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17" Valcano 6-arm percolator 9 mm glass water bong

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This 17" height is simple accented classic style beauty bong by Valcano Glass. Producing 9 mm thickness tubing is very costly to product but it is well worth due to its gorgeous looks. Extra-thick, heavy, 9 mm borosilicate glass is used to make beaker-shaped bong with an unusual percolator! A 6-arm color percolator breaks up your hit into smaller bubbles, which cool and filters smoke and creates a fascinating show! Ice notches in the tube allow you to drop in a few cubes and get an even cooler toke!
The sleek design bong features a reinforced, bi-stable 18 mm joint, ideal for 14/18 mm down stem attachments. A roomy, thick glass slide bowl with an 14 mm joint and matching color handle is included.

  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height : 17"
  • Thickness : 9 mm
  • Tube : 2"
  • Beaker base : 5"
  • Color : Clear body / Color matched percolator and mouth piece.
  • Martini bowl for 14 mm female joint
  • 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
  • Diffused Downstem  5.5" (Top to bottom)
  • 3 Pieces
                      Options: White