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  • Juicy Jay's Papers - Assorted - 3 Packs Juicy Jay's Papers - Assorted - 3 Packs

Juicy Jay's Papers - Assorted - 3 Packs


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Quick Overview

Juicy Jay’s® rolling papers are fully flavored papers, not just at the gum strip like many other brands. These rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural flavors of your smoke.


- 3 Packs
- 32 leaves / pack
- 5 g
- 80 mm x 25 mm
- Assorted (Strawberry kiwi / Blueberry / Grape)

Additional Information

Accessories No
Paper Size 1 1/4
Brands Juicy Jay

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  1. Good purchase review by Jade on 2016-11-24

    Good purchase I will definitely be buying again some time soon !!

  2. Great product review by Melissa on 2016-11-22

    Great product and I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

  3. Love joints! review by Jacob on 2016-11-21

    Love joints! First time with juicy jays! Can't wait! Same day shipped! Wish it was pick flavors, hate grape flavored things but willing to see if its exception

  4. review by Nicolas on 2016-09-02

    Great papers but prepare to roll some fat ones tho, these fuckers are big

  5. review by Isaac on 2016-05-03

    Great papers, but they were forgotten in my order:( I ordered a lot of stuff tho so we cool fam

  6. review by Christine on 2016-01-06

    Best rolling papers out there! Juicy Jays never seem to let me down!

  7. review by Ryan on 2015-06-11

    Awesome!!! Taste good smoke good look good!!! All good!

  8. review by Aric on 2015-04-15

    Cool papers the grape has the most flavor then blueberry but strawberry kiwi doesn't really taste like anything good for the price

  9. review by Connor on 2015-03-18

    The taste is barely there but it's still noticeable enough to be better than regular papers. Worth the 4$ in my opinion.

  10. review by Chantelle on 2015-02-20

    These are great. Roll super easy and burn beautifully. Slow burning and great quality for such a low price.

  11. review by Celesta on 2015-01-22

    Great flavor, slow burning. Best i have ever used.

  12. review by chris on 2014-12-30

    Ill be honest after reading the reviews I had mixed feeling but purchased anyway. I would say they dont roll any worse then other papers however the "flavor" is really non existent. Just a lil sweet when rolling the paper closed.

  13. review by Cody on 2014-10-09

    Juicys are the perfect j, I'm normally a blunt person but first time using these and they worked just fine.

  14. review by Khalid on 2014-10-04

    They're refreshing. Burn a little quicker than normal papes but its good for a change

  15. review by Travis on 2014-08-19

    these things taste amazing i love grape the best and my girl likes blue

  16. review by Trevor on 2014-07-22

    Wicked awesome papers!!! roll easy, stick good, burns pretty slow, taste good (the grape ones especially) and there 3 for $4!!!

  17. review by Bastien on 2014-07-05

    those paper taste good and smooth smoking good price i recommend to everyone

  18. review by Tyler on 2014-06-27

    I love love love these papers there's so... Juicy haha threw a party got these to roll with and everyone loved em the flavors are great and couldnt ask for more. Thanks. ND THANKS FOR THE FREE GLASS SPOON!!!!

  19. review by Dhah on 2014-06-25

    Nice price on these papers. will last me a long time.

  20. review by andrew on 2014-06-24

    My friends always used to make fun of these, but once I got them to smoke one, and they were huge fans! The flavor is great, and burns very slow!

  21. review by David on 2014-05-05

    got these bad boys for my brother birthday and a pipe its his first so these papers will come in handy.also like bongoutlets wide selection of papers all flaviors never overall fast shiping cheap prices cant go wrong i recommed this product if u like slowburning flavior your in the mood for thanks

  22. review by Tristan on 2014-04-04

    They taste great! Definitely worth the $4 price. This website

  23. review by Faith on 2014-04-04

    Tastes great and very durable paper. Definitely will buy again. Unfortunately Canada Post delayed my order so it came over a week then it was suppose to but that isn't bongoutlets fault

  24. review by Tyler on 2014-03-11

    I just received these papers yesterday with my order. They smell so good and are very durable! I would recommend these to anyone who likes to smoke loose leaf tobacco or medicinal legal herb. Great product and I will definately be coming back for more. Thanks Bongoutlet!

  25. review by Nigel on 2014-02-18

    Great flavour, high quality paper, and just overall awesome!

  26. review by Elias on 2014-02-18

    Papaers burn slow roll easy and taste nice nothing better

  27. review by Jake on 2014-02-13

    Good papers, taste fantastic. definitely will buy more once I run out

  28. review by Brendan on 2014-02-12

    Very nice, cool designs on these papers i love looking at them when im amoking!0&

  29. review by Richard on 2014-01-17

    These papers are great and taste amazing when you seal them. Very even nice burn.

  30. review by clay on 2013-12-02

    Greta papers, taste like legit candy. I really like how it's an amazing deal and a good variety. Definitely worth buying.

  31. review by Kyle on 2013-11-25

    Smoke great taste great definitely buying more . Thinking about that chocolate milk. ha

  32. review by Eric on 2013-09-13

    Tastes like candy mhhhhhhhhmmmmmmhhhhhmmhhhhhhmmmmmm, Candy!!!!

  33. review by Stephen on 2013-09-07

    These things are a lot better than I expected they roll great taste great and burn great

  34. review by connor on 2013-08-17

    great selection of flavours. glue isn't the best but they taste awesome

  35. review by Aristarkh on 2013-08-10

    good papers, great flavors! i like grape and blueberry the best. the fruit designs on the papers themselves are really fun to look at

  36. review by Virginia on 2013-07-29

    Awesome variety of flavors! They all taste great!!!

