  53. review by Austin on 2012-09-11

    Love this stuff, better the B line in my opinion and definetly better then butane!

  54. review by Ryan on 2012-08-14

    Makes my smoking experience much more mellow and enjoyable. No more annoying lighters, pick up some of this stuff if you want the best smoking experience possible. Will be picking up the hemp wick lighter sleeve soon, love it!

  55. review by Tristan on 2012-07-20

    this thing is awesome there's no butane taste at all anymore, such a great buy!

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