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  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14)

Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Blue (14 / 14)


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- 11 Fingers Percolator Ash catcher
- 5\" Height
- Neck Joint : 14mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm

Additional Information

Diffuser Type Tree arm
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Colors Blue

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  1. Great add for my bong review by scott on 2017-01-14

    great add for my bong hits nice and smooth . a great item for sure well worth the $$ spent.

  2. review by Haden on 2016-02-01

    Great attachment for my bong. Noticed a huge difference with how smooth the hit was after the first use. Worth the buy.

  3. review by Holden on 2015-03-18

    This piece was great until it broke right beside the joint. I was so pleased i had it fixed (not by this website) and works amazingly again.

  4. review by Andrew on 2014-09-16

    Not the most durable looking piece but definitely worth the 40$. Great addition to any bong, just make this rather large piece make your bong unable to stand upright properly, and even if it doesnt, still worth having haha its that smooth.

  5. review by Max on 2014-07-29

    This a nice piece of glass and hits like a champ!! But the reason for 2 stars is that its is very thin cheaply blown glass and broke after only 2 days of use from setting it down on a hardsurface, i would really appreciate a replacement becasue i spent like 65$ on it with shipping and it broke allmost immediately and i would immediately give 5 stars upon recieveing a replacement , Thank you.

  6. review by Miguel on 2014-01-26

    This thing is a beast ahaha fits very well On my bong it's still small for 11 perc so i think could fits well on quite every bong

  7. review by Deyuan on 2014-01-08

    There was an imperfection that caused the ash catcher to break. I didn't think it mattered but one of the down stems was literally touching the side of the ash catcher. It caused the down stem to break. (i never dropped it or anything and only 1 down stem is broken). Messaged customer service and completely ignored it. It was good while it worked, but i received a bust and due to one down stem being broken the whole thing does not work.

  8. review by Wendell on 2013-12-29

    Wonderfully smooth ^_* can't go wrong best prices hands down

  9. review by Ashton on 2013-12-06

    Smooth as a bitch this is great for the price very decent quality

  10. review by Derek on 2013-11-05

    Buying these things in stores is expensive defense easier online and cheaper

  11. review by Damon on 2013-10-18

    Badass Ash Catcher! Would definitely recommend to a friend!

  12. review by Eric on 2013-05-30

    Very solid and bubbles smoothly for 11 fingers. Great Buy

  13. review by Drew on 2013-05-13

    Badass perc would defiantly recommend to any hard smoker!!! Best website for utensils at a great price!!mi will defy be buying more

  14. review by arty on 2013-04-10

    Bought this along with my double prec bong and its just amazing great piece does its job just hits so smooth like no other great buy!

  15. review by Kameron on 2013-03-10

    Makes such a big difference. Bong hits so much smoother couldn't complain about this one.

  16. review by Robert on 2013-02-07

    Just ordered this I can't wait reviews helped make my decision!

  17. review by Robert on 2012-12-05

    Unfortunately I just recently broke this disappointed ;( but I loved it no drag, bubbled nice and made extra smooth

  18. review by Ryan on 2012-10-22

    Just got this to go with my 26" water-pipe, gets dirty quickly but does its job exceptionally

  19. review by Jonathan on 2012-10-15

    Just ordered this and a 23" piece with 3 six tree Percs.
    Gonna be bad!

  20. review by Dan on 2012-10-12

    got this on tuesday. Hits are smooth, but would not recommend. My 15" single perc bong drags too hard and pulls water through. wish I'd gotten a bigger one with fewer fingers.

  21. review by Michael on 2012-10-09

    Amazing Ashcatcher. The second time I bought this, first time being 18mm instead of 14

  22. review by Seth on 2012-08-16

    I just received this item today, and its amazing. Great quality @ an affordable price.

  23. review by Dan on 2012-07-15

    hits hard and super smooth. great ash catcher for the price

  24. review by Brian on 2012-06-25

    one of the best ash catchers ive ever had hits so smooth amazing job

  25. review by kenny on 2012-05-22

    very good piece did it job and was pretty easy to clean did off set the balance of my water pipe but other than that great piece

  26. review by Garrett on 2012-04-27

    Just what i was looking for, works excellent. Gets the job done

  27. review by justin on 2012-04-26

    Bought this perc to replace a buddys which i broke after using it a little toooo much :P super smooth and looks great!

  28. review by joshua on 2011-09-02

    just got it and i love it ,it hits real good.and well recommed it to every one

  29. review by aidan on 2011-08-10

    O.M.G what the... so i ordered this and i absolutely cannot wait i live near Toronto so i think it has 3 day shipping this will be perfect for the new 24" rocket bong and diffused ash-catcher.

  30. review by Nicholas on 2011-07-11

    Mean looking piece! Hits great! Fast shipping! That's all I need

  31. review by Paul on 2011-07-01

    I got the ten finger one and it was well worth the money. Only down side is the weight balancing when the piece is set down. But with a little thought, it isn't hard to figure out a solution.

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