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ANKOMN | Smell-Proof Airtight storage jar for up to 1 oz herbs

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  • Smelling Nothing - Whether it's a scent or an odor, This HerbDefender is designed to seal it within the container until your next use. Rigorously tested for 30 days with alcohol experiments, none of the elements allowed evaporation or leakage from the canister Say goodbye to unwanted scents and embrace the ultimate smell-proof solution for preserving your herbs.
  • Against Harmful Rays - HerbDefender uses a food-safe material that lets you see what's inside while keeping your herbs safe from harmful UV rays. It ensures that your herbs won't degrade over time. Plus, the lightweight and durable construction means it won't break easily, even if it accidentally falls. Your herbs will be well-protected with HerbDefender!
  • Keep it tidy - HerbDefender includes a partition plate that enhances airtightness and prevents air leaks caused by small particles sticking to the rubber. Additionally, it can work with an 8-gram 2-way humidity control pack (not included) placed on top, ensuring the perfect environment for your precious herbs.
  • Easy To Clean - The lid can be disassembled for thorough washing, while the container body is dishwasher-safe. The slim silicone design minimizes odor absorption and allows for convenient storage of various foods.
  • Gift for Herb Enthusiasts - The ideal solution for friends storing herbs within 1oz. Our smell-proof, sturdy, and uniquely functional design keeps herbs fresh and protected. The shark-inspired aesthetic adds a touch of beauty, making it a perfect choice for an impressive and thoughtful gift