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- 5 pcs/pack

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Material Metal

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  1. yes friend review by Chris on 2017-01-31

    Good screens, no weird taste, good for a few bowls

  2. Super useful review by Dani on 2016-11-22

    Super useful. Will definitely get more of these when I run out. They are such good quality for the price you pay!

  3. Thanks review by Kristopher on 2016-11-15

    Thanks!! You're life saver to have this options available the products!

  4. Buy screens review by Menelik on 2016-09-26

    You gotta have these muthafuckas fr mayne if u really smokin. I hate scooby snacks. im tryna smoke the erb not eat it you feel me. bless up and buy screens fam

  5. Must have review by Stephanie on 2016-09-23

    a must have! Dont let an order leave without em! _3

  6. review by Iva on 2015-10-28

    Screens are a must for many of the products on this site, and others. These are good quality screens, and come at a good price.

  7. review by Mason on 2015-08-18

    I received a pack of these for free when I ordered my bong. Excellent quality. They do exactly what they are meant to.

  8. review by abigail on 2015-04-18

    Great product with a great price. I don't have any major issues with holes burning through. I assume that could be due to different techniques of lighting the bowl. Easy to get the gunk out of and fits well into a bowl.

  9. review by Jesse on 2015-03-22

    Great buy. You get so many screens for way less than in stores.

  10. review by Janis on 2015-03-02

    Almost bought some of these somewhere else, SO glad I didn't!! Always get from a reputable company like! Best prices and best customer service!! Got a super nice little glass pipe bonus and another 5 screens free!! It's like Christmas y' back soon!!!

  11. review by George on 2015-01-16

    These are very cheap and you get a bunch. But The downside is that they Burn holes through them very easily

  12. review by eric on 2014-12-11

    If you're ordering some nice pieces than be sure to grab some to keep your new addition from getting all junked up. Makes cleaning a bit easier if you use them. Not the best quality but they're ok.

  13. review by Josh on 2014-09-11

    Good quality screens, does the job well and cheap price

  14. review by Travis on 2014-08-19

    these keep my bong clean or help these should be on hand at all times

  15. review by Wesley on 2014-07-13

    Great little addition to your smoking tools. These screens are cheap and easy to bend into most bowls preventing ash from traveling through your piece.

  16. review by John on 2014-07-11

    Great screens, great price can't go wrong! These screens are very high quality and will each last a long time. I have already had 1 screen go through ten bowls and it still looks new.

  17. review by Kyle on 2014-04-19

    Pro: insanely cheap price
    Con: insanely cheap quality.

    These screens burn holes through them just as quickly as the brassones normally do. I actually had one burn a hole through on my first toke. But like I said, they are very very cheap so you can just replace it. I much prefer the glass screens

  18. review by SCOTT on 2014-03-01

    The piece I got (20" 7mm shower head and flat diffuser $149) was removed from the website so I'm just going to write my review here since I also bought these screens (which are great at a low price!). I believe I speak for all of the glass on this website when I say WOW. I was skeptical regarding glass quality, performance, and the overall experience of dealing with bongoutlet and I can honestly say I was very impressed, even better than I expected. I love my new piece, can't quit using it! Also, AMAZING prices compared to local headshops (my piece would have cost $300+ at the headshop) Thank you bongoutlet!!!

    Note: Be patient with the shipping. International packages coming into the United States will most likely get stopped at customs for a little while. Mine was there for a week ("Processed through sort facility ISC Chicago" is what the tracking info stated) took 2 weeks total but it was worth the wait!!

  19. review by Ben on 2014-02-07

    16 cents a screen can't go wrong, no taste. perfect.

  20. review by Shaun on 2013-12-27

    for a metal screen these are actually rather decent. My local head shop only sells the ultra thin brass screens that disintegrate after two or three uses. These last much longer.

  21. review by Sam on 2013-12-25

    These are perfect for keeping out all the ash from your herbs getting into your smoking utensil. Great addition to my smoking collectibles. :)

  22. review by Steven on 2013-07-29

    They have a nice fine mesh that will make it hard for anything unwanted to get though and are nice and bendy/stretchy to fit the inside of your bowl. Each screen should last a few sessions so the value is excellent.
    Recommended and would definitely buy again.

