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Honeybee Herb - QUARTZ FUNNEL

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SKU Qi-10-Funnel/S
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Introducing the newest member of our quartz dab straw family: the quartz spinner dab straw!

If you thought our original quartz dab straw was amazing, just wait 'til you get a load of this game-changing device. With its patented spinning technology, your vaping experience will never be the same again.

Our quartz spinner dab straw takes all the convenience and potency of our classic model and adds an amazing twist - literally. The unique spinning capsule(assorted color) provides a visually stunning experience as it rotates freely inside the stainless steel frame while you enjoy your terpene-rich vapor. Talk about mind-blowing flavor! No other product on the market can provide such an intense squeal of satisfaction with every puff.

Through breathtaking in design, this product is not just eye candy; it's mighty powerful too. Assembled from top quality components, each crystalline coil ensures that your precious concentrates don't go to waste; instead, they'll produce heavenly plumes of vapor every time - at every temperature level with absolutely no clogging. Perfectly portable so you can whip it out whenever the mood strikes, this luxurious item is ready for whatever adventure awaits you.

Whether for yourself or for someone special, Quartz Spinner Dab Straw will add a sophisticated edge to any dabbing session with its easy usability and mesmerizing visual appeal. Get yours today!

  • Length 6"
  • Please note the colored capsule will vary.

Size: Small