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  • Purple Power Cleaner 16 oz Purple Power Cleaner 16 oz

Purple Power Cleaner 16 oz


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  1. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    This stuff is magic, it just works. I also use it with a small brush for bowls, works wonders.

  2. review by Caitlin on 2014-04-05

    This had to be the favorite part of my order. Worked like magic and cleaned my quad perc like new. Used a little bit of salt and warm water the second shake and I still have a little bit more than half the bottle. Defiantly will order more.

  3. review by Moe on 2014-02-27

    This does exactly what it should, but I'd rather use Iso Alcohol.

  4. review by Leon on 2014-01-06

    Yo broos. whyyy you gotta call it puple mang! you I had sum homie boys chillin in deh krib and they pull glocks on me! they say I was being rasict dawg! Change the name though, works perfect!

  5. review by Brenda on 2013-12-21

    Glass looks brand spankin new! And it's a decent amount (:

  6. review by James on 2013-12-07

    This stuff is wonderful. my glass looks brand new and its reusable!

  7. review by Ashton on 2013-12-06

    Awesome much easier than using alcohol and smells much better

  8. review by Kyle on 2013-11-25

    Works perfect with a little bit of kosher salt. Perfect for cleaning my bong, and all my pipes

  9. review by Ben on 2013-11-21

    works so well with just a little salt like A.A said. Amazing stuff and for a fair price.

  10. review by A.A. on 2013-11-21

    This stuff is crazy good. With a little salt makes your glass look brand new. And it smells pretty good.

  11. review by Connor on 2013-10-17

    This stuff works pretty good it got my glass lookin almost brand new and at a good price to

  12. review by matt on 2013-10-06

    dank stuff shipped fast does everyhting its supposed too

  13. review by Hayden on 2013-09-13

    works great! makes bongs clean and shiny almost like first day!

  14. review by Eric on 2013-09-13

    Do I like it, love it, hate it? LOVE IT!!! No other cleaners compare!

  15. review by Tyler on 2013-09-05

    This is a really good product, makes your glass squeak lol. Again, do as everyone says and put salt (sea salt is better as the salt is more coarse) and this stuff works like a charm. It is dirt cheap, and you get a lot of product!

    Once again, this site is awesome!

  16. review by James on 2013-08-28

    Amazing Cleaned like 4 different bongs, and pipes in less than an hour.
    like magic I tell yas!

    Will be ordering again =)

  17. review by Jeffrey on 2013-07-30

    Good cleaner for the price cleans like a pro and its reusable

  18. review by Trevor on 2013-07-22

    There is nothing better than this cleaner, just add a little salt and shake and you have a spotless piece. Go for the 16oz one it's a better deal for what you pay.

  19. review by Virginia on 2013-07-06

    This cleaner is amazing, so worth it. It gets rid of everything, and adding salt helps it clean.

  20. review by Joseph on 2013-06-06

    awesome cleaner
    easy to use
    add some slat
    shake shake
    your piece is clean
    suh weet

  21. review by Chris on 2013-05-30

    I clean my glass out about once a month and this makes it incredibly easy. A little kosher salt and warm water makes it look fresh out of the box new.

    Absolutely recommended for glass of any size.

  22. review by Claude on 2013-05-20

    This stuff is awesome. Just add a little salt to it and it make any nasty piece of glass look like new without sweat.

  23. review by Drew on 2013-05-13

    The best cleaning liquid known to man a a decent price! Cleans the rezn off any glass surface and makes it shinny and new again!! I'm happy!!

  24. review by Chris on 2013-05-13

    this is great stuff, the main difference between this and your local head shops formula 420 is that they are charging you for the filler, the crystals that act as an abrasive in the pipe, you can add your own salt as necessary rock salt and sea salt work best. its a must buy for any collector I bought 3 bottles

  25. review by Tyler on 2013-05-08

    great purchase almost a must have for any smoker keeps your stuff sparkling clean and when its clean you can really taste your herb very pleased and good priced

  26. review by Skyler on 2013-04-17

    This made all my nasty dirty peices look brand new. A routine cleaning with this is better though because once its caked its gonna take a lot more to clean it. Will buy again..soon!

