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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 7994 Reviews

good but miner faults by alex on 02/21/2017

it's smaller then you think it ends up being, and has thinner glass then you expected, a few miner glitches in the green design, but over all an amazing bong clean amazing rips that take you to a different planet, glass is made so no air seeps threw any place except the bowl hole, if you cover the hole with the palm of your hand you can't breathe in threw it, so your getting mother but the thc we all know as weed, perfect ik hight, so you can sit down on a chair and. it have to stand up when taking a hit.

Happy by Jacob on 02/15/2017

It rolls the perfect joints! Works every time!

4* by Trevor on 02/10/2017

Thick glass good size cool design bowl could be a bit deeper tho.

Does the Job! by Sanford on 02/06/2017

This clear glass slide will do exactly what you need it to. Be sure to check that its the right length and dimensions for what you're planning on using it for. It can be a great replacement for lost or broken slides, and can even be used to create awesome and safe homemade water pipes! Just be careful with it as it is glass which makes it breakable.

Effective and Stylish Grinder by Sanford on 02/06/2017

This grinder has everything you need and a little extra. Its your standard four piece grinder with a grinding chamber, kief catch, and kief chamber, but what really makes it special is the see through lid. It allows you to see how your grind is going to easily make any corrections that might be needed. At this reasonable price I would highly recommend it!

Tasty Rolling Papers by Sanford on 02/06/2017

These flavored rolling papers come from a classic and well known brand, juicy jays. Expect to lick your lips while rolling with these as they're pretty tasty but don't expect the smoke to be flavored. Overall, i found these pretty easy to roll with, they aren't too thin and i find the paper size to be perfect for my technique.

bongoutlet by TGoD602 on 02/04/2017

Just ordered this downsteam. I haven't received it yet, but no doubt I will be impressed. I have been ordering from here since 2013 and every package I've received has had no problems & when I contacted them about a specific item at one point, they made it happen. Great work bongoutlet, thank you guys so much! I will be ordering again soon!

Worth the wait!! by Skydvr69 on 02/03/2017

Smooth, and an annihilator! Be careful with the components, as you should be, fragile stuff. Excellent service and quality product. The only tiny con I would have to mention is the time factor with the (US) mail, but that is not a problem on the Canadian side. Be patient because it will be worth it!!

yes friend by Chris on 01/31/2017

Good screens, no weird taste, good for a few bowls

good add-on by Chris on 01/31/2017

Great addition to just about any bong! Not only does this help make hits smoother, it also keeps your bong cleaner longer! Negative points because smoke just sits in it after heach hit is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 7994 user reviews.