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Product reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 8030 Reviews

Great bong by Taylor on 05/26/2017

This thing is small but mighty, a great starter bong at a great price. It has high quality glass and hits like a charm.

awesome bong and great service by Kswag on 05/24/2017

i have been using bongoutlet for several years to order pieces and this is by far one of my absolute favorites. hits so smooth and its the perfect size. package arrived 2 days early and every piece i ordered was in perfect condition. highly recommend!!!

Genie 18in 7mm Bong by JDubs on 05/23/2017

Couldn't be happier! Came fast, very well packed, nothing broken. The bong was much bigger than I expected. Very thick glass, nice logos. Rips very smooth with an ash catcher. Recommended and would buy again!

Awesome Value by Alex on 05/21/2017

I had this bong since January 2013 and I finally decided to let it go. It lasted through near daily consistent use. It had some gunk accumulate in the hard to clean corners. But for the most part a wash with alcohol or glass cleaner did the job. The top perc broke one night for no reason. It was attached one second and then the next we heard the glass clinking inside. Even after that it lasted another 2 years. Felt it was time to upgrade. Otherwise it still works perfectly fine.

Highly recommend by Genesis on 05/12/2017

I just got this bong in today it is a smooth hit and I would definitely recommend for anyone to get, shipping was amazing and it came sooner then the arrival date that was given.

Cute by Viv on 05/01/2017

It's smaller than I pictured Love the color I got the pink one Hits good Glass is super thin have to be extra careful! Not satisfied and not totally disappointed I thought glass would be made better or sturdier !

Nice piece for the price by Calvin on 04/24/2017

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box up. The piece hits like a champ, and it is pleasing to the eye, as well. I do wish the glass was a little thicker, but you can't expect much more for the price. The piece is also surprisingly light. Overall, I am very pleased with it and would recommend to anyone looking for a nice, cheap piece.

Girlfriend's Birthday Present by OneTimE on 04/19/2017

I ordered this for my girlfriend's birthday which really is April 20th, needless to say she loves it. I was surprised that it got here in only 4 days, living in USA i figured it would have taken longer, but I'm not complaining just excited it got here early. So the plan was to break it in on her birthday, but the anticipation was killing me so she got to use it early and now, Petunia the Percolator, is the only bong she uses. Everything was in one piece and the free gifts were hit with her as well. This is a perfect little bong that gets the job done and does it in style.

great piece by Carol on 04/18/2017

Really pretty piece, large bowl and hits good.

I won't purchase this product again by Od on 04/18/2017

first time I used it it works great the second time I used it I had to stand film and I started twisting in and it snapped so I don't recommend this product

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Great quality and functionality by Vince on 04/15/2017

This is a heavy bong that shouldn't break easily. The barrel percs diffuse the smoke into many tiny bubbles and provide one of the smoothest hits I've ever had. I also have bought bongs on this website for 5 years and have added over 8 peices to my collection from this website and, every time I've received intact bongs with adequate shipping time. I highly recommend this bong and website.

Small but Good, Worth the Price. by Lexi on 04/11/2017

It fits in the palm of my hand, (and i have pretty small hands) but it works great. I use it to smoke flower as well as concentrates. I bought a separate 14mm joint size banger, and its a perfect little rig for dabbing. Glass is thick, and its hard for the water to splash on your lips/in your mouth. Worth the $50

good bowl by Trevor on 04/10/2017

good standard bowl not huge (like skull bowl) and not a one or two hitter. good for cornering imo and if your gentle handle wont break and cleans easy too!

good travel piece by trev on 04/10/2017

good thick acrylic, ice catchers good. the metal bottom is a bit heavy/clunky for it.

good bags by trev on 04/10/2017

good size fits an o plus no smell!!

Hits excellent. Very worth it. by Geoff on 04/08/2017

Very satisfied with this rig. Shipping was on time. Everything in great shape. Can't find the free screens though.

Great bong for on the go! by sergio on 04/07/2017

Great bong for replacing a pipe on the go. Produces more smoke than a bong while still being able to cool down the smoke. The fat circle ringlet on the bottom helps in grabbing it for one arm operations.

I love it by Kevin on 04/06/2017

This bong is awesome it became my most used piece. It hits so nicely​ and it's​ not that hard to clean it if you know how to. I am very pleased with it.

I love it by Kevin on 04/06/2017

This bong is awesome it became my most used piece. It hits so nicely​ and it's​ not that hard to clean it if you know how to. I am very pleased with it.

Awesome bong at a wonderful price! by BB on 03/31/2017

The people here at bongoutlet wont let you down. This isnt a cheap crappy bong its quite a masterpiece! The customer service is also A+. Keep up the good work! is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 8030 user reviews.