  27. review by lauren on 2013-04-14

    Just got the purple power cleaner in the mail friday , used it yesterday and it works perfectly. Throw some salt in with it and shake it around and it'll look brand new.

  28. review by Matthew on 2013-04-14

    This stuff really works! Cleaned my triple perc bong with ease!

  29. review by Rochelle on 2013-04-13

    Where has this stuff been all my life? it works like nothing ive ever seen. just pour a bit in swish ot around and rinse with warm water. no smoke smell or cleaner smell left at all. This stuff is amazing

  30. review by Nancy on 2013-03-25

    It doesn't look exactly like the picture because there's a new design, but who cares. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! GET IT! Came in 3 days! I ordered this along with 3 water pipes. I live in Alaska, so can we say über fast shipping?!

  31. review by Frank on 2013-03-22

    i love purple power. great price and gets rid of all smell. Pretty much makes it brand new again

  32. review by Shane on 2013-03-09

    worked great with salt and pretty good with out salt. with salt I cleaned my bong, perc, and slide in 5 min

  33. review by Brendan on 2013-03-05

    Great product works better than iso and smells alot better than iso.

  34. review by Zachary on 2013-03-04

    they wonder y all these people are coming back this stuff is awesome man works in seconds u don't have to use a lot at all jus add a ill salt an ur good

  35. review by Daniel on 2013-02-27

    This stuff is awesome. I smoked outta my bong for about two weeks with out cleaning it. Put this stuff in, and instantly you can see it breaking down the "stuff". Would defiantly recommend this.

  36. review by Justin on 2013-02-13

    Works very well and makes the glass sparkle afterwards.

  37. review by eric on 2013-02-06

    works really well but you got thru it really quick lol it smells like orange but its purple why is it purple?

  38. review by Dylan on 2013-02-05

    The piece I had before ordering one off of here was gross. To the point I didn't even want to use it. I used this stuff and WOW, good as new. Almost contemplating selling it as a brand new item haha! Excellent cleaning product. If you think it isn't working, add a little bit of salt. Problem solved. Gnarly cleaner.

  39. review by Evan on 2013-02-04

    Stuff works great, definitely more economical than using rubbing alcohol, little bit of salt and its all good. Thanks!

  40. review by Tyler on 2013-01-28

    I decided to try this and it worked wonders on my 15 inch 2x4 finger perc bong, getting every bit of grit from the percs from 2 and a half weeks of constant use while using barely any solution. Just be extra careful when washing, after a single slip I'm now in the market for a new bong. But the cleaner itself is great.

  41. review by Ryder on 2013-01-10

    ill be honest.. It works okay for smaller pieces, But for bigger bongs it just doesn't do the job. it leaves behind a lot of grit and such on percolated bongs. it has a hard time getting the notches and corners. and putting salt in with it is dumb. if the cleaner wont clean it alone than its not worth buying just to have to add salt.

  42. review by Leonel on 2013-01-07

    Works great, but works Better if you add some salt. Good product.

  43. review by Josh on 2012-11-26

    Great product will clean any bong and does not smell after.

  44. review by Miguel on 2012-11-08

    works quite goood clean a 3-4 weeks of daily smoking without too much effort

  45. review by Michael on 2012-10-13

    Does the job its supposed to do. No complaints here will buy more when i run out.

  46. review by Jodi on 2012-09-05

    Cleans great and doesn't leave a trace worth it and i cleaned everything

  47. review by Brianna on 2012-09-03

    This product works great for cleaning my bowls! I let my bowl soak in it for a couple hours and then give it a quick clean, super easy. Only thing I don't like is it smells very strong, but definately worth the price

  48. review by Justin on 2012-08-04

    If you're reading this to decide whether to buy, just buy it.

