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The Clinger- Stage 1 (Holds 1)

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The Clinger is smell-proof joint case that attached to your favorite Bic or Clipper lighter. Durable and pocket friendly, THe clinger is the perfect vessel for storing your joints and roaches

The idea came around when the inventor was living in NYC undergoing chemotherapy and simple everyday hassles turned into problems. Things like constantly crusing loose prerolls, forgetting to bring a lighter, or just wanting to save th rest for later. When he couldn't find anything in the market that fixed all these problems he decided to find a solution himself. THis is when the Clinger was born.

  • Smell Proof & Water tight
  • Fits Clipper & Bic lighters
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Crush Proof
  • Colors Available : Black / Blue / Pink
Options: Black