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Product reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 8066 Reviews

super thin glass! by Christopher on 10/14/2017

glass arrived and the piece was chipped on the mouthpiece. the joint was bent so the down stem hit the inner glass wall when you put it in so it didn't s seal. please do not waste your money on this thin glass. plus customer service sucks try to get a store credit because the fact that it was damaged and horrible quality. they just sent me another one to get rid of this cheap glass. ive ordered over 300 dollars worth of stuff off this website over the past year and now they will not be getting any more of my money. NEW GLASS SHIT QUALITY!!!!!!!!!

Great by Buddy on 09/28/2017

A little bigger than I visioned (which is good) Great item for the price. A good smaller but still big piece.

Great experience when I've used this!!, by Jamiesun on 09/28/2017

It's simple discreet and compact to keep on the DL. But it hits like a champ!

A FUN TIME AND EASY TO USE! Absolutely love it! by Jamiesun on 09/28/2017

This little firecracker is all hotness into one. You can grind, hide, and when it's time to start the party then it works wonders for that! It's a great price for an amazingly great idea a 2n 1

This is a really nice piece of work! It may be on the smaller size, but IT DOESN'T DISAPPOINT! by Jamiesun on 09/28/2017

It was really easy to use. It's simply to keep maintained and cleaned. Way to go. Dynamite comes in small packages!

Earned a customer for life! by FullMetal on 09/20/2017

Amazing piece right here. Filtration is superb and clean up is easy. So happy i got this piece from this company. Great customer service as well.

Worth it, great beginner bong. by TheIornTrooper on 09/20/2017

This piece has lasted me for about 2 years now and still going strong. The only thing i broke on this bong were the bowls and downstem (my fault) VERY durable, and Easy to clean. Nice smooth hits, the perc does its job well. Also great for snow tokes!

Excited by Matt on 09/18/2017

I always order from here am always pleased. I just ordered this and am so excited to get this one in the mail

Great Tube Glass water bong xD by SlickRick on 09/12/2017

for the price its a great bong. hits very heavy. easy to clean with a brush. over all Great Bong Check it out! xD

Lovely piece. by Emily on 09/07/2017

Absolutely beautiful bong. Shipped very quickly and works wonders. Hits are smooth and you'll get so many compliments with this piece.

Great bong by Michael420 on 08/19/2017

Great piece to add to your collection. Real smooth hits or big rips, this bong does it all.

Good Bong, Bad Service by Kevin on 08/19/2017

I received multiple of this same type of bong because there were chips on it every time.

Excellent Piece by P on 08/15/2017

This piece is simply superb. Quality, craftsmanship and performance are all excellent. The black accents also match my office decor perfectly.

It's ok by 1010010110101001 on 08/11/2017

It's ok

Worth the wait! by JB on 08/10/2017

The only reason this piece doesn't rate 5 stars is the fact that the first one arrived broken. The replacement arrived quickly an proceeded to kick my ass! Overall excellent Bong; big, so there is some drag.

Cheapest Everday Rider (Reallly Good) by Nash on 08/10/2017

Pros: Cheap for the Quality Percolates Well Cleans easy Packs a Punch Con: Cant Survive a fall, but most can't Easy To over Fill Top heavy Verdict - HIGHLY RECOMENDED, to anyone, new smoker and old. This bong is awesome. If you want a good daily rider for a desk, or something to small to hide or easy to pass around for group, this is the bong for you. Its 5mm thickness is perfect if you need something that can handle a beating short of dropped. This is 5mm all around even the bowl. It percolates and filters like crazy. If your thinking of this for a first bong, its a great bong for beginners, you really don't need a glass filter to use the bowl. So fill, grind and smoke. For those of more experience, this stacks to my 9mm round bottom bong easy, for less than a 1/4 of the price.

Great little bong by Albert on 08/05/2017

Nice little bong hits smooth its good with weed and great for dabs

You need a big mouth by Marni on 08/05/2017

The bong is absolutely beautiful but the mouth hole is huge. I can not for the life of me get it to seal properly, neither can anyone else. I never use the bong because of that.

Overall good by J on 07/24/2017

Great grinder for the price, thought it would be made cheap/light but its way better and more durable than i thought, overall great buy

Overall good by J on 07/24/2017

Good starter bong with percolator, great cool hits, easy to use and a great affordable price. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 8066 user reviews.