    Cleans ANYTHING away, if it's super rough, try adding some course salt as mentioned below.

    Even without the salt, a couple shakes, and 3 weeks worth of daily smokers are gone, and my glass looks brand spanking new.

    Works 100% on a double perc'd bong, bowl, downstem.

    Plus you can re use it if you have a spare water bottle kickin around.

  49. review by David on 2012-07-23

    Great stuff! I just feel like I go through it too quickly. Unfortunately it doesn't smell as good as I thought it would. ;-)

  50. review by Chad on 2012-07-21

    Works like a charm. My bong is nice and shiny again :D

  51. review by Aaron on 2012-07-15

    great stuff! cleans your bong soo well, just add a little coarse salt like everyone else says and bam just like new.. but bubbles a little too much

  52. review by Saori on 2012-07-11

    WORKS WONDERS... This stuff is amazing. Reasonably priced too, it's totally your money's worth - Cleans great with just a little amount!!

  53. review by jake on 2012-07-08

    I cant say enough about purple power! It doesnt matter what piece or how resenated it is this will clean it back to new. I would deffinatley reccommend this to someone who has a bong with perculators!

  54. review by Mark on 2012-07-07

    This stuff is the best just add coarse salt and bam! looks like new.
    And never dup it out reuse it and if salt builds just strain.

    Awesome Purple Power

  55. review by jeremy on 2012-07-07

    just ordered it watched the video happy with my purches

  56. review by Joshua on 2012-06-26

    i never thought that somthing could work this good on my bongs until i got this stuff its the best

  57. review by Jesse on 2012-06-26

    Great stuff, gets the res right out, throw a little salt in there to add some friction if you want to speed things up.

  58. review by Brian on 2012-06-25

    Works amazing so glad i decided to try a bottle hella legit!!!!1

  59. review by andres on 2012-06-05

    This stuff is incredible!!! It really works that good!!!

  60. review by Vincent on 2012-05-14

    PURPLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this stuff works phenomenal.

  61. review by Jake on 2012-05-02

    Super good cleaner for an outstanding price. Used to use smoke soap and it did alright but after getting this, that stuff is nothing in comparison. a bit foamy but NBD in my mind.

  62. review by justin on 2012-04-26

    not overly impressed, i have been using orange chronic with grit and it does a more thorough job cleaning my pieces. Price is right though and fast shipping as always

  63. review by Susan on 2012-04-15

    This stuff works AMAZING! It cleans everything and so quick. I would recommend this to everyone.

  64. review by Austin on 2012-04-11

    This is the best stuff i ever used! it works crazy fast

  65. review by Devan on 2012-04-09

    I bought this stuffand it is the best for sure. I use to use alcohol and saltbut that got expensive so this is a heaper alternative the works way better

  66. review by Fabian on 2012-03-26

    It cleans everything I could think of (and stuff I guess I never noticed) off easily. Barely every need to add salt. Plus I was tired of the smell of alcohol before using this.

  67. review by TerRon on 2012-03-18

    Definitely recommend getting this stuff, especially if you are a regularly toker. Works great, add some salt and a tad of Hot water and get to shaking (carefully) to each curve of the glass to get all resin. Basically do a good job and there's no reason your glass wont be as good as new. Recommend using after each session, build up is the worst. Stack up on 2-4 bottles of this stuff, depending on your budget, or use wisely. Thanks again bongoutlet for niiice product.

  68. review by Richard on 2012-03-10

    This stuff is incredible! It really works that good!

  69. review by Shelly on 2012-03-10

    This stuff works amazing! jst pour a lil in shake up yr piece yr cleaning and then rinse it out and bam it looks and smells brand new!

  70. review by Domonik on 2012-03-05

    !!!!!!!!!This stuff is insane works so good!!!!!!!!!!

  71. review by Charlie on 2012-02-15

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. review by Sabrina on 2012-02-13

    I bought this with one of my orders and it works great I also add salt with this product, I find if you do that it's even easier. Would recommend!

