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  • Mouthpiece with clip - 18 mm Mouthpiece with clip - 18 mm

Mouthpiece with clip - 18 mm


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- Mouthpiece with clip

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  1. review by Chris on 2013-05-04

    awesome investment for anyone who has several ash catchers for their collections you can instantly create several new bubblers to use when you're in a situation where a two foot bong is not optimum

  2. review by Russell on 2013-04-26

    Clip is a pain to get on. Great little piece tho, put a bowl or a ashcatcher works great. If you want quality this is the place to buy. I still prefer to pay a little extra and get a one piece bubbler but thats my opinion.

  3. review by Leonel on 2013-03-31

    This is a must put an ashcatcher on and turn it into a bubbler.

  4. review by Patrick on 2012-08-07

    Easily worth the 17 dollars, ships very fast and its truly amazing. Thanks bongoutlet

  5. review by Sawyer on 2012-08-05

    This is a must but if you have even one glass on glass bong. you can give it the bowl and turn it into a pipe, or put an ashcatcher on and turn it into a bubbler. it's very ergonomical too

  6. review by Beaux on 2012-08-02

    This piece is just amazing just like the person above me said, forget a bubbler just get this piece and attach one of your favorite bong attachments and i swear to you it is the most smoothest hit i have taken in a long time. I got this with the 18mm Ash Catcher/ Showerhead perc and it is just amazing i've had it for 3 days now and it is the only thing i toke out of.....just upset at myself for spending $100 for a cool piece at my local smoke shop when i should have just waited for this. So far everything i have bought from Nice Glass has not let me down! Also remember this is an 18mm i do not believe they sell it in a 14mm but trust me this is the one you want! FOR THE WIN! AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

  7. review by Lamar on 2012-06-21

    This is a great piece at a good price. If you have an ashcatcher for a bong, you should just order this instead of a bubbler. Gives off killer smooth hits, so smooth that I'm about to use it right now. Great customer service and I will be ordering again!

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