  37. review by Brett on 2013-07-15

    Great variety of flavours!! easy to roll! I suggest lightly licking the back of the gumline as it sticks much easier and makes rolling that much easier.

  38. review by Chris on 2013-05-08

    these are quite honestly the best papers I have ever used , and the three flavors they include with the assortion are some of the best. As far as papers go these are best

  39. review by Jessica on 2013-04-19

    They smell so good, taste even better! Such a deal, well worth the 4$

  40. review by Chris on 2013-04-18

    Taste great, burn smoothly, definitely the only papers I'm gonna smoke with now

  41. review by Ray on 2013-04-18

    supper fastt shiippppping!!!
    the papers taste pretty good when you lick your lips and they burrn so slow

  42. review by Nicholas on 2013-04-17

    Good papers , great flavors , 3 packs , enough said .

  43. review by Skyler on 2013-04-17

    Great deal these are normally like 3 bucks each. Wish there was more selection though.

  44. review by Reed on 2013-03-30

    Very nice, good quality and great to have! You can really taste the flavors when you smoke

  45. review by Michael on 2013-03-20

    These papers smell very nice, and make for a better tasting joint. The grape is my favorite :) i've rolled some nice ass joints with these papers.

  46. review by Sean on 2013-03-16

    Great deal and great flavours. Grape is the best though.

  47. review by Julia on 2013-03-12

    lol people spend 3.99 on one pack. Its safe to call this a deal. Grape is amazing!

  48. review by John on 2013-03-03

    Fast shipping and great price for awesome tasting papers!

  49. review by eric on 2013-02-06

    good papers not great but good they r pretty think but they tend to run really easily

  50. review by Evan on 2013-02-04

    Three awesome flavours for a great price, what else can i say but thanks!

  51. review by Brenda on 2013-01-16

    I love these Rollie's 3 flavours so awesome I love juicy jays

  52. review by Elliott on 2012-12-27

    these are perfect, get 3 different flavours, 3 packs where i live is 8 bucks such a ripoff

  53. review by Martin on 2012-12-24

    Just recived my juicy jays there great they come in 3 diffrent flavors.

  54. review by Mitchell on 2012-12-21

    Got this three pack. Can't say they are the best tasting rolling papers...

  55. review by Alex on 2012-11-18

    these dont stick for shit iv rolled with all 3 of them and have to lick multiple times to even stick and by then the whole joint is screwed up.

  56. review by Wesley on 2012-11-04

    These papers are great, taste good, roll nicely, definitely worth the purchase!

  57. review by Heather on 2012-10-26

    Fairly nice papers. I love that they come in three different kinds to keep my options open. Great deal for the price!

  58. review by ave on 2012-09-19

    Great papers very yummy and 3 flavors :) very fast shipping!

  59. review by justin on 2012-09-06

    Just got these today along with my first zong, both of my very first purchases have exceeded way past my expectation. I can promise you I will be making future purchases

  60. review by A. on 2012-05-20

    yummmmmy. These are the best priced flavoured papers anyone can find.

  61. review by Daniel on 2012-05-09

    love all the different flavors!!! its nice to change things up every now and then

  62. review by Maha on 2012-05-09

    These are great! Came quick and smoke great! I love them!

  63. review by justin on 2012-04-26

    great taste and fun for a party with newbs to the smoking game. Nothing burns better than a white zig zag though, nothing.

  64. review by Austin on 2012-04-11

    a great buy for only 4 bucks! they taste amazing too.

  65. review by Noah on 2012-04-01

    Great papers and great flavour and such a steal for the price

  66. review by tiffany on 2012-03-14

    love the taste great design, and can't best the price love them

  67. review by Carol on 2012-03-04

    Taste great came here in 2 buisness days I like the variety of the flavors aswell and the price is great

  68. review by James on 2012-02-09

    These papers are great i love how the pictures of the fruit are on the paper. Also very quick shipping.

  69. review by melanie on 2012-02-08

    Nice price, nice tastes, worth the little 4$,and fast shipping

  70. review by Michael on 2012-02-06

    These are great papers. They taste great! Yum Yum Yum

  71. review by Nicholas on 2012-01-31

    Very good papers. Nice taste. Will be back for more considering the fast shipping and price.

  72. review by Alanna on 2012-01-20

    Overall quick delivery and great flavors, I'm a happy customer!

  73. review by Zachery on 2011-12-23

    tastes great, arrived quickly, just as advertised. no complaints

  74. review by Timothy on 2011-12-22

    Great deal, arrive within a day and is just as advertised. The papers were not damaged at all.

  75. review by Vincent on 2011-10-26

    Nice price, nice tastes, worth the little 4$, thats all i have to say.

  76. review by Nicolas on 2011-09-26

    This is a great add-on to your cart. One pack alone would easily cost you 3 dollars! Great buy.

  77. review by Nick on 2011-09-21

    These papers cost 3 bucks a piece from a local headshop this is a nice deal to throw in with purchase

  78. review by jake on 2011-09-16

    juicy jays are a pretty good standard paper. i prefer zigzags a little more though. these papers actually taste pretty awesome, but they burn kind of fast and can tear if you're not an experienced roller. that being said, these are some of the better flavors and its not a bad deal compared to my local head shops. not a bad thing to grab with my bong order.

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