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  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14)

Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers Green (14 / 14)


90 22 100 0


- 11 Fingers Percolator Ash catcher
- 5" Height
- Neck Joint : 14mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm
- Green Colors

Additional Information

Diffuser Type Tree arm
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Colors Green

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  1. review by Jesse on 2016-05-01

    Love this piece, great addition to any bong. The more percolating action the better!

  2. review by Jacob on 2015-02-21

    This was a great add on to my new bong. Kinda heavy but vary nice, no worries about it breaking. Works great!!!! I highly recommend this product. please make sure you ordered the right size lol.

  3. review by Patti on 2014-07-17

    Pay careful attention to the distance between the downspout arm and the side of this ashcatcher - it won't fit on a lot of bongs, including mine! My bong has thicker glass around the downspout area, about 10mm. This ashcatcher won't fit bongs with thicker glass, with or without the downspout. The arm is too short. But if they made it longer, it would probably break from the weight of the piece.

  4. review by Robert on 2014-05-27

    OMG I love this percolatorit makes the hits so much smootherand for the price you cannot beat itand I love how the arm is that angle so it doesn't throw off the phone for the bong good work nice glass

  5. review by Matt on 2014-04-28

    Its a good ashcatcher and definitely worth the money but the arms are welded sideways and seems to be to heavy to sit properly on the pipe but this can be fixed with and keck clip or metal clip to hold in place. Overall the quality seems to have gone way down or maybe I just got the crappy one but overall 3.5 stars

  6. review by George on 2014-04-23

    Got this ash catcher for the 3x4 percolator bong. It looks sick! Like it came of a mad scientists lab! Get it!

  7. review by Jacob on 2013-09-14

    fantastic addition to my new 15 inch. really smooths it out and helps me conserve

  8. review by Adam on 2013-04-17

    Very nice ash catcher but it's really heavy so it turns while in the downstem sometimes.

  9. review by Michael on 2013-02-13

    This thing is a monster, it makes the hits soo smooth.

  10. review by Devan on 2012-09-24

    Love this thing not hard to clean at all makes hit so smooth and you can fit a ash catcher bowl fits on it

  11. review by Jeff on 2012-08-29

    this thing is amazing its pretty huge and heavy but i put it on my pipe that fits bong pieces and it hits so smooth. came pretty fast!

  12. review by Joseph on 2012-07-31

    This thing is awesome, well made and works perfect. The only thing I do not like about this ash catcher is the weight it is a bit heavy and almost tipped my 14" piece over so be aware.

  13. review by Sian on 2012-07-01

    too heavy to sit properly in a bong; will break =(

  14. review by hon on 2012-06-06

    this is such a good deal, you wont find an 11 fingered ash catch anywhere else for $40. At a store in my town this would be worth $65.

  15. review by Wayne on 2012-05-10

    What a beast, really helps make hits more smooth. As far as ashcatchers go this one is the best.

  16. review by Joe on 2012-03-24

    such a great ash catcher. Worked great till i broke it :(

  17. review by William on 2011-09-12

    This as catcher is fantastic. Give your bong 11 more bong power for 40 bucks.... what a steal. I bought a 4 arm ash catcher from a local shop for 110. This ash catcher is better.

  18. review by zyla on 2011-08-02

    11 fingers for only 40$ i might just buy it.fits well with any green bong too.

  19. review by Michael on 2011-07-04

    i havent received it yet but i hope its good it is going to be a nice addition to someting great already i hope its good

  20. review by Austin on 2011-06-06

    Ten arms for 40 bucks is a steal. All that diffusion will really create a more enjoyable smoking experience.

  21. review by Evan on 2011-06-02

    The insert of this perc/catcher rests really close to the main body, meaning it's not going to fit well into a bong/downstem that has any sort of lip on it. other than that, it works great, and isnt too hard to clean. Good fit if you're looking to add a big bowl to your 14mm bong.

  22. review by Joe on 2011-05-17

    good percolator hits really smooth matches real good with green bong

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