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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 8007 Reviews

Great piece by Geoff on 03/24/2017

Just received this piece today. Hits very smooth. Shipping only took 6 days. Everything in perfect condition.

Awesome bong by dylan on 03/20/2017

I love this bong to be honest it exceded my expectations, the bong looks great and it didn't take forever to get here, not to mention the awesome price, this is deffently one of my favorite pieces now and I would highly recommend one of these

Perfect by anonymous on 03/19/2017

I brought this too a party because the peice works exactly as advertised everyone was stoned off there ass.

Really like this Item by Sarah on 03/16/2017

I use this bong everyday, light but tough, already dropped it twice no breakage! Love this! Recommend it highly.

awesome by Kevin on 03/16/2017

got exactly what is in this pic, except the butt is yellow! so cute!! haven't smoked with it yet, but i know it will be great :)

Annoyed by garrett on 03/13/2017

Great looking bowl with huge bowl pack but the dye instantly came off after just one use leaving me with a clear skull and a puddle of dye at the bottom Bongoutlet >> Hi. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please send us the photo of the bowl to review your concern.

Very good product for the low price i love mine by James on 03/06/2017

It's small and discrete easy to put away the color slowly changes but I love mine especially for the low price this piece is definitely worth it

LOVED it! by Sinni on 03/02/2017

Very well packaged, arrived a couple days early. Very nice thick glass, love the bent mouthpiece. You get smooth hits from it, smoke isn't so harsh on back of throat or lugs. It's super easy to clean. The Genie name on it looks pretty nice as well. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality and price of pipe. Site (Bong Outlet) also has great customer service. I had made a mistake on my shipping address. I contacted them, with in minutes, they had responded and corrected my mistake. Loved shopping on this site, will be ordering again soon. :)

Great little pipe by SinfulLust on 03/02/2017

Received mine in red, which i LOVED. Overall works great with the screens. Good little pipe to have around. :)

Great peice! by Workaholic@420 on 02/27/2017

Ok so I have to say one thing, I was not expecting the most expensive glass peice and neither should anyone for 13.99.. but the price by quality ratio with this company is amazing. Ive ordered quite a few thing from here and this is the only company id buy from! It also is a case by case thing that you get a deep or shallow bowl, i got a deep bowl. This glass is thin so it will break easy but it hits so nice with the hemp wick! The little pipe i gave to a friend :p but over all this company has never wronged me and is responsive as expected nothing has ever came broken or missing. Best company for pieces that are quality and affordable! Thanks bongoutlet!

My daily bowl. Good size and hits nicely by Connor on 02/26/2017

I have had this for about 8 months now and it's great. I feel like it gets good airflow with all the different holes in the glass screen and it's good size so you can pack a lot in there. Just be careful cleaning poking the ash out of the holes.

Awesome Piece! I love the size by Connor on 02/26/2017

Now I have a good amount of bongs but 10-12 inches is really the ideal size. I use this as a travel piece because it's so lightweight and easy to put in a backpack. The design itself is pretty sweet, the straight tube allows you to get some huge rips! It is pretty durable too

Good little bubbler, hits well by Kevin on 02/26/2017

I bought this piece because I like the honeycomb diffusion so i gave it a try...I did end up replacing the bowl that comes with it for one with a smaller hole, but it hits well and can get you pretty good. Worth the money.

Thanks for sending these by Sarah on 02/25/2017

Great little pipe and screen set, when you purchase something.

Love this item by Sarah on 02/25/2017

Love this, holds a huge snap easy to clean, i dropped it 2 times no break, real tuff!

Beautiful by Ashley on 02/24/2017

Frankly, it's gorgeous and I love it. It got here on time and the tracking system is perfect. However, I did not get the color I wished for. I didn't see an option for it so I left what I wished to receive in the comment section once I was purchasing this item. Another down side is how big the hole is- I recommend getting a stopper along with this bong if you don't have one already. I prefer glass stoppers- it comes with a free gift. At least it did for me. A pipe and 5 metal stoppers. It looks exactly like the picture. Nice grip. I recommend it esp considering how cheap and beautiful it is. Last but not least, smoking out of this is amazing. Quality is great as long as you have a stopper otherwise product may fall through if you use a grinder as I do.

good but miner faults by alex on 02/21/2017

it's smaller then you think it ends up being, and has thinner glass then you expected, a few miner glitches in the green design, but over all an amazing bong clean amazing rips that take you to a different planet, glass is made so no air seeps threw any place except the bowl hole, if you cover the hole with the palm of your hand you can't breathe in threw it, so your getting mother but the thc we all know as weed, perfect ik hight, so you can sit down on a chair and. it have to stand up when taking a hit.

Happy by Jacob on 02/15/2017

It rolls the perfect joints! Works every time!

4* by Trevor on 02/10/2017

Thick glass good size cool design bowl could be a bit deeper tho.

Does the Job! by Sanford on 02/06/2017

This clear glass slide will do exactly what you need it to. Be sure to check that its the right length and dimensions for what you're planning on using it for. It can be a great replacement for lost or broken slides, and can even be used to create awesome and safe homemade water pipes! Just be careful with it as it is glass which makes it breakable. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 8007 user reviews.