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  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14)

Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Blue (14 / 14)


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- Inline Percolator Ash catcher
- 5"(W) x 4"(H)
- Neck Joint : 14mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm
- Blue Colors

Additional Information

Diffuser Type Inline
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Colors Blue

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  1. review by Derek on 2015-09-27

    I put this inline perc on a little shower head/recycler piece. Makes the smoke smoother and with very little added drag. My contraption is killer now!!

  2. review by Ryan on 2014-03-04

    First off bongoutlet rocks, I ordered on fri came on tue!! Beautiful piece fits 45degree angle which sits perfect on 19.5in bong wit skull bowl n hits super smooth! !! Only fill inline perc halfway n water wont go through bubble n perc Is blue which is better lookin to me!!! I give it 2 bongs up!!!

  3. review by Robert on 2013-10-30

    Great piece!! I am so glad that i decided to purchase this ash catcher! it took a little longer than i would have liked to get to me, but it went from Canada to Colorado so its expected! overall a great purchase and i love this website!!!

  4. review by jesse on 2013-10-25

    Holy shnit that's all I can say. Budmail doesn't even deliver this quick. Just ordered this yesterday and came first thing this morning. Definitely got my attention. Great everything highly recommend this site

  5. review by Shane on 2013-05-08

    After my shower head perc pulled water like crazy that I would have to fill it after every session I knew I would get a different kind when I broke it. Which brought me to this one. I have done research and inline percs are very good for not pulling water and having little drag. However this one has a few things about it that make it function a little poorly. The joint where the blue bulb meets the clear chamber where the smoke comes through has a small hole on the inside. This sucks water up into the bulb and the bulb stops it from being sucked in to the bong but since the hole is too small for it to flow out freely it builds up and eventually gets sucked in. This is better than the shower head perc but still not quite there. I get around this by pulling the bowl and clearing the perc then pulling the perc and clearing the bong. Still good for the price and if you dont care about water pull then get it. It is also really easy to clean. Just run hot water through it and that will suffice for a while untill your next clean. My next one will be the sideways tree perc I think.
    TL;DR Npt bad for the price but has some flaws that cause water pull. better than the shower head perc though.

  6. review by Aaron on 2013-03-18

    just ordered one hope it dont take long to get here cant wait i think it will go along good with the water bong i ordered off here to

  7. review by Bobby on 2013-01-29

    This is one beautiful piece! Works so well to smooth out the hit and it looks pretty cool while doing so! Not too fragile if you're careful and really a great steal! BUY IT

  8. review by Amir on 2012-12-06

    It worked great until I dropped it on the pavement, haha. I guess the bulb is the worst part, since the joint connecting it to the ground glass and the joint connecting it to the inline itself are thin and inexpertly made, but it functions properly and for the price is a steal. I decided to replace it with one of the coil percolator ashcatchers, but I plan on getting another one of these soon.

  9. review by Ruthanne on 2012-11-28

    this In line is a steal so smooth with a carbon adapter and little drag every thing you want in an ash catcher...but for cheap!

  10. review by mike on 2012-11-04

    This is a great product and shipped fast. It gives u the smoothest hits but adds a little drag.

  11. review by Pedro on 2012-09-19

    Perc was exactly what I wanted. Little to no drag, and looks really good. I emailed before ordering to ask if the neck joint was at 90 degrees, was answered quickly and was as promised. Shipping was really fast, I live in S. Florida, it arrived in 4 business days. Will definitely be a returning customer...

  12. review by Dwayne on 2012-08-02

    This is a sweet piece, bubbles great, the ball stops water from leaving the perc, and looks very nice. great product.

  13. review by Nathan on 2012-06-11

    Wow this thing is nice... On mine though, the inside perculator bulb is blue(which looks even better)...this thing looks like it was just made for my blue 19" 2x6 waterpipe,really looks cool together. This time I ordered over $200, and the free bowl I got was bigger and's got like a little chamber in the stem and it's worked...pretty cool guys! Bongoutlet makes me very happy customer when I order.

  14. review by David on 2012-05-07

    Love it makes the hits way better and much smoother

  15. review by scott on 2012-02-16

    Great purchase, came in four days and was in perfect condition. Makes the hit much smoother and I am extremely happy with it.

  16. review by Ryan on 2012-02-02

    This piece is amazing i love it and it makes my bong super smooth if your looking for a attachment i would recommend this one!

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