  73. review by Michael on 2012-02-12

    This is the best cleaner on the market period! And this web site is where you get it
    for the best price!

  74. review by Thomas on 2012-02-08

    This Purple stuff is awesome! It even get into all the finger percs and will clean then out no problem. Definitely worth buying with any bong purchase to keep your glass nice and clean. Would be nice if it had a little abrasive in it.

  75. review by Michael on 2012-01-24

    This cleaner is AMAZING. barely poured any in, mixed it with some water, shook the piece for 30 seconds, and the piece looked brand new.

  76. review by Adam on 2012-01-07

    great stuff, works on even some pretty bad caked on stuff. works best when it has room to slosh around when you shake it, so you have to make sure that your piece has a good amount of room in it or watch the amount of water you add to it

  77. review by David on 2011-12-28

    Best cleaner available, makes your bong look like its brand new!

  78. review by Mikhil on 2011-12-22

    this cleaner is magic. just add salt, hot water and some elbow grease and your piece will look brand new all over again!

  79. review by Michelle on 2011-11-09

    The worked pretty good, I loved that it made my bongs all shiny and clean but it was a little hard to get that build up off so ill use salt next time ! but otherwise great product!

  80. review by Nicolas on 2011-09-26

    This gets all the gunk out of your bongs/pipes! No more dirty hits now, just pour some in with warm water and BAMM!

  81. review by Chad on 2011-09-18

    Works good with some elbow grease....Just add some salt as abrasive and cleans like a charm...Worth the money

  82. review by Christopher on 2011-09-17

    this stuff works very well and with the shipping and packaging with my whole order it was amazing. this stuff gets all the grit out of your percs amazingly. i have suggested this to all my friends

  83. review by aidan on 2011-08-11

    A must have for any smoker looking to buy a nice bong. you cant buy a nice bong and let it get dirty. last bottle i owned cleans the bongs in just a few minutes. I love this stuff

  84. review by Todd on 2011-08-03

    works great especially when you add some kosher salt. good buy

  85. review by Donna on 2011-07-12

    I decided to try this product because it is so reasonably priced, and when I got it a couple of days ago I tried it right away, and it was amazing how quickly it removed the grime from my water bong. I had been using grunge off, but not only is this cheaper, but it works even better, especially for getting the percs clean! I highly recommend it!

  86. review by Mitch on 2011-07-06

    this stuff made my bong shine like gold baby but it did take a little more elbow grease and kosher salt than the big 454 that my local headshop sells which is unfortunately not as natural as this great product. I personally prefer the abbraisive solutions and would appreciate it if bongoutlet could give us a little more variety in the cleaning "aisle"

  87. review by Paul on 2011-07-01

    Love it but it had a little of a leaking problem at the top when i got it.

  88. review by nicholas on 2011-04-11

    Great stuff, this is my second bottle, it works great and its reall cheap

  89. review by Vincent on 2011-03-22

    Cant wait to try this and see if its better than salt+alcohol.. im tired to smell the horrible odor of the alcohol 99%. Plus, its natural, anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

  90. review by rena on 2011-03-15

    When we purchased our package deal this came with it and it makes a bong look brand new! And it really is reusable if you can get it back into the bottle lol. We put what we use in a different container now.

  91. review by Olivia on 2011-03-14

    This stuff is amazing cuts threw anything and everything so glad i bought this now i dont need to make a day out of it to clean my bong. Thanks bongoutlet

  92. review by Taylor on 2011-03-08

    hands down the best cleaner or way of cleaning!

    seriously works wonders. makes it smell new too!

    such a great product! such great results!

  93. review by Jeff on 2011-03-07

    awesome stuff here. cleaned my piece really really well nothing is better that iv used and definetly better than alchohol and salt. worth the buy for sure

  94. review by Jacob on 2011-02-27

    Bought this same cleaner from my local tobacco shop. Awesome stuff worked great cheaper on this website by six dollars!! Def buying on here next time

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