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  • Mouthpiece with clip - 14 mm (7 in.) Mouthpiece with clip - 14 mm (7 in.)
  • Mouthpiece with clip - 14 mm (7 in.) Mouthpiece with clip - 14 mm (7 in.)

Mouthpiece with clip - 14 mm (7 in.)


96 19 100 0


- Mouthpiece with clip
- Length : 7"

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  1. review by adam on 2015-05-16

    Got this in today to use with an ashcatcher and bowl, absolutely love it!

  2. review by Andrea on 2015-04-23

    Super cool, but acts as a straw for water with some ashcatcher attachments. BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPLASH. Other than that, super f*cking cool.

  3. review by Jason on 2015-03-03

    Got this in today to use with an ashcatcher and bowl, absolutely love it! This mouthpiece turns your ashcatcher into a badass bubbler.

  4. review by Scott on 2015-03-03

    The coolest piece of glass I think I have bought to date. This item for me, was one of those things you buy and you don't realize just how cool it is until its in your hands. I love this thing! I feel regal as heck smoking with this thing attached to my shower head to honeycomb ash catcher, accompanied by my smaller bowl ash catcher combo. Excellent!

  5. review by Skylar on 2015-03-03

    great conversion piece. perfect for attachment collectors, it turns one piece into many!

  6. review by Ryan on 2014-04-15

    This sherlock pipe turns any run of the mill attachment into a super sweet bubbler! I highly recommend purchasing it, just don't drop it as it looks fragile.

  7. review by Richard on 2014-01-17

    This thing will change your smoking experience if you have any ashctachers. I now have a showerhead bubbler and a 6 arm bubbler thanks to this piece.

  8. review by Omar on 2014-01-11

    It is amazing with an ash catcher I absolutely love it.

  9. review by Carl on 2014-01-08

    this mouthpiece is a awesome addition to my ashcather, turned it right into a bubbler. THAT HITS GREAT!! it's nice that it comes with keck clip, that way your mouthpiece wont slide off. totally happy with this.

  10. review by Erick on 2013-12-16

    This goes great with my ashcatcher. I now have a bubbler without having to buy one. Best buy yet

  11. review by Joel on 2013-09-28

    This piece is one of my favorites. It can fit so many things. Plus its only 17 bucks! Turns any 14mm ashcatcher into a bubbler. I'm very pleased with this one. Thanks guys

  12. review by CJ on 2013-05-21

    Great piece works great with ashcatchers! Shipped in about 5 days!

  13. review by Brendan on 2013-03-05

    One of my best purchases ever, it has so many functions and well worth the money 5 stars!

  14. review by Tyler on 2013-01-28

    I'm now the proud owner of both a coil bubbler and an inline bubbler thanks to this great little purchase. For 17 bucks it's probably the most useful piece of glass I'll ever buy.

  15. review by alec on 2012-07-16

    Works so good with the 14mm inline ashcather well worth the money just buy it smoke a bowl dont think twice

  16. review by nick on 2012-07-09

    great pipe, it works well, looks great and hits great. you can use it with just about any attatchment defenately a good buy for 16.99.

  17. review by Miles on 2012-07-05

    An ashcatcher attachtment on this awesome gandalf pipe rips like a boss

  18. review by Dakota on 2012-06-22

    I ordered this piece along with the 10 inch 1 x 3 finger perculator water bong. I use the ash catcher from that bong to turn this Mouthpiece into a bubbler. It hits smooth and it was well worth the buy.

  19. review by Jake on 2012-05-29

    This is a great product. Does what it's supposed to.

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