  23. review by Michael on 2013-07-21

    If you like metal hand pipes these screens are a must, and the price can`t be beat.

  24. review by James on 2013-05-14

    Best price I've seen in the GTA!, and who doesn't need screens eh. will be back =)

  25. review by Julia on 2013-02-25

    Lets just say if there was a BangForYourBuck section on this site these screens would be first on there. For 4 bucks i don't have to worry about getting more screens for months.

  26. review by Bobby on 2013-01-29

    Well screens are screens! Pretty good quality and fairly reusable, good price and everything :)

  27. review by Brendan on 2013-01-18

    Very nice screens, the material is kind of stretchy so its easy to get the junk off it.

  28. review by Nate on 2013-01-13

    everyone should get screens it stops pull through and you wont find a better price!

  29. review by Marc-André on 2012-11-29

    nice quality one, a bit small but i love them, they are a little bit greater than the one they send with bongs !

  30. review by Michael on 2012-10-09

    These screens last forever ! lol. Def gonna buy some more

  31. review by Junior on 2012-10-06

    These are a great buy reusable for quite a few bowls. Great way to help against unwanted clogging on any of your pipes!

  32. review by William on 2012-08-29

    Never waste anything, I always use these to prevent any pull through.

  33. review by Jimbo on 2012-08-09

    Great buy couldnt ask for more from some screens they did what i needed em to

  34. review by Ryan on 2012-08-01

    Best deal out there, much cheaper than my local head shop.

  35. review by Demetrio on 2012-07-06


  36. review by Sameer on 2012-05-20

    Very cheap, and fits in your bowl great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. review by Fabian on 2012-03-26

    Such a good price and helps me not have to clean so often.

  38. review by Daniel on 2012-03-14

    Best bang for your buck, really enjoyed these. Fits perfect in just about anything.

  39. review by Spirit on 2012-03-07

    Amazing, you cant beat that price. Also getting more free just outstanding. good work

  40. review by James on 2012-02-29

    Finally a place that sells reasonably priced screens!! Not only that but the shipping is insanely fast.

  41. review by melanie on 2012-02-08

    been needing these foreverr! and for such a low price you get so many

  42. review by Julian on 2012-02-04


  43. review by Nicholas on 2012-01-31

    Lots of good quality screens for a very low price. can't beat it. I'll be back!!

  44. review by Cody on 2012-01-12

    Great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. review by Zachery on 2011-12-23

    great value, fits in all my pieces without falling out.

  46. review by Matthew on 2011-12-19

    They work great on my bong and bowls, why not buy if u your already purchasing a peice.

  47. review by marius on 2011-12-18

    just buy them. their cheap and always useful. they come in neat packets of 5. plus this site is awesome, fast shipping.

  48. review by Jordan on 2011-12-13

    these guys are legit, great price too so why not throw them in with any purchase? got these and rolling papers so im gonna give my one buddy a pack of each of xmas

  49. review by connor on 2011-10-06

    good screens and worth every penny!! Hint hint bongoutlet needs glass screens also!!

  50. review by Emilian on 2011-09-26

    Its a screen, derp. It works, and the price is right.
    Bongoutlet now needs glass screens! Hint, hint, hint ...
    As always, super fast shipping, Canada ftw ....

  51. review by tim on 2011-09-18

    no more scooby snacks i love these they can fit perfect in any piece

  52. review by cameron on 2011-08-09

    Cant go wrong on this buy. Very durable screens. Plus cheaper than going to your local headshop

  53. review by debbie on 2011-06-24

    just bought this hope they work well on my piece i just bought

  54. review by Evan on 2011-06-02

    The exact same screens you may pay a buck or more each at your local shop. They still work great, and you get them for a much more realistic price here!

  55. review by Kyle on 2011-03-19

    good screens for good price. i use one in every piece i own.

  56. review by jarred on 2011-03-18

    very nice fine screens very useful for the bowl that tends to ash on you. also very cheap cant go wrong here folks.

  57. review by Olivia on 2011-03-14

    Just got these screens in the mail today. I like that they don't get stuck in your piece they come in and out very easily. Can't go wrong.

  58. review by Jeff on 2011-03-07

    great price good quality screens. got the job done well

  59. review by Sean on 2011-03-04

    Great screens good smoke no harsh fumes all